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Nikki/Tommy. Generation Swine era. Slight language.

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The photographer left. Thank God. I never understood why these asses had to take pictures of every single thing we did. All I was doing was relaxing in my hottub... with Tommy.

We were just talking. Talking about Generation Swine. Talking about kids. Talking about music. Our conversation was getting deeper by the minute. Little did I know what would happen after that...

Tommy acted very shy before asking, "What do you think of gays?"

Quite frankly, that surprised and scared me a little. Was he asking just because he wanted to know, or was he...

I took the cautious route, just in case. "Well, they're not any different, if that's what you're asking. They're people; they're not much different than us. Why? What's going on with you, T-Bone?"

A slight blush crossed his face and he turned away. He looked ashamed, guilty. The jets of the hottub gurgled and bubbles popped around us. The silence was awkward and slightly creepy. Tommy turned his head to face me, after what seemed like a long time. Suspense filled the air, and I waited for what would come out of his mouth.

"Nikki," I knew it was serious right then; he usually called me Sixx. "I want to tell you something. Can I trust you?"

I nodded. He was my best friend, of course he could trust me. That was a pretty dumb question. He looked down at the bubbling water, letting out a deep sigh. I could tell this was hard for him.

"I... I think I..."

He put his hand on my shoulder. He let out a little sob. He was scared. His brown eyes looked deeply into mine, fear and a longing for acceptance evident. To be honest, this was scaring me. Tommy was always so happy. I had never seen him like this, confused and not knowing what to do.

Either his face came closer to mine or he pulled it closer. No matter what happened, somehow our lips had come in one inch of each other. I suddenly realized why he had asked my opinion about gays, why he hesitated, why he stuttered, why he was scared. He wanted me.

Something in my fucked up mind wanted to go. It told me to go for it, accept the invitation. Part of me wasn't sure. It was new territory.

And I wanted to mark mine.

"This is what you meant," I whispered to Tommy. He nodded, tears coming down his face. I wiped them away, lust overcoming every sense of rationality that tried to pry my brain away from this. My hand cupped his chin, and I willingly pulled him closer. Now it was his turn to be surprised.

"Don't be scared. If this is what you want, take it."

At that moment, both of us were overcome with romance. Our lips met, and it was the most beautiful moment I felt in a long time. He was timid, not letting his lips part. I petted his hair, tried to comfort him. I pulled away from him.

"If this is too much, it's okay. We shouldn't---"

He cut me off. His passion was ecstatic. His tongue licked my teeth, tangled with my own tongue. One of his hands went through my damp, short hair, the other traced the kanji on my chest. My own hands traced the tribal on his back, at the same time relaxing him, coaxing him to let his feelings leak out.

After what seemed like eternity, we finally, though relunctantly, pulled apart. The crickets chirped in the night; it seemed as though they were performing a harmony just for us. Tommy grinned, running his hand down my arm.

"Nikki, that was... amazing." His smile faded. "You don't hate me, do you?"

I grabbed him, hugging him as tight as I could without hurting him. There was no reason he should feel like that, and I wanted him to know that.

"Of course not. I love you."

I meant it. I meant it more than I ever have before.
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