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Street Rat Night Life

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A private dance and some new people are introduced. *Edited*

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Pandora's P.O.V

I finished getting ready to go home, basically just changing my shoes and putting on a long coat. I just couldn't be bothered tonight, or any night for that matter. The last dance of the night was always the most physically demanding. It's always the one that gives the drunk guys and sometimes gals, the lasting impression. That's the thing about being a stripper, you constantly had to dance, look happy, sexy and confident even if you didn't always feel like it.

I saw Scarlette talking to our boss Moretti-Urie, usually just called Urie, and closed my hand around the cold metal doorknob of the side door. Freedom was but steps away and as every night after dancing I couldn't wait to fall into bed and enjoy the velvety silence that would engulf me.
"Panda!! Good news baby!". I sighed as I heard Scarlette running towards me, there was never good news after she'd been talking to Urie.
"It better be that you've found a millionaire who wants to adopt us, Scar"
"Uh, no but that would be so freaking awesome..."
"Good news?"
"Ooh yeah! Urie came and told me that two of the Way's were soooo impressed by yours truly and you of-course, that they want a private dance!!! Can you believe it?!"
"Oh I can believe it all right..." Scarlette, however, was too busy talking to herself to notice.

I changed my shoes again and winced slightly, those stupid shoes were going to be the death of me one of these days! I took off my coat and flung it in some random corner and ran to one of the private rooms. I quickly checked my reflection before going in. I looked through the two way mirror and saw Scarlette eagerly leading Gerard Way head of the Mafia mob into the room next to this one. Her hand was wrapped around his tie, most guys would be like putty in her hands but he looked less than impressed.

I looked at who I was to be dancing for. He wasn't one I recognised but he was cute. With pale olive skin and deep brown eyes. I ran my fingers through my straight purple hair before slipping into the room and dimming the lights. I bit my lip in a sexy half smile as the man's eyes scanned me up and down. I pressed play on the CD player before strutting up to the podium. I noticed his eyes watched my hips swing as I walked. 'Prince - Kiss' played from the speakers as I twirled around the pole, sliding and grinding, giving it my all. I don't know what it was but I really wanted to impress this guy and from the tent he was currently pitching I'm guessing I was doing well.

He chewed gently on his bottom lip as he watched my hips grinding against the pole. I winked at him and he got up off the chair. I couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He sat on the edge of the podium as I wrapped one leg around the pole and spun around before coming to a stop and standing still. His hand gently stroked my thigh and began moving up. It was then that I slapped his hand away. Touching was strictly forbidden, unless you paid enough extra.
"What sort of girl do you think I am?!". He looked slightly taken aback before he gave a large grin and rubbed at the small hand shaped red mark that had blossomed on the back of his right hand.
"You're a stripper, what sort of girl do you think I think you are?" his lips upturned into a smirk. I wasn't going to let this cocky bastard win.
"Do you think I want to do this?! I hate doing this. But if I don't then I'd be out on my ass in the fucking streets". For a second he looked sympathetic, almost sorry.
"Times up" he said, glancing at the clock and sounding somewhat sad. "Thanks for the hard-on" I couldn't help but look down and see the tent in his pants hadn't gone. He leaned forward as though he was going to kiss my cheek but then pulled back.
"I don't want you to think that I think you're that sort of a girl" He gave me another smirk before leaving. I slid down onto the podium so I sitting down and cursed my big mouth. Urie would have my damn skin for this!

Scarlette's P.O.V

Jeez, does nothing impress this guy?! He sat there pretty much not moving, if it wasn't for the fact he was breathing I'd think he was dead. I licked my lips as slowly as I could, his lips twitched as though fighting a smile. It was then I decided to pull out all the stops and I mean all the damn spots! I wasn't going to be happy until this guy was left desperate and wanting. My cherry red hair shone brightly under the lights and my vanilla latte skin seemed to glow. I spun and slid, ground my hips, run my hands over my body and through my hair. Everything you can practically do to a pole that still counts as dancing I did! I could see him beginning to break, his smart suit pants were definitely getting tighter. He pulled at his collar slightly too, as if the room was warm. My hands slid down over my barely covered body then back up to my breasts, I watched as his breath hitched slightly. I bit my lip. He was properly panting now. So I stopped. His eyes widened in shock.
"Times up sugar", I couldn't help but smirk. The look of shock quickly vanished to be replaced with the hard stony look he had come in with. He was coated in a fine layer of sweat and I saw his hand twitch towards his cock. He stood up quickly, I tried not to panic as he marched over to me, his mouth opened to say something. Just then Pandora knocked on the door and came in. He snapped his mouth shut.
"Sorry to interrupt but Urie says we've to wrap it up...Time to go". I felt relief wash over me as Pandora waited in the room with me. I said good bye giving him a wink before leaving the room, making sure to send Pandora out first and walking through the door with an extra hip wiggle for good measure. I grinned to myself as I heard him curse.

Outside was a complete contrast from inside the club. Inside was colourful, warm and smoky. Where as outside was freezing with a harsh wind that seemed to go right through any clothing. Pandora linked her arm with mine, she always freaked herself out with horror stories of murder and rape. Most of which were probably true for Jersey but still, that doesn't mean it would happen to everyone! A narrow dark alleyway joined up two streets, saving us quite a bit of a walk but it was always a heart stopping 15ft of almost complete darkness. We walked as silently as we could, I didn't normally dare to breathe here. It was just so fucking scary.

I heard voices coming from one of the adjoining alley ways. Panda must've heard it as well because she froze next to me. We waited silently until they had gone and we began to creep forward. I wasn't sure which one of us was trembling, most likely Pandora. Just then a man came stumbling out of the left hand alleyway. He looked terrified at something we couldn't yet see. Every sense was screaming at me to turn and run and yet I stayed frozen on the spot.
"You haven't forgotten our agreement, have you James?" The man I now knew to be James couldn't speak, his mouth opened and shut but still no sound came out. A shot rang out, we both flinched as James screamed out in pain and fell to the wet ground clutching at his knee. I could faintly see the blood flowing heavily from the gun shot wound. Pandora pulled me closer to her as we both trembled.
"Where's my money?!" growled the man with the gun. I could only see his silhouette but I was pretty sure I knew his voice.
"I-I-I don't have your money"
"I've been pretty patient with you James but it has ran out. I did warn you what would happen, didn't I?...Didn't I?!" Another shot rang out and James screamed once again. It was brutal, a scream of pure terror and pain.
"Too late James. Time's up!" The silhouette got larger until the person finally stepped into the light. It was Urie, our boss! I felt physically sick, no wonder he was in such a rush to leave. Urie re-holstered the gun inside his suit jacket. I flinched as he pulled out a knife from the other side. Did he know he was going to do this when he closed up, did he have it on him when he said good night?! James tried to back away up fell back on the ground, his leg completely busted. Urie sliced open James's cheek first. James gasped and tears began to fall over his grimy and now bloody cheeks. Urie inspected the blade before pulling out a handkerchief and cleaned off the blood. Once he was satisfied it was clean, he calmly walked behind James, gripped his hair and pulled his head and neck up taut. Urie then slowly dragged the blade across James's throat releasing a torrent of blood. He didn't even flinch as the blood sprayed over the ground. Then Pandora did something that would change our lives forever. She squeaked. There was no way he couldn't not have heard it. Urie's eyes flicked to us and smiled coldly. His eyes gleamed without remorse. He cocked his head before dropping the now dead James and walked over to us at a slow sauntering place.
"Sorry girls, wrong place wrong time. Shame because you two were great money makers. Oh well strippers a dime a dozen. Best thing is no-one knows where you came from and they won't know where you've gone either. Just another two whores who've gone missing. Sweet dreams".

A/N: My my! What ever could happen next?! R&R maybe please? ;)

xoxo - Ballroom_Blitz
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