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"You look sexy with your hair pushed back" *Edited!*

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Pandora's P.O.V

"Get under the umbrella Frankie" We'd only been shopping for about an hour when the rain had started.
"I'm fine" he said with a small smile, even though he was soaked to the bone and shivering slightly. He was holding the umbrella above my head only.
"You're going to get ill! Now get your skinny ass under the umbrella!!"
"You've been checking out my ass?" he had a huge grin on his face as he tried to change the subject.
"Not the point...Besides you're shivering, so get your ass under here now!"
"Nope, nope, nope" he giggled. "I'm fine, trust me"
"Well if you won't come under..." He looked confused right before I snatched the umbrella off him and threw it in a near by trash can. Frankie frowned as I began to get soaked too.
"You owe me a new umbrella" he smirked as he walked away.

Scarlette's P.O.V

Ray and Mikey came back early from "business". They both nodded curtly at Gerard who nodded back before they sat down. It all seemed so sinister and I tried to repress the urge to ask them if "business was good".

Awkward, annoying silence took over, the ticking of the wall clock seemed ridiculously loud and every now and again there would be the very quiet whoosh noise as Gerard flipped the newspaper he had given up reading earlier on. I watched Ray for a while but he wasn't doing anything interesting, just writing notes in a little notepad he always seemed to have. Mikey's hair however was much more interesting. It was about chin length, chocolate brown and kept flopping into his eyes because of the rain he had just came in from. He'd glare at it then push his hair out of his eyes, only for it to flop back again.

I sauntered over to him. Everyone's every flashed up to me then back down again. I leaned over just in-front of him, knowing full well the top I was wearing would flop down showing off my main "assets". And anyone (Gerard) behind me would get a good view of my ass. I ran my fingers threw Mikey's hair, pushing it out of his face.
"You look sexy with your hair pushed back" I could see him trying not to look at the red lace bra that was directly in-front of his face, as he squirmed slightly. Yes Mikey was a serial flirt but even he had his limits.
"Ray, doesn't Mikey look sexy with his hair pushed back?" I turned around slightly to see Ray's eyes dart from my ass back down to his notepad.
"Uh...I guess?"
I played a bit more with his hair before squishing myself in-between them on the couch. My hand rested lightly high up on Mikey's thigh.

I could swear Gerard looked almost jealous for a second. He opened his mouth to say something but a soaking wet Frankie and Panda burst in the door at this point.
"Hey Panda, how's it going?" Gerard smiled sweetly as everyone stared in disbelief, except me and Frankie, we shared a scowl.
"I'm a bit wet" she giggled as water dripped from her, creating a slightly puddle on the floor.
"I'm sure I'll have no bother getting you out of those clothes" That damn stupid smirk was on his face as her eyes went wide, her cheeks turned red and she covered her mouth with her hands as she giggled. And with that he got up out of his arm chair, put his coat over her shoulders and led her away up the stairs. I could see out the corner of my eye that he leaned down to whisper something in her ear, looking straight at me as he did so. Pandora let out another giggle. God, what an asshole!

Frankie looked like a lost puppy before he heard Pandora giggle once again.
"He better not lay a hand on her" Frank muttered through clenched teeth. His face contorted to rage which was not a good look for him before he sprinted up the stairs after them.
Ray's eyebrows had almost shot into his hair and Mikey looked deep in thought.
"Scarlette?" Mikey was looking right at me with a rather serious expression on his face.
"Do I really look sexy with my hair pushed back?"
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