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I know where you want my ass to be...

by Ballroom_Blitz

Short almost filler chapter. More Scarlette and Gerard clashing. Who doesn't love that though, right?! *Edited!*

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Scarlette's P.O.V

Gerard stormed back into the drawing room with a scowl on his face. Which in itself wasn't becoming unusual and we'd only been here all of half an hour or so.
"What's up sunshine?", I asked in a sugary sweet voice. I heard him growl slightly under his breath.
"Awwww, someone miss nap time?"
"Now listen here you-you whore! I don't want you here, I could have you thrown out in an instant. It just so happens your whore friend's done something to Frank. You however, your ass is on the line!"
"I know where you want my ass to be" I smirked as his pale complexion flushed red for a second.
"On the line", he hissed.
"Suuuure", I gave him an exaggerated wink. He opened his mouth to retort but Frank came in with the look of the cat that got the cream. Pandora never noticed but was instead fascinated with the massive bookcase. I could tell she was going to be there a while.
"What the fuck have you got to look all happy about?!", Gerard looked as if he was going to kill someone, in fact he probably has. Pandora looked up from the books confused before realising he wasn't talking to her. I had to try not to snort with the look of slight fear that had came across her face.
"Don't listen to Gerard, Frank. He's pissed I'm just as bitchy as he is". Frank bit back a smile.
"Interesting conversation with Mikey is all". Frank's goofy grin just spread further. "I think she likes me". His flickered to Pandora then back to us.
This time I did snort but managed to "smoothly" turn it into a sneeze. Gerard gave me a brief 'what the hell was that look' before turning his attention back to Frank.
"You don't know where the fuck she's been!". I was so glad at this moment that Pandora was lost in her own world, I didn't want to see the pouty hurt she would get from Gerard talking about her like this.
"One word Gerard: Emily". Frank's expression went deadly seriously but I saw his lips twitch, fighting a smile.
"Who's Emily?", I asked innocently, I knew this was not going to down well seeing as how Gerard's shoulders, which I now noted looked surprisingly toned, went completely rigid. His posture was that of a meter stick, completely straight up.
"No-one", snapped Gerard. "She is history, gone, ceasing to exist in my life...I-I don't even know who you're talking about, that's how over that bitch I am". I leaned back slightly from Gerard's outburst.
"Clearly over-compensating for something", sometime's a girl just can't help herself!
"I hate you" Gerard growled, giving me a complete death glare.
"Feelings mutual sweetheart".
"I'll show you to your rooms!" Frank side stepped in between us looking like he couldn't wait to leave the room. Gerard slumped into one of the large armchairs by the fire.
"Good, make sure the whore's gets a good shower" He called after us as Frank led the away.
"Is he always such an asshole?" I asked once I was sure Gerard couldn't hear and argue back. Frank giggled and Pandora shot me a look, I knew she was thinking I should be more grateful we weren't lying dead in a gutter. Don't get me wrong I was grateful but I was also having far too much fun pissing off the "Mr Macho Mafia Man".
"He's not always like that. I guess you could say you just remind him of someone from a long time ago..." Frank never indulged any more details. From what I'd heard so far, it would seem this mysterious "Emily" was a taboo subject, for now anyway.

Pandora's P.O.V

I felt a little spark run though my arm as Frank linked my arm with his. He offered his arm to Scarlette too, who just shook her head and walked a little him. He led us up the main grand staircase, it was made from a dark rose wood and was carpeted in what could be described as a slightly disturbing blood red. Frank chattered nervously next to me all the way up the large staircase and then along the corridor a bit. We stopped outside a dark rose wood door. Must be an occurring theme.
"Uh, this is my room. You can have it. I tided up a bit but sorry for the mess anyway. Some clothes are there so you can get out of those ones...". His eyes lingered a little too long on my body before Scarlette gave him a little push.
"She up there Frank", Scar tilted his head up so he was actually looking at me and not my chest. His cheeks flushed scarlet and I couldn't help but cross my arms over myself which just made him flush deeper.
"Night Frankie" I kissed one of his already flaming cheeks, which somehow managed to go even redder before hurrying into the room and shutting the door behind me with a snap. I heard Scarlette comment something and Frank giving an embarrassed laugh before their trailed off down the hall. I turned to survey the room. It was pale blue with silver swirls with a deep shag pile carpet that was a deep sea blue. A dark rose wood four poster bed dominated the room. I didn't bother showering that night, my body felt like it was made entirely of lead. The clothes turned out to be a huge t-shirt, a pair of lounge pants and spider man boxer shorts. I'm going to have to tease Frank about them then in the morning, well later on this morning. I crawled straight into the middle of the many sheets and rather thick soft duvet and fell promptly asleep.

A/N: The first time I wrote this chapter I wasn't too sure on it. I can now confirm that that has changed. I've decided it's a nice little filler. More on how Scarlette get's on in a certain someone's room next! Any guesses on who it is? Mwha ha ha!

xoxo - Ballroom_Blitz
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