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Wet dreams, exploding coffee machines and whore's that go bump in the night.

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*Edited!* Exploding coffee machines, a mysterious woman and a crash landing.

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Pandora's P.O.V

Frank told me that Mikey was normally still sleeping at this hour so I just knocked on the and let myself in.
"Jesus Panda!!" he jumped up, covering himself with blankets. Not before I caught a glimpse of pale smooth chest and the patch of hair just above the waist band of his boxers.
I giggled and covered my eyes with my hands. "Not a Jesus Panda, just 'plain-old-regular,strips and-gets-guys-hard-Panda'" I heard him tut and laugh before the noise of Mikey moving about and the sound of wardrobe doors opening and shutting again. He walked over to me, his long fingers gripped my wrists gently and pulled my hands away from my face. Mikey was buttoning up his pants with a white shirt hanging off his shoulders. I tried to be polite and look away till he was ready but it wasn't easy with him standing so close.
Just then some girl came out the en suite bathroom, she was about the same height as Scarlette (5'5) with very pale skin and large grey eyes, surprisingly long legs and long dark hair that reached half way down back. She ruffled Mikey's hair on the way past and gave me a very evil yet innocent smile at the same time. Her clothes were slightly rumpled like she'd been wearing them the night before. Mikey's eyes were glued to her as she left the room and when the door shut he looked at me with a goofy smile.
"So what can I do for you today, mon chere?", he said, finally finishing buttoning up his shirt.
"Who was that?", I asked. I didn't mean it to come out so nosey, I wasn't Scarlette after all!
He shook his head. "Oh no no, mon chere! I don't want to inspire jealousy between my girls!" He winked at me and I noticed just how similar his smile was to Gerard's. I couldn't help but giggle and shake my head.
"Frank asked me if I could bug you for clothes".
"That's what you came bursting in for?"
"I didn't burst in, I did knock...Sorry Mikey". I looked down, feeling as though I'd done something terrible.
"Jeez...Well seeing as it's you". I peeked up at him under my lashes, trying to judge his reaction. He put his hand under my chin and tilted my face up.
"Relax Pandora, I'm only playing." He walked over to his large built in wardrobe and threw open the doors.
"Help yourself m'lady", he bowed with a slight flourish. I laughed and curtseyed back.
"I'll take good care of them, thanks!"
I walked over and began flicking through his clothes. I expected it to all be formal shirts, suits, ties, maybe the odd tuxedo. But to my surprise there were about half casual clothes and half formal clothes. I picked out a t-shirt with the logo for some band called 'My Chemical Romance'. Who even were they? Still the logo looked cool and I doubt anyone would quiz me on them anyway. It looked like it might be slightly tight across the chest but Mikey was very skinny so that was to be expected. Mikey walked over and pulled out a pair of pale grey skinny jeans.
"I think these should fit you, maybe a bit long but I can always roll them up for you". Mikey held them up to my hips to measure. He brushed his fingers across both my lips before wiggling his eyebrows at me and laughing. I took a step back with wide eyes.
"Sorry Pandora, I just couldn't resist the look you'd get on your face!" I stuck my tongue out at him before thanking him again for clothes and left for Frank's room. It was finally time to shower.

The hot water felt great as I washed off the last of the make up and the sweat from last night. My mind began to think back to everything that happened last night. In the space of not even 12 hours, my entire life had changed. I tried to shake off the feeling that nothing would ever be the same again, then again maybe that wasn't a bad thing. My life wasn't exactly fantastic after all. I finally finished showering and got out, being careful not to leave puddles of water everywhere. I sighed and with a slight grimace realised I'd have to put on the same stripper bra from last night. However to my surprise it had been laundered during the night. It was still rather uncomfortable but at least it was clean.
"Hey Panda, haven't you finished-Oh shit!" Frankie had opened the door without me even hearing him enter, saw me half naked, made an odd squeaky noise, flushed bright red and practically ran out the door. I was just pulling on the band t-shirt when Ray came in to offer me breakfast which was being served in the dining room.
"I don't think I've ever had breakfast in a dining room before", I laughed.
"First time for everything" he said, smiling kindly. "It's just to the right of the drawing room. Whenever you are ready of course". He left silently without saying anything else and I couldn't help but wonder if and when Frank would be back.

Frankie's P.O.V

Gerard, helpful as ever, burst out laughing when I told him about me seeing Pandora half naked, again technically. But she was technically working, so I hardly think it counts. Or if it does then well it shouldn't.
"Jeez dude, first you fall asleep watching her and now you walk in while she's changing. You may as well have a big sign above your head that says 'I have a boner for you!" Gerard burst into laughter again and if he wasn't my boss then I might just have smacked the laugh right off his face
"At least I didn't cum just from sleeping next to her!" A low blow I knew but it was all I could think of to shut him up. Gerard's pale skin flushed slightly.
"How do you know that?!" he hissed.
"She told me at breakfast when I passed her the butter dish" I shrugged nonchalantly and then continued pretending to read the newspaper.
"...You totally do have a boner for Pandora though"
"I do not!" Ah fuck, could I have sounded any more defensive?!
"Why are you getting defensive?" he had a smug grin on his face which I had seen enough times to last a damn life time.
"I am not defensive."
"Dude, get over it. You have a boner for her" He picked up his own newspaper, although wither he was actually reading it or not I doubted it.
"For the last time Gerard, I DO NOT have a boner for her"
"Who has a boner for who?" Of-course Mikey just had to come in right now...asshole.
"Frankie has a boner for Pandora" Gerard said rather mater of factly. For the love of someone, I do not have a boner for her.
Mikey shrugged. "Tell me something I don't know"
"You still had the wet dream though" I grinned as Gerard went bright red and his eyes narrowed in anger while Mikey fell down onto the couch next to me laughing.
"All right fellas! This goes no further, I mean it, capiche?" Mikand I glanced at each other, knowing Gerard meant business.
"Si, Don si", we replied in unison.
"Then let no more be said, she should be ready now. But knock first" He grinned before sorta shooing me.

I made a speedy exit out the door, I didn't want to hear any more from those two for a while.

Scarlette's P.O.V

One minute I was about to go down the stairs, the next thing Frank had crashed into me. His face, like something out of a cheesy comedy, mere centimetres away from my breasts. Well I can't say this isn't awkward. His eyes went very wide. He jumped up off me in a flash and then held out his hand to help me up.
"Lets never speak of this again" he said in an almost timid voice. I just nodded before we ended up just standing there trying not to look at each other.
"Pandora's ready" I said, trying to create some sort of conversation.
"Good...You can borrow clothes from my wardrobe if you want...we're sorta the same height" he giggled, both of us feeling ridiculously awkward.
"Thanks...I'm uh, gonna go...that's way" I did a strange motion of pointing down the stairs and rocking slightly. Frankie just raised an eyebrow but laughed.
"Try and not annoy Gerard today. No-one's gonna be here to stop him killing you" He was smiling as he spoke but I still hear the seriousness in his voice. He put his hands on my shoulders, stepped to my side and let go.
"Just in case" he said before laughing and making his way up the stairs again

When I had finally made it down the stairs without crashing into anyone else, I went to the drawing room where Gerard was supposed to be waiting for me. Mikey was stretched out on one of the drawing room couches, smiling to himself and texting someone. Ray glanced up from the notepad he was hunched over and smiled before looking serious again. I could hear Gerard shouting and swearing from a room just off to the left. This should be fun.

Turns out the room to the left was a huge ass kitchen. It had so many gadgets! Gerard was standing in-front of a coffee machine, bright red in the face and looking extremely pissed off.
"Work you bastard!" he huffed, banging it with his fist on the top a few times. The coffee machine hissed and let out a jet of steam before ceasing to do anything again. It was almost cute how outraged he was by this.
"Oh now it's on!" he cried before pulling out a hand gun and shot the coffee machine a few times.
It made a few odd noises before just sort of exploding. Spraying coffee everywhere. Gerard took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face. "Asshole", he muttered to himself.
"Temper temper" I tutted. Gerard whipped around his gun aimed right in-between my eyes. I smirked before lazily pushing the gun away.
"Down boy" I grinned. Gerard's face just seemed to get angrier and turned a fantastic shade of maroon. Before he could even get a word out Mikey and Ray came bursting in the door, guns pointed, ready to kill.
"Relax guys, Gee's a little trigger happy" I could feel Gerard's glare burning into my skull. Mikey and Ray looked almost disappointed that there were no bad guys to shoot. My back was turned to Gerard but I felt him lean right in till his mouth was level with my ear.
"You better watch yourself girlie, it'll just be me and you today. You have no idea how easily whore's can go missing" Mikey and Ray looked at me as Gerard pushed past us out of the kitchen where I assumed he was going to change his shirt.
"What did he say?" Mikey asked. I smiled and shrugged.
"Nothing I can't handle boys" I squeezed my way past them and decided to wait for Gerard in the drawing room.
"Guess I'll go get a new coffee machine, again" I heard Ray remark as I left. I couldn't help but laugh.
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