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Confessions of a Mythical Detective

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50 sentences for Loki (written for the 1character LJ community)

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1. Package

Those who love him have learned to accept that Loki can only be himself, no matter where or what he is.

2. Obscure

There are many things hidden in his basement of his house, but the best-kept secrets are those that he holds deep within himself.

3. Skeleton

Ghosts, demons and the like have never held any terror for him, even now when he is no longer a god, but this reminder of mortality almost makes him shudder.

4. Nurse

Yamino is the perfect caregiver for one who is newly subject to many of the trivial but bothersome childhood illnesses that trouble this form: Loki feels the cool caress of a wet compress on his fevered brow, and regrets that he never had a chance to show such concern for his children.

5. Domino

It is ironic that his exile from Asgard, far from averting the prophesied Twilight of the Gods, will be the catalyst for the chain of events culminating in Ragnarok.

6. Thaw

The ice melts with the advent of spring, gladdening the hearts of all the dwellers in Asgard except one, whose children never see the sun.

7. Waves

This is what he remembers: cool water and the feeling of sunlight on his back, the reassuring weight of his stolen prize at his side before it was so rudely snatched from him as he basked on the ice.

8. Burglar

There is no need to install alarms, since even Fenrir in his present form is quite capable of defending the household: he sinks his teeth into the thief's ankle and keeps him there with an uncommonly strong grip until Yamino can bring his bat down onto the intruder's head.

9. Frame

Visitors to Loki's house would be surprised to find that on closer inspection, the date on what appears to be his portrait reads June 8th, 1853.

10. Carpet

He marvels at the progress made in a mere millennium, that the cold stone dwellings strewn with rushes have given way to comfortably furnished and centrally heated houses.

11. Insect

Sometimes it is difficult to know, especially with the increasing sensation of being watched, whether he is the spider or the fly.

12. Mentor

No one taught him what he knows, but he learns quickly from his mistakes.

13. Spirit

Whatever negative observations have been made about Loki, it has never been said that he was lacking in fire or animation.

14. Wax

He stamps the last of the envelopes with his seal (an archaic affectation that he clings to as stubbornly as his quasi-Victorian clothes), and directs Yamino to post the remaining "Enjaku Detective Agency Closure" letters in time for the evening mail delivery.

15. Trash

He was about to destroy the Brisingamen once and for all, but dropped it into the drawer instead; though he will not admit it,what stayed his hand was the memory of a wonderful necklace glittering around the throat of the fairest goddess in Asgard, obtained with suffering and recovered with pain.

16. Womb

He cannot recall the date of his birth, or even if he had parents; but he now feels, looking into the calm eyes of the Allfather, that he has a family.

17. Burn

When he stares, mesmerized, at the flames in the grate, he is quite unaware that his eyes have taken on the same colour and luminescence as the fire.

18. Flash

The first time he had his picture taken (for school registration), Yamino had to restrain him from insisting on having it redone on the grounds that it did not do justice to his looks.

19. Anima

He has read that movement and sensation are thought to be the defining characteristics of the anima*, but he does not know if this is sufficient to say that he has a soul.

20. Gamble

Unlike most punters, he is fully aware of the odds stacked against him, but like all of them, he is willing to risk everything on a hunch, and informs Urd confidently that he will not return to Asgard just yet.

21. Statue

His behaviour is not such as to merit the erection of a monument, though he is content that his deeds are remembered, even if the manner of their record is not what he had originally intended.

22. Perfume

Spica's form is childish and her movements clumsy, but the scent of her hair reminds him of someone else, and he takes her hand and smiles at her fondly.

23. Wine

It is convenient to affect slurred speech and wild words for his present purpose; he knows that Heimdall can see perfectly through this pretence of intoxication, but he has never managed to figure out why the Watcher would make excuses for his behaviour.

24. Reflection

There are days when he cannot look at himself in the mirror.

25. Take

He is adept at taking what he is denied, but he has come to realize that some things bring more satisfaction when they are freely given.

26. Magic

It has always been easy to delight or befuddle others with seemingly impossible feats according to his whims, though to him the best form of magic is that which needs no explanation or excuse.

27. Fragment

Hel disappeared so completely that nothing tangible remained of her, but he will always have the memory of that last beatific smile as she faded blissfully into eternity.

28. Cats and dogs

Fenrir's petty squabbles with Yamino are frequent but soon blow over (usually with the puppy winning by sheer force of will); Loki shakes his head indulgently as the faint sounds of his bickering sons float through the kitchen door, and he would not have changed this for the silent great hall in Asgard.

29. Hum

The contented murmuring of the punyan hovering beside him provides a soothing counterpoint to the roar of the gathering storm outside his window.

30. Flinch

It took all of his self-control not to flinch as they sewed his lips shut: even Thor was silent throughout the excruciating procedure.

31. Rush

This is an entirely new sensation, one that he thought that he would be never be able to feel again, after being alone for so long.

32. Jester

He had realized very early on that mischief and jokes were the best form of defence against the strange fits of melancholy that overcame him when he tried to recall his past, or contemplate his future.

33. Haven

There is no way to make this house on Midgard as grand as any of the dwellings he had been accustomed to, but with Yamino and Fenrir here, it is more truly a home than the luxurious halls of Asgard.

34. Dusk

Though he would be uncharacteristically hard-pressed to describe exactly why, twilight has always held a strange fascination for Loki.

35. Chord
Yamino soon learned to play the piano skillfully despite the unfamiliarity of his fingers; to Loki, the simple but tuneful melodies sound better than the dazzling cadenzas of the virtuosos on his records.

36. Indulgence

A child is supposed to have a sweet tooth, so he finally has a good excuse for putting three sugars into his tea.

37. Freezer

Loki thinks he has an inkling of how Ecchan got trapped in the fridge when he notices the claw marks on the door and the faint but unmistakable imprints of canine teeth on the handle.

38. Passage

The scenes of his transit to the mortal realm were vivid enough in his nightmares to wake him in a cold sweat, though he had only a vague recollection of the details when he was fully conscious of himself and his present surroundings.

39. Coast

He stares silently into the distance as he steers the ship of the dead, and it is not until the outline of the coast appears on the horizon that he allows himself a grim smile.

40. Keepsake

It is not difficult to discard these trappings of a mortal life, but he pauses at the photograph of Mayura and himself in formal dress at Koutarou's cousin's wedding, and tucks it into the inner pocket of his jacket.

41. Morbid

Mayura, for all her cheerfulness and eternal optimism, has a morbid fascination with murders and mysteries: he thinks it may stem from the early loss of a parent, though he is not sure if this logic could also apply to others.

42. Shipwreck

Sometimes it is said loudly in his hearing (and with a none-too-subtle accusatory glare in his direction) that the Midgard Serpent has caused yet another storm or shipwreck; over time, he can use the increasing frequency of such occurrences to follow the growth and progress of his offspring.

43. Socks
He is not used to these accoutrements, but it is only a matter of time before he decides that they are essential to complete the outfit: Loki is nothing if not conscientious about his dress.

44. Sand

They had never visited the beach before Kou-chan's invitation: Loki dislikes getting his feet wet, and Yamino has had enough of the sea to last him a lifetime, though Fenrir (to all appearances as frisky as any puppy) is enjoying the freedom of frolicking in the water.

45. Coin

Then as now, money is no object to him, but he is still reminded that it cannot buy happiness.

46. Guile

He smiles ruefully when he realizes that he has been outmanoeuvred by Heimdall, of all people.

47. Eyelash

In unguarded moments, the tears fall silently off his lashes, caught in his hands before they can streak his face, where the stains would be easier to see and harder to wash off.

48. Drive

"I'd rather walk than take the chartered bus to Ayana-san's wedding, Kou-chan, never mind the hot weather and heavy kimono."

49. Net

Loki has little affinity with modern technology, unlike his arch enemy, but even Yamino has difficulty getting him away from the new computer once he has learnt the basics of that marvelous information and communications tool known as the "Internet".

50. Destination

As he steers the ship with its ghastly crew, he thinks of Odin, Thor and his former companions, but the moment he sets foot on the plain of Vigrid, the only face he will seek out is Heimdall's.
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