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Cone's POV:
Not far into our show in Pittsburgh I saw a really short girl in a white t-shirt get picked up from the middle of the pit by her dad(my soon to be step dad) I presumed and she looked about 11 (I was 13, but people think I'm like 11 or 12), but she seemed to know the lyrics and looked extactic from us just being up there. It's funny, because I didn't know she existed since she was like the shortest one in the pit.
After Deryck payed his thanks and we left the front of the stage I ended up having a long conversation about "With Me" with this kid Tyler(my friend) who seemed cool enough.Soon we went to the bus and couple of us changed. I put on my white The Clash shirt that I cut the sleeves off and we went to our booth to sign some shit. Our fans are awesome. We were running late, and there was a long line, but we still signed everything for everyone in the line. The same short girl came up againa dn seemed to shy and her face was bright red. She told Steve how he reminded her of her friend BJ and her dad shook Steve's hand complementing himon the show.Then she told Deryck that she was too short to see, but loved the show. Her dad called her our #1 fan and Deryck thanked her and she was all smiles. When I signed her shirt next she moved onto Tom and I caught her staring at me. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows in not a "what? >:(" kind of way, but a "oh, hello" way and she just raised hers back at me and I reapeated the action again before we both turned for Deryck said something to me and she turned back to Tom.
I think she had a crush on me and I'm suprised she didn't ask for a hug like other girls-she was quiet so I guess she was shy.(I'm not,very outgoing actually, but I was shy at the moment.
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