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I Wanna Be A Vegas Showgirl

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Nobody ever listens to Frank, or has time to watch him dance. So, he takes matters into his own hands.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2010-10-22 - Updated: 2010-10-23 - 748 words

“Lookit, lookit me dance Gee, watch me dance!!” Frank twisted his body happily to a tune only he could hear, and Gerard continued to stare dreamily out the window.
“That’s nice Frank…”
The smaller man pouted.
“You don’t sound very proud of me.”
Gerard smirked “Oh no! Your slutty ass dance moves are great. They remind me of my grandfather… He was a world class showgirl in Vegas, did you know that?”
Frank looked awed, his swaying booty slowed and he plopped onto the couch next to Gerard.
“Yup. Supposedly he was the best…. Bedazzled his own sparkly costumes and everything.”
Franks eyebrows lowered in concentration, “I bet I could be better than him… did you see me dancing Gee? I’ve got the talent.”
Gerard was debating whether or not to even continue this conversation when Mikey opened the bus door.
“You guys want Talent? I’ll show you talent…” He continued to walk past them towards the bunks, burping the alphabet… in Spanish. Frank stared with his mouth open as the younger Way brother finalized with an especially loud and vulgar (Spanish!) “Z.”
“Mikey you’re so talented! Wanna see what I can do?”
“Not tonight Frankie, I’m dead tired… plus I just got this video from my friend about the Zombie Panda Apocalypse and I’d rather watch it than you. Show me tomorrow!”
Frankie pouted, looking dangerously near tears when Ray’s fuzzy head popped out from his own bunk in interest.
“Zombie Panda Apocolypse?”
Mikey nodded seriously.
“Their supply of bamboo was poisoned by some space acid, and every panda in Japan became an evil brain hungry beast intent on taking over the world. The worst are the baby ones, they LOOK all cute and fuzzy, than BAM they fucking scratch your leg and you’re a zombie Panda too. Fucking nuts man, come watch it with me!”
“Don’t have to ask me twice…” Ray crawled out of his bunk and stretched, waving to Gerard and then to Frank, who was looking miserable.
“Hey Ray, wanna see my talent? I’m gunna be a showgirl in Vegas like Gerard’s Grandpa!”
Ray looked confused. “Uhmm… Sure thing Frankie, tomorrow. Maybe… if I remember… and if we all haven’t died in the Zombie Panda Apocalypse.”
Mikey’s voice could be heard from within the bunk “HELL YEAH MAN ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE YEAH! Pow pow pow go fucking zombie pandas!” Ray rolled his eyes and climbed into the bunk, closing the curtain and yelling,
“Tomorrow for sure Frank, I don’t wanna miss this movie.”
Gerard looked over at Frankie’s pathetic face, feeling terrible.
“Well Frankie, I thought your dancing was beautiful.”
“Well I… uh… maybe tomorrow man, I uh, it’s late and uh… Goodnight.”
He stood up, stretched and walked to his own bunk, shutting the curtains and shutting Frank out of his world. Frank was left standing alone in the center of the bus, tight spandex pants sparkling in the glory of being tight sparkly spandex pants, and his dreams of the flashing lights of Vegas as his only company.
Why didn’t anybody care about his talent? Couldn’t they see he was born to be a star?? Frank slowly walked towards the couch, removing the purple sweat band from his head and thinking about his newfound passion. How would he convince the other guys that they needed to get to Vegas? He put his sore feet up on the coffee table and sighed as a ton of papers fell onto the floor. Bending to pick them up, Frankie gasped as a huge road map of the U.S. unfolded and pooled around his feet. He looked at the red squiggles and stars that marked were they were traveling for the tour, then squinted to find Las Vegas.
Slowly, an idea came into his head growing louder and more urgent as the snores from Ray and Mikey (Who had fallen asleep during Zombie Panda Apocolypse, which actually isn’t a very great movie) grew louder. He peeked in on Gerard, who was sleeping silently and made up his mind. He grabbed a sharpie, wrote ‘Vegas or Bust’ on a sheet of paper and taped it to the bus window. Grabbing a trucker hat, he turned the keys in the ignition and laughed at the sound of the engine purring underneath him. Guess who’s going to Vegas.
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