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Written by my post-shy friend Alice. Tommy/Nikki. Around Too Fast for Love era. Slight language, sexual occurences(?).

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Tommy wasn’t sure how, or even when Nikki had gotten ice cream, but he sure as hell could do nothing but stare however that could be misconstrued for hunger, because food wasn’t usually something they had an abundant of.. ugh… this was torture to watch but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from Nikki and his tongue licking and going about licking on the melting like flavor. Nnh… he would need Nikki to stop soon before he got hard, or was he already?

“Did you want some?” Nikki questioned, maybe that was the reason for the intently staring? Tommy didn’t hear that until Nikki repeated it., way too distracted by the growing sexier mouth and lips and where they could be instead. It took him a moment to remember how to think before responding. “No.” Because if he said yes, he was somewhat hungry then Nikki would stop and share, not something he wanted. Nikki’s eyebrow rose, curious, if that wasn’t the why, then what was it? Shrugging thought and just going on eating the sweet.

“H-how did you get it?” Tommy struggled to even ask, this was the time when his mind was trying to warn him to leave, but certain other part of his body wouldn’t allow that… conflict, as always. Nikki responsed, explaining what happened, he’d met a chick and she kept hanging around something he would usually find flattering but he wasn’t in the best mood so he’d blew her off, however, said chick wanted to cheer him up, she’d foolishly thought he was just in a bad mood and proceeding to buy him this. Of course Tommy wasn’t really listening he was just watching Nikki’s lips and his mouth, which, no surprise really lead him to having a problem.

“Tommy?” Nikki titled his head looking at Tommy who just seemed completely out of it, he’d finished his ice cream because of lack of a response, then, just proceeding to caress Tommy’s cheek, to try and get his attention, not expecting what happened next though. Tommy had literally bounced on Nikki, pinning him against the dirty floor, it wasn’t supposed to be romantic, this was want and lust…

“Tom-” Nikki’s words fell short though, from Tommy’s current position he could feel Tommy against him pretty well, and with some slight adjustment from the other, had pretty much just started to create a nice friction between them. Nikki titled his head back, closing his eyes for a moment, moaning.

“You’ve got to stop… ” Tommy moaned himself, particularly from having Nikki underneath and what his body had without him even really noticing. “..being such a tease, Sixx. It’s not fair, making me this hard…”

“Nnh…” Nikki hissed slightly when Tommy next moving his hands over his wrist to efficiently pin him against the floor. Did Tommy’s strength increased with horiness or something? He didn’t recall him being this strong. “Get off. It’s not m-my fault… you didn’t have to stare… ” His response to that? Foreboding chuckle, and a set of rolled eyes. Now Tommy was just being a dick.

“Like hell it’s not your fault…” Tommy bite hard at Nikki’s neck, succeeding in marking him and quite visibly too, nibbling at his ear next. “Ya know, Sixx? Someone needs to teach you a lesson, about why’s it not nice to be such an irresistible tease… and I think I’m going to have to be that person…”

Nikki shuddered lightly, this didn’t show good… however it still felt good, so he wasn’t above moaning in pleasure, which seemed to just encourage Tommy even more to continue with this. Why did ice cream have to have such consequences? He wasn’t that much of a tease either…

“Oh yes, you are, I’m going to punish the fuck out of you, my little tease…”
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