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My Chemical Mafia

by Ballroom_Blitz

Brendon Urie, violence, stripping, mafia and My Chem. What more do you want?! *Edited!*

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Hey, just something I'm trying out so hopefully it's at least half good. Lol. It'll be told from 2 P.O.V's. Our dear sweet purple haired Pandora Lockheart and her flirtatious, cherry haired, sarcastic best friend Miss Scarlette Arizona.

Along the way we'll see heart ache, guns, maybe some sex, violence, romance and everything in-between! Enjoy!!

Pandora's P.O.V

The lights went down yet again on another performance but the music didn't stop. That's just what life was like at 'The Purple Strip'. The waitresses glided smoothly from table to table. Whilst backstage everything was chaos. Scantily clad dancers rushed from place to place, their hair and make-up always perfect. The track skipped to 'Supermassive Blackhole by Muse' which just so happened to be my best friend Scarlette Arizona's favourite stripping song. She threw me a wink before stepping out into the bright lights of the stage. I could hear the men hoot and cat-call, it didn't help my nerves any. I always got like this before a performance. She was always so confident and I couldn't help but be a little envious of it.

Brendon Moretti-Urie prowled his club, surveying his little worker ants who shook their tail feathers almost every night to earn him more money. That's what it's all about; money. How much you earn, how you earn it, what you spent it on, who you spend it on. Image and wealth go hand in hand, or so they say. Not that I ever had a spare penny to spend.

I knew time to dance was coming up, I peered out nervously at the crowd of people. Above the noise of the club the faint sound of wailing karaoke could be heard. Stale cigarette and cigar smoke hung in the air, pooling around the dim lights. The whiskey shot Scarlette passed me earlier was firing through my veins giving me a nice buzz and a feeling in the of my stomach. Hopefully enough to get me through my last performance of the night. Stripping is not as easy as it looks!
"Don't screw up" Urie whispered harshly in my ear. "The Mob are in tonight and they always tip well" If I screwed up Urie would have me out on my ass faster than I could squeak "sorry". Scarlette and I were just two 21 year olds, who were down and out of luck and living in the slums of NJ. Our choice was strip or work the streets. I knew which one I preferred. Girls disappeared around these parts and no-one ever found their body or if they did ain't no-one saying nothing.

Scarlette came off the stage about 2 minutes later.
"Good luck Panda!". She smirked then gave me a hug and ran off to sit back stage and wait for me so we could make our way home together.
I heard the first few beats of 'Britney Spears - Slave 4 U'. I plastered the sexiest smile I could on my face as I walked on stage, my slick red killer-heels making a loud clicking noise as I strutted on. The hoots and cat calls once again filled the air before I had even begun. Show time!

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed my first edited chapter! Let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome. :) Or review even if you just wanna say 'hey' or that you hated it or something. Hahaha!

xoxo - Ballroom_Blitz

p.s My username is a reference to one of my favourite songs. Brownie points if you know what it is without googling! ;D
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