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save the last dance for me

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dance, dance, wherever you may be, as long as you always return to me.

Category: Tactics - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Muu-chan, Sugino - Published: 2006-05-07 - Updated: 2006-05-07 - 284 words - Complete

She downs the bottle of sake and gets to her feet, swaying a little; now that all the guests have gone, she is free to twirl and spin on the tatami, her jerky movements and ungainly body almost a parody of Kantarou's graceful dancer friend.

It never occurs to Sugino that anyone would consider this a grotesque spectacle, and he is right about the present company at least: Haruka is smiling, and his eyes are amused when they manage to focus on the small figure lurching dizzily around the room; even Kantarou appears to have exceeded the limit of his considerable alcohol tolerance, singing tunelessly in a high wavering voice and clapping erratically in a fruitless attempt to accompany Muu-chan.

Sugino has tried to stay relatively sober so that he can keep an eye on his wife, especially when her inexplicable attraction to Ichinomiya is exacerbated by alcohol, but it is difficult to refrain from joining in the New Year festivities when Haruka looks happier than he had ever seen him since the unsealing.

He is only a little surprised when Kantarou upends the last sake bottle over his mouth and licks his lips while smiling lasciviously at Haruka, who nods and grabs Kantarou firmly by the shoulders, steering him in the direction of their bedroom.

Muu-chan does not seem to notice that her audience has diminished to one, who watches silently as the drunken dance winds down and she starts to stumble off into the cool night outside.

But he knows that she always returns to him, and he smiles as she comes back through the door unsteadily, tumbling into the circle of his waiting arms as her eyes close in blissful slumber.
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