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Hush. It'll hear you.

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Esther ran after him and he giggled. His laughter was echoes. Esther grew frightened and claustrophobic with all the black trees, their branches like webs, threatening to fall over at any time. Esther did not see the little boys face but she knew that horrible things happened in these woods, and she had to come and save him. The little boy stopped. Afraid he might start running again, Esther collided with him wrapping her arms around him to make sure he didn't run away again.

She felt that the boy was limp in her arms, cold, and he smelled of raw meat. She looked at his face.

He had none. Tiny spiders crawled out from his eye sockets. Esther gasped, dropped him, and stepped back. The boy's face was all red, dark red and a little brown, from the dried blood. His face seemed to have been ripped off by something horrible. Esther did not know that what the elders had said was true; horrible things happen in the forest.

The boy started to move, and Esther gasped once again in horror. The body was being carried up and up and up. She saw a shiny string attached to his back, almost invisible. The body suddenly went up very fast, becoming hidden in the leaves. Esther heard laughs again.

A hissing sound taunted Esther. The wind rustled and the trees whispered around her hauntingly. Esther turned around to run and then, something pulled her from her back, wrapped around her ankles, some on her waist...Esther falls to the ground with a grunt. She was being dragged by something, and was too frightened to look. She tried to claw at the dirt but continuously kept being dragged, her shirt had rode upwards a little revealing her stomach to the dirt that tainted her belly. The pain of every little things scratching her stomach was tingling throughout her body-but the fear throbbed. Esther was then pulled by this...thing at the edge. Then, she fell.



"Girl, girl wake up!" The husky whispered harshly in her ear. Esther awakened and opened her eyes reluctantly. It was too dark to see anything.

"Where am I?" Esther hoped that the deep voice would tell her she is her bed, under the covers.

"In its lair. It'll eat us alive."

Esther began crying as silently as she can. She never liked to cry out loud, it was too embarrassing.

"Hey, girl-listen." he suddenly said. Esther knows the voice is male because of the deepness of his voice. "Have you seen a little boy up there? I just...I just want to know if he's alright...did you see him? Black hair...brown eyes..."

No eyes anymore. He scared her now. Well, she is already scared.

"No." She lied. She gulped and the images in her head from the faceless boy filled her thoughts. "I haven't seen him..." she whispered. She couldn't, she mustn't tell him...

"Oh, alright..." He said sadly. He toughened up a bit. "He's probably fine...this thing likes to eat, there's a new person in here everyday...It plays with its food too. It makes it suffer for days."

"Wha-what?" Esther couldn't comprehend what he had just said. Plays with its food?

"Hush! It'll hear you." The man whispers harshly.

"Hush, it'll here you!" A hiss, not human, or even of this world...made both Esther, and the man rigid.

Esther heard something like a whip of some kind, and it touched her arm. It was slimy, and sticky. It was pulling.

"Ah...AH!" Esther screamed realizing it was a web. All of a sudden, flames lit, and she saw bones. Bones everywhere. The faceless boy's body rotting, only this time his arm was missing.

"Nathaniel!" The man fell to his knees, and stared at his son...rotting in a corner of a monsters layer. If only he had gone for ice cream like his son asked...

Esther sees It. It is a spider. A spider towering over her....Esther screamed even louder. The man only watched in horror. He never once saw what it looked liked until now. But he didn't move. His little boy was all he had, and now he had nothing to live for. He may as well just die.

Esther was pulled faster by the string, and she saw a web behind the It. It's face was that of a woman's; just with an ear to ear smile ripped on her face. And it's teeth were those of a shark. Esther was put on the web, and wrapped in white sticky string cocoon and awaited her painful, slow death. But she kept screaming, she wiggled violently in the cocoon, and every punch she made to the wall only made it harder to move. The faceless boy was bait. Esther thought, and wished she hadn't seen the boy, or maybe she should have ran when she had the chance, so many possibilities...

If only she listened. Hush, it'll here you.


Esther blinked. She got up and wiped herself. She looked up. She remembered falling into a hole that was very deep, and she could see daylight. Esther started climbing, clawing at the dirt with no success. Esther knew she could not get out. Esther found sticky white stuff on her shirt, and wiped it off. She felt pain on her side and limped when she tried to climb again. The pain on her hurt so much.

Esther couldn't stand the pain on her side, and pulled up her shirt. She gasped slightly, and touched the two holes that were four inches apart from each other. Bite marks. It was as though a vampire with a mouth of a dinosaur had bit her...but when last night's memory came into her head, she knew it was no dinosaur. Spider.

Esther screamed with all her might a blood curdling scream for someone to HEAR her.

Esther felt hands on her shoulders. She jumped and went to turn around, but the hands would not let her. She could hear something's someone's ragged breath.

"Shh...I'll hear you." It laughed a screeching laugh.

Esther let out another scream.

"It plays with its food too. It makes it suffer for days."
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