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*Edited!* Pandora is finally ready to go and Gerard can't even read the newspaper in peace any more!

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Pandora's P.O.V

I just about jumped out my skin as someone knocked on the door.
"Panda? Can I-...Are you-...Hmph...Are you ready yet?"
I couldn't help but smile. Obviously Frank didn't want a repeat performance of earlier.
"Panda...Panda...Pandora?!" It was then I realised I'd been lost in my own thoughts, rather than letting Frank into his own room. I jumped up, spun around, lost my balance and crashed to the floor with a rather large bang. So much for the elegant "dancer" I was supposed to be! The door flew open and I looked up to see a rather worried looking Frankie. He scanned the room, clearly not seeing me lying in an undignified heap on the floor in-front of him.
"Down here Frank", I sighed. He looked straight down and there was me scowling up at him.
"Don't you dare laugh" I huffed. He bit his lip.
"Wouldn't dream of it" he smirked. "Now come on, we going shopping or what?" He held out his hands for me and basically scooped me up from the floor. He was surprisingly strong. He kept a hold of my hand as I followed him down the stairs and along a corridor. He let go of my hand to fish a key out of his pocket, unlocked the door and pushed it open. His arm moved around my waist and led me through the door.

Scarlette's P.O.V

And so it came to be that just Mr Alpha Male Mafia man and I were left in the house. Half of me wanted to avoid him and half of me wanted to try and drive him insane, perhaps literally. He was supposed to be taking me out shopping and yet we still were sitting in the drawing room. Gerard was sitting in what was deemed "his" arm chair by the fireplace. Every now and again he'd gently lick his finger and turn the page of the overly large newspaper he was reading. The fire light danced in his eyes making them turn a burgundy red colour. I was so unbelievably bored. A clock was ticking gently from the top of the fireplace. down the wasted seconds of my life.
"Good morning Gerald" Gerard glanced up at me with one eyebrow raised but said nothing.
"Lovely weather we're having" I commented keeping my voice annoyingly up-beat. The rain lashed against the windows, I hoped Frankie and Panda would be okay. Gerard didn't look up this time. The newspaper was however slightly adjusted.
"What are you doing?" Gerard bristled slightly and turned the page with unnecessary force.
"Reading the newspaper" his voice was bored and it sighed slightly at the end.
"Wwwwwhhhyyyyy?" I drawled, a grin that could put the Cheshire cat to shame appearing on my face.
"Because I want to"
"It keeps me up to date with the goings on"
"Its part of my job"
"Fuck off Scarlette"
"You're a whore and you annoy me"
"Just seriously fuck off"
"FUCK OFF!!!" His voice echoed around the large room. I was a little taken aback at just how much volume he had in his voice. My grin only got bigger.
"Jeez, I just asked a question" I used my best fake innocence.
Before I could even open my mouth to say anything else the newspaper got thrown onto the couch and Gerard stalked off in a rage. The door shut with a loud bang.
"Keep the door on its hinges please!!" I heard Mr Alpha Male Mafia man growl in anger from behind the door and then the echoing footsteps of him stomping off in a huff.

Scarlette - 1
Gerard - 0
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