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The Light That Failed

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50 sentences for Heimdall (written for the 1character LJ community)

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He had always stood proudly upright at his post on the bridge, heedless of the weather; but now he has to protect his eye as it heals all too slowly, and is glad of an excuse to avoid the sympathy in their stares as they pass.


The news of Odin's jotun blood-brother travels fast, even to the Watcher at the gates: he does not have to strain his eyes or ears to know that the celebrations are proceeding in an unseemly fashion.


Only one thing will compensate for his loss, but it is not his greatest desire.


Winter is for mulled mead, blazing fires, and warm beds; despite the outdoor patrols, it is his favourite time of year.


He would never have expected Loki to get past him, though the trickster had laughingly warned him several times of the danger; but one look at his smile and dancing eyes, and Heimdall is almost willing to forgive himself for his carelessness.


There is an oil painting of a man in Higashiyama Kazumi's house: it is not his father.


Sometimes Freyr makes so much noise with his metalworking that Heimdall needs to use earplugs, but these occasions are fewer and further between than of old.


A child should have more vitality than this, he thinks ruefully.


Once a week, he has to move the contents of the spare room to the kitchen or the trash - it is the only way he can actually see the floor.


Freyr disapproves of him hogging the computer, but Heimdall, unlike Loki, is a firm believer in the wonders of modern technology.


The old house holds many secrets, though not as many as its occupants keep within themselves.


He knows that he would never have been sent to assassinate Loki if not for Thor's abject failure, and he is determined to prove Odin wrong.


There is something about Loki that has always, at some deeper level, irritated Heimdall, though it is not until he sees the trickster in kakusei form that he realises what it is.


The teachers at the juku are highly impressed by Kazumi's willingness to learn and the ease with which he masters his lessons, though they find his choice of lyrics for the solo piano recital rather disturbing.


Odin once hung from a tree for nine days and nine nights while pierced by a spear, in exchange for divine knowledge; these days, his precognitive insights are obtained more easily.


He has abandoned magical means of killing Loki in favour of more mundane methods, though it is rather difficult to get a clear shot even in the sights of a telescopic rifle when the target is waving cheerfully at him.


It is strange to hear a child and a high-school student call him by name without any honorifics, until he realises that they must have had similar experiences at first.


The kiss itself takes only a few seconds, but Mayura and Loki are unable to respond for almost a minute afterwards, and he will remember the look on Loki's face for as long as he lives.


So this is what a shikigami of his own feels like.


Sometimes he wakes in the middle of the night with bloody marks on his palms; eventually he decides that wearing gloves to bed will save him the trouble of washing his hands so often, although it does not hurt any more.


Gullinbursti and Narugami seem determined to turn every gathering into an eating competition, much to Loki's amusement and Heimdall's disgust, but neither of them could ever have matched the amount that Thor consumed at Thrym's wedding feast.


Loki is the only jotun among the gods, though this is not the reason that he is special to Heimdall.


He is falling faster and faster, and his only regret is that he had not pulled Loki down with him.


Everything is too large now, except for the unfamiliar clothing and gloves; only his hawk is exactly as she had been.


It has been a long time since he visited Midgard: the tall buildings, busy thoroughfares and strange machines confuse him temporarily, but he is nothing if not adaptable to human culture.


He has never been at ease among plants and suchlike: his discomfort is increased by Freyr deciding to share his hiding place in Loki's garden while waiting for the trickster to come out the door, and he is almost relieved to hear a small cough directly behind him.


The greatest mystery is that Freyr has decided the ditzy pink-haired girl is his ideal woman, but he remembers Gerda, and knows better than to ask.


Calligraphy comes easily to him, even with gloves on, though he finds that he can never keep to the set text that the class has been assigned to copy.


Ramen, when bought in bulk at warehouse sales and ingested in sufficient quantities, is indistinguishable in taste and texture from its containers.


Fragments of certain scenes return in the uneasy hours before dawn: the conviction that they are false memories grows stronger with the approach of daylight, until he can again reassure himself that Loki deserves a fate worse than any he can imagine.


Despite the declarations of undying love for his Yamato-Nadeshiko, Freyr is not above bringing Kazumi-chan to the park to facilitate conversations with attractive women.


He finds that he has no ready retort when Loki calls his outbursts childish.


The first time he tried to cook, the chopper came down on his finger instead of the carrots, and he was more horrified at the tears that came than at the blood.


Money was never a consideration for him on Asgard, so it is a surprise when Freyr has to collect him from the police station after a simple transaction.


Some stains will never fade, just as some scars will never heal.


The taste of ice-cream reminds him that he is, to all intents and purposes, still in child-form.


Loki denies possessing his eye, but he is an inveterate liar; though Heimdall has always been able to know when he is telling the truth, he looks into the trickster's calm eyes, and binds him tighter to make him confess.


This is ridiculous, that he should be forced to act as a second for Freyr against Loki in a duel for Mayura's hand - however, Freyr is in deadly earnest, and he is not sure that Loki is taking this as lightly as he appears to be.


Several days passed before the figure in the mirror became familiar.


The hands of the clock are broken; he is not entirely convinced that this is not Niflheim, since he knows that there is no time in the underworld.


There are no fireflies in Asgard; in Japan they are thought to be the souls of fallen warriors, and he thinks, cupping a tiny point of light in his hands, that it is a better fate than to carouse and fight in Valhalla while waiting for Ragnarok.


A normal reaction would have been to grasp at the outstretched hand as he was falling, but for Heimdall, the action of pushing Loki away comes far more naturally.


The chains that held Fenrir and Midgardsomr in their places were invisible but strong, though even Heimdall can see that they were never as strong as the bonds that tie them here to their father.


He had heard that the drink served by Hel was bitter, and the beds in her realm hard, but apparently he had been misinformed.


The wards on Loki's door are surprisingly easy to breach this time, so he is rather disappointed to find that there is no one in a house emptied of all its furnishings.


Odin rarely commands him to do anything except that which he knows is his duty, and this order to assassinate Loki is no exception.


He would never call the children in his juku class "friends", but he has gotten used to the idea that they regard him as one of them, and sometimes he can even forget that he is not.


This body restricts him in all ways; his only comfort is that Loki is in the same predicament.


Unlike his earlier sojourn on Midgard, he is not anxious that his deeds this time round should be remembered - after all, there is nothing interesting about a record of failures and mishaps.


As he falls into the abyss, it seems that he has accomplished nothing here, but he closes his eyes and remembers smiles and kindness, and he knows, at least, that he will finally be at peace.
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