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Sleep Over!

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Scarlette and Pandora have a slightly eventful morning. ;D *Edited!*

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Scarlette’s P.O.V

Frank and I walked in silence further up the hall. I don't think he could look at me in the eye since the whole checking out Pandora thing.
“This is Gerard’s room. I thought it’d annoy him the most” he said, gently pushing open the door with the most mischievous smile that anyone could ever manage. The room was in complete darkness. My hand reached for the light switch, my fingers almost reached it when Gerard’s voice came out of the room.
“Don’t you dare put the light on” he huffed. “Not that you’re staying in here anyway” I jumped about 3 feet in the air and Frank rolled his eyes. How the fuck did he get there so fast?! He didn't even pass us! Just what kinda massive house/practically a mansion is this?!
“Gerard” Frank said, using a warning voice.
“But Frank1 She…she…she’ll girl up the place!”, I didn't have to see his face to know that even Gerard found his own sentence ridiculous.
“Wow, head of the Mafia-” Frank choked slightly. “-and he’s whining like a child that I will and I’m quoting here ‘girl up the place’ “. I flicked on the light to see Gerard lying directly on the centre of the bed. He'd taken off this suit and tie at some point and the first couple of shirt buttons were undone. He had his clasped behind his head. I almost had to break my own neck not to stare at him. Wow...just, wow...
“You are not staying in this room!". Gerard's eyes bore into mine with the intensity of the sun. I don't think I could could say anything coherent right now even if I wanted too. If Gerard noticed he never said anything.
"Frankie, just put her in with the other whore. End of”. Gerard was beginning to sound a little exasperated. I'll be forever grateful that Frank spoke first just then.
“She’s not a whore!” he snapped. Gerard rolled his eyes at Frank’s slight outburst while I just glared at Gerard for calling me a whore. Gerard raised an eye at me, challenging me to defy him. Part of me was definitely curious as to what he'd do if I came in anyway.
“Night Frank” I grinned before kissing him on the cheek and entering into the room. Gerard’s dark eyes glared at me menacingly but I just smiled sweetly back. He’d clearly made no effort what so ever. Clothes were scattered to the four corners of the room. The blinds were drawn shut and from the layer of thick dust I’d say they hadn't been opened in a really long time.
“Would you at least please shower before you take up room in my bed? I don’t want to smell all those other guys all night”
“Oh Gerard. It's okay, you don't have to pretend". He looked momentarily confused and cautious. "I know you're just looking for an excuse to get me naked, I don't mind.” I bit my lip in a smirk as his pale skin flushed red.
“Don't worry, I won’t tell anyone” I playfully winked before heading into what I assumed must be the bathroom as he spluttered in rage.

Gerard’s P.O.V

I caught myself checking out the whore as she left to go shower. Ugh, why must she have come here and ruin my life?! God fucking dammit!! I should make that little bitch Frank pay for this, I'm supposed to be in fucking charge. But oh no, some little admittedly kinda cute stripper comes along and he throws the rule book out the fucking window. Yeah well, I'll make damn sure they know who's in charge by the end of the day!

Pandora’s P.O.V

Frank’s bed was just sooo damn comfy! It smelt like him too. I stretched out some more, it was weird not sharing a bed with Scarlette. After all being a stripper doesn’t earn much because:
A)) Urie was/is a tight ass.
And B) Well actually there is no B. That’s it.

I slept like the dead, It was so good/strange not being woken up by Scar and her obnoxious singing. My entire life had changed in one day, my brain was still trying to catch up. After what I'd seen yesterday it's a wonder I slept at all, the shock I suppose. Although things got weird again when I woke up.

My eyes fluttered open to reveal a pair of deep brown eyes staring right back at me. I couldn't help but scream, thinking that Urie had found me already! A man's voice called out back in alarm. I shuffled back not knowing how close I was to the edge of the bed and then toppled off. I lay perfectly still on the floor, I could only hear the loud thudding of my heart. It felt like it was about to burst out my chest. My eyes were shut tight as I waited for something, anything, to happen.
“Panda?…Please tell me you are alive?” someone asked in a worried whisper.
Frankie?! My eyes opened a crack to reveal Frank peering over the edge of the bed.
“What the hell Frankie?!” I sat up and hissed as the back of my head gave a painful twinge from where I hit it.
"Frankie?", he asked with an amused smile.
"Panda?" I asked back, before slowly sitting up rubbing the back of my head.
"Touché", he replied, before sitting on the edge of the bed and helping me up to sit next to him. He gently rubbed the back of head for a second, while mouthing the word 'sorry'.
I rolled my eyes while smiling a little and looked away before asking the all important question.
"What were you doing just now?"
“I was um…watching you sleep”, he looked away looked mortified at his own admission.
“What?!” It was sort of sweet in a very creepy way, I guess.
“Yeah…I guess I must’a fell asleep too”, he still wasn't looking at me.
“That’s just creepy dude".
“Edward does it in Twilight!”, he said defensively.
“Well yea but...Hold on, you’ve seen Twilight?!”
His cheeks flushed red as he muttered about how Mikey had forced him to watch it with his apparently psycho ex.
“…still creepy though”
“I know” he sighed.
“But seriously dude! It’s like so creeeeepy”.
“I know” his lips twitched slightly trying not to smile even though he sounded like he was getting annoyed.
“But dude, it’s like reeeeaaaaa-”
“-I knoooow!” he whined, pouting slightly. “It’s just I…you looked…humph…you wanna go shopping today?”
“Shopping?” Now that I was not expecting.
Frankie giggled. “Yipp, shopping”
“You seriously wanna go shopping?”
His nose wrinkled. “Not really but I don’t think Gerard would appreciate you walked around naked”
“What about you?” The question just sorta slipped out. Oops…
“What about me what?” he grinned mischievously, avoiding the question.
“You know what” I pouted.
“Absolutely no idea. Now go bug Mikey for clothes. We got shopping to do!” He kissed the top of my head before sliding off the bed and leaving.

Scarlette’s P.O.V

I wrote ’Fuck You!’ on the steam in the mirror, giggling and thinking about when Gerard would see it. It shouldn't be allowed to be this much fun to wind people, mainly him, up. Frank had left me clothes folded neatly on the counter:
Stripy lounge pants, a black tee-shirt and pink boxer shorts.
I gotta find out who the pink boxers belong too!

When I came back after showering and getting dressed in much less revealing clothes, Gerard was standing up with his back to me. He only had his pyjama pants on. I gave a slight cough and he turned around. His chest was smooth, pale and deliciously toned. And that’s when my brain fell out.
“Yes?” he smirked, noticing me practically drooling over him.
“I um...stop distracting me!” Smooth Scarlette, smooth...
“Me being half naked distracts you?”, the pleased smirk still very much on his lips.
“What?! No!…well yes but not like…you're trying to confuse me!”
Gerard’s smirk grew larger.
“Your doing a good job on your own sugar
“Fuck you” I huffed. Man I hated this guy!
“You wish” he giggled before finally covering his stupid, scrawny, pale, very hot body with a Captain America t-shirt. Waht is it with these guys and superheroes?
“That better?”, the smirk now became a mocking grin.
“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” I snapped. “Now shut up and good night”
“Good night sugar”.
I jumped into the bed, burying myself under the covers.
“I’m not your sugar” I mumbled darkly. Gerard laughed quietly to himself as he climbed into bed next to me.
“Keep to your side whore” he warned.
“I’m on the edge! How much more to the side do you want?!”
“Other side of the country would be just fine”
“You like me Gerard, get over it. I’m not going anywhere”
“For now”, came his quiet reply. Although we were facing different directions I could practically see the grin on his stupid face.

Gerard’s P.O.V

I hadn’t shared a bed with anyone let alone a girl in about 4 years. It was really weird. And strangely comforting in a way. Not that I like her or anything but it's nice not to be alone.

Actually scratch that. She’s stretched out like a fucking starfish! How can one little whore take up so much bed?! It’s just not possible!

After precariously perching on the edge of the bed for a few hours (no exaggeration!) and almost falling out the bes several times, she finally moved. I rolled onto my back and her armed moved to rest across my stomach as she moved closer. I tensed up. I don’t do this! I don’t share, I don’t hug! Well fuck, I guess I can cross sleeping off my list of things to do.

Scarlette’s P.O.V

Despite sharing a bed with Geetard, hee hee Geetard, I slept really good. It was so nice to stretch out for once. Like properly starfish.

My eyes slowly crept open. Gerard wasn’t there, which I was glad of. My arms were by my side and as I stretched them up my left hand brushed something wet and sticky.
I couldn’t help but scream at the goo my fingers were now coated in. I knew exactly what it was. Gerard had had a wet fucking dream while we were sharing a bed! I am going to kill that bastard the next time I see him!!! Eugh, that is so fucking gross! Fucking…eewwww! I have to go wash it off, NOW!
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