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There's No Place Like Home...

by Ballroom_Blitz

‘This isn’t over girlies!’ Brendon called menacingly after us. ‘You cant run forever! And when you stop for breath… guess who’ll be there?!" *Edited*

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A This chapter was originally written by my lovely friend 'CyanideChild', who helped me flesh out the idea of the My Chem Mob and of Scarlette. Who she was particularly fond of. :)

Scarlette's P.O.V

Panda and I backed away slowly, and I held my hands out to Urie, trying to reason with him.
"Hey now, Brendon… We’re friends aren't we? I mean… we didn't even see anything, did we Pandora?… It’s all a big misunderstanding, I'm sure!"
Urie laughed a little maniacally. "I don’t think so Scar…I just can’t take that risk. Now… be good little girls. It’ll only hurt a…’ Brendon trailed off with a shrug, knowing that what he was about to say was an outright lie.
Pandora held onto my arm tightly, her long nails digging into my arm drawing out a couple of small beads of blood. She turned her head to look at me and me with terrified eyes. A look which I'm sure I gave her back.
Pandora flinched as the echoing sound of a single gun shot rung out loud and clear. I clutched her arm fearing the worst before her right hand up clasp her cheek tightly. Blood began to soak through Urie's shirt. He grunted and pressed down hard on his side to staunch the flow as the knife he had still been folding clattered to the ground.
"Fucking run, Pandora!" I said urgently to her, as we turned and ran as fast we could away from Urie, who was now kneeling on the ground.
"This isn't over girlies!". He called menacingly after us. ‘You can't run forever! And when you do, I’ll be waiting!". The side door clattered open and 2 of Urie's men came out just as Pandora and I reached the corner. Another few men in suits ran past us into the alleyway as we were running out, I didn't plan on sticking around to ask if they were more of Urie's men or not. I didn't recognise them if they were...

Pandora's P.O.V

We ran what felt like a marathon but was actually only a couple of blocks. I don't know if I could have even ran that far if it wasn't for the numerous gunshots that had began as we left the alley and turned the corner. We started walking back to our apartment unsure of what to do next, especially seeing as our boss just tried to kill us and I very nearly got shot in the face. I couldn't help but feel anxious as a black limousine began following slowly next to us. Hadn't I had enough bad luck for one day?! It roared off after a few minutes and disappeared round a corner. It did nothing ease my feelings of anxiousness.

After another few minutes of walking, Scarlette decided it would be safe enough to chance another short cut down an alleyway. It did cut a bit off our journey so I couldn't argue too much, even though I was terrified. We walked at quite a brisk pace not wanting to be in the dark too long, again. We didn't get half way through when a black cloth hood was pulled over our heads. I screamed and tried to break free from the grasp that was holding me but it was far too strong. I could hear Scarlette next to me cursing loudly with promises of ass kicking.

We were then roughly manhandled into a car. I could hear her protests, as I was roughly pushed on to leather seats.
Suddenly, every thing was light again. I couldn't help but squint and blink a few times, trying to work out just where in the hell I was.
"What the hell?!" Scarlette said angrily, sitting upright. We were in a limousine, opposite two familiar men.
‘You’re the guys from earlier!’ I said in slight disbelief, holding my cheek which had began to bleed again slightly. They looked back at us equal surprise.
"Oh!" The one who I had danced for earlier said. "You’re the half naked chicks! Is that the one you were so fond of, Gerard?" The guy nudged, who I now knew was the head of the Way Mafia family, Gerard who was looking at Scarlette with what could only be described as a scowl on his face.
‘Shut up Frank.’ Gerard muttered leaning back and looking out of the window, as we drove past the empty darkened streets.
‘What happened to your cheek?’ Frank asked cocking his head, that same look of slight sympathy back on his face.
"I was almost shot." I replied angrily, thinking back to Urie and the poor dead man.
"Nice aim, Hawkeye" Frank said shooting a glare at Gerard who shrugged, still looking out of the window. Frank leaned forward with his hand slightly out stretched as though to touch my cheek but I jerked back. He looked slightly hurt, before shrugging it off and looking out the window with a wistful look compared to Gerard's scowl that had now returned.
"What the hell happened back there"’ Scarlette finally said, breaking the silence, her eyes wild and angry.
"You witnessed a murder", Gerard said simply as though commenting on the weather.
"No shit! Brendon Moretti-Urie just tried to kill me!", Scarlette exclaimed all while glowering at Gerard. I looked at her, not sure about her tone. She blushed and looked down, shaking her head. "He is, or well was our boss. He just cut someone’s throat without so much as a shred of remorse! Where the hell does that leave us?!"
"Dead girls walking", Frank offered with a grin. Making Scarlette turn her blazing glare to him and making me gulp loudly.
"You may be untouchable Mr Mob man, but Pandora and I certainly aren't. So you better tell you’re driver to get to the nearest police station!"
Gerard rolled his eyes. "Hey honey, you’re sugar daddy? He’s in the Mafia. The police? They’re under his thumb. You do not a chance." Frank shook his head at Gerard and Scarlette narrowed her eyes to almost slits.
"One. I am not ‘honey’. And Two! He wasn’t our sugar daddy! Yeah, we swung round poles for a living, get over it. Which bring me to my last point. If we cant go to the police, and Urie’s a part of you’re freaking Mafia, what the hell are we doing here?!" Gerard’s eyebrows raised, he opened his mouth to speak but Frank got there first.
"Okay...okay. Guys, enough. I can see you two are going to get along swimmingly." Scarlette huffed and looked out of the opposite window. Gerard watched her intently as though searching for something before returning his gaze out of the window.
"Look, Scarlette has a point. What are we doing here?", I asked almost quietly. Gerard raised an eyebrow but didn't so much as glance in my direction. Frank smiled as though he'd been waiting for me to ask all along.
"You witnessed a murder. James was a friend of ours. Brendon Moretti-Urie… not so much. You’re under our protection until we can figure this mess out."
"Can we go home now?", Scarlette muttered.
"Yes! Best idea I've heard yet". Gerard said loudly.
"No" Frank said louder with almost a slight exasperated tone. "You’re coming home with us."
"No they aren't.", Gerard said, outraged, flicking his midnight hair out of his face.
"No, we aren’t!", Scarlette said nearly failing off her seat. "We have stuff to do, we need to find new jobs, probably a new apartment...oh god..."
"Gerard, you’re not the only one in this Family you know...We’ll have a vote when we get home." Gerard looked at Frank aghast.
"Look at the way they’re dressed!"
"We’re strippers! What do you expect?!" Scarlette shot back. Frank grinned mischievously.
"We were strippers. You know, until our boss tried to kill us." I said sadly, and Gerard snorted and tried not to laugh. The car glided smoothly to a stop outside a large house. It was huge. One of those houses you’d imagine Scarlet O’Hara to live in.
"No room, my ass!" Scarlette said snidely as she got out of the limo.
"We can see enough of it", Gerard remarked as he followed her. Frank looked at me with a wry smile.
"Basically, we’re going to look after you until Urie is dead, or gone. Preferably both". I looked at him wondering just how this going to work, if he saw anything in my face then he never let it know. Frank just smiled and held out his arm for me to link it with his.
"Thanks", I said quietly, suddenly realising that in the struggle to get us both in the car we had somehow both lost our jackets and how little I was actually wearing.
"Not a problem, cara mia. Now, shall we?"

Scarlette's P.O.V

All I could see was Gerard’s tall back as he strode towards the house. What a freaking gentleman.
"You still there or have you dropped dead somehow?" He called over his shoulder. I bristled, that man really rubbed me up the wrong way. And I was not having a good night to start with.
"Have you"’ I shot back, catching up with him just as we reached the door. He looked down at me narrowing his eyes, his dark hair framing his face.
"Unfortunately not. Welcome home, sugar."
A man opened the door, who held a striking resemblance to Gerard. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "Well hello! And you are?"
"Scarlette Arizona." I said holding out my hand. A smile played around his lips.
"Mikey Way. Enchanted." He kissed my hand, and Gerard coughed and pushed me further into the house.
"Yeah, the whore has manners." He muttered.
"Not a whore Gerard" I said calmly as though commenting on the weather. He held his hands up in surrender.
"Whatever, the stripper's not a whore, yadda yadda. Go in there." I pouted at him but followed his instructions. He just kept on walking, not even bothering to look at me.
"Frankie, where did you find two such delightful creatures?", Mikey said with a grin watching us as Pandora followed me into a wide and spacious drawing room. Frank laughed and shook his head.
"As if you don't know!", Mikey laughed as well.
"Very well, care to tell me why these two beautiful women are here?" Mikey shot Pandora a toothy smile with a wink. Pandora blushed and looked away trying not to laugh. I rolled my eyes, same old Pandora. You'd think being a stripper she'd be slightly less easily embarrassed.
"There’s been a Urie murder. And we need a vote." Frank dumped his coat over a chair and loosened his tie. Pandora and I stood awkwardly, conscious of how we were dressed. Or I should say, how we weren't dressed. Then on top of that Mikey was looking at us like we were edible.
A taller man strode in, with wild curly hair and slightly thick lips. He was dressed just as smartly as the other men, full suit and tie.
"A Urie murder you say? Did these girls witness?"
"They did indeed.’ Frank unceremoniously dumped himself down on the large leather couch that was placed to the left of the fireplace before putting his feet up on the table in front of him Meanwhile Gerard paced back and forth like an angry tiger in front of the fireplace.
"And now we vote. Girls – Ray Toro" Gerard gave a rough nod is Ray's direction.
Ray nodded his head at us with a smile and sat himself down somewhat almost gracefully next to Frank.
Mikey was pouring over the shelves of the rather large bookcase that took up over half the wall on the left hand side of the room. However I could see from the corner of my eye that he was still watching us. I smirked before I gave Pandora a slight nudge and a wink.
"She bangs", I whispered.
She bangs was our code for whenever someone was watching us, I didn't have to look at Pandora to know she had caught on. She placed her hand on her hips and shook out her purple hair.
"C’mon boys. Scar and I have had a long looong day. Whatever your decision we need to get out of these clothes and straight into bed." Pandora had long since perfected the innocent voice and bambi eyes. She was watching Mikey while she said this and gave a slightly suggestive lip bite at the end. I had to try to keep a straight face as Mikey coughed and excused himself while briskly walkout the room. Ray watched Mikey with a very much amused smile.
"Well, I guess we know Mikey’s vote!" Pandora and I laughed to ourselves and hip bumped in celebration. Yes, it was probably ridiculously selfish and shallow to use our looks to our advantage but in this world and especially right now in our lives, it was the only thing we really had going for us.
"I don't know about the rest of you but I vote yes." Ray said standing up, "You two seem pretty sly. Don’t bring us trouble, okay?"
"Sure thing Ray," I said, adding in a salute for comic effect. Frank grinned.
"All I'm saying is; Welcome to the Family." Frank said, standing up and stretching. His shirt loose from being tucked into his suit trousers, revealing a little glimpse of toned stomach and tattoo ink. "I’ll get your rooms ready, and I'm sure we can dig you out some… clothes", he said with a mischievous grin.
"Dammit Frank!" Gerard said angrily, banging his fist against the stone wall. "This won't be good for us. I don’t want her- them causing trouble for my Family!" Frank shook his head as he got the doorway.
"Just cos she’s the only girl that’s got you hot since Emily, doesn’t mean she’s a bad person." Gerard groaned in exasperation and followed Frank, turning at the doorway to address Pandora and I.
‘Stay here…don’t… do anything.’

We grinned at each other, of-course we weren't going to do anything...

A/N: So I'm not just so sure about the start of this chapter but I really like the end. ` Any thoughts?

xoxo - Ballroom_Blitz.
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