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Freckles? Muffins? Huh?

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Bob and his muffins [oneshot]

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Okay, this is just written for laughs so please don't take this seriously. Yesterday, my friend Noelle (NoL14) text me saying she was bored and entertain her with a Bob story and his love for that's exactly what I did.
PS! Bob does not have an obsession for muffins in real life! We just say he does 'cause it's funny xD
PSS! I know Bob is no longer in the band, but for this story, we'll say he is :)
Alight, thats all I have to say. Enjoy!


One day while off tour, while Mikey Way was at his home…which he shared with Mr. Bob Bryar…he heard a strange noise coming from Bob’s bedroom. Not knowing what it was, he frantically, and skeptically, walked over to the piece of wood separating the room and the hallway.
He knocked but received no answer, so he walked in. He stood at the entrance of the room, wide-eyed, to learn that the strange noise was Bob singing, “oh muffin, muffin, you make my heart buuuurn.”
Mikey tried his hardest to hold back the laughter, but clearly his hardest was not enough because he soon fell into a fit of giggles.
Bob, being embarrassed that his secret love for singing and muffins was discovered, threw the muffin he was holding at Mikey, who was running back into the hallway and into the living room, trying to avoid tripping over his own feet because of laughing so hard.

The next day, Mikey came home from his day of shopping to restock up on coke zero and coffee. He walked into the average sized house to find Bob sitting in the couch…crying! BOB-no-feelings-BRYAR WAS CRYING!
“Dude! What’s up!?! Are you okay!?!?”
“I can’t find freckles!”
“Freckles! My muffin!”
“You named your muffin Freckles?”
“‘Cause his chocolate chips looks like freckles.”
“Wh—I’m not gonna even begin telling you what’s wrong that that sentence.
“Help me find Freckles!”
“Are you sure Frankie didn’t eat him?”
Bob gasped.
“That bastard!”

They called Frank over and as soon as he entered the door, Bob screamed and went flying through the air, tackling Frank on his way down.
So while Bob was hurting Frankie and Frank was wondering what he did wrong, Mikey found something interesting…Freckles under the couch.
“Um Bob?”
He pointed Freckles out thus causing Bob to quickly release Frank and Frank to sigh a sigh of relief.
He dove under the couch to retrieve his beloved muffin, only to start singing his muffin song again, “oh muffin, muffin, you make my heart buuuurn.”

“I remember why he was there!”
“Do I dare ask?”
“We were playing hide ‘n seek! Clever hiding space Frecky.”
Both Frank and Mikey blankly stared at their odd friend. They both spoke to their
invisible—not imaginary!—friend, Zacky.
Bob looked at them,
“pfft, invisible friend. They tell me I have a problem. Come one Freckles.”

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