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light surrounding you

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NCIS/glee crossover.

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i went over to will' was pretty late and i was shocked when the door was opened by quinn.
"um will home?" i asked,trying not to sound suspicious.
"yeah," quinn said and then stepped aside to let me in,"he said you were moving in soon."
"yeah...don't need to explain,do i?" i replied and questioned.
"not to me,"quinn replied.
i worried my lip with my teeth,unsure.
"he's in his bedroom," quinn told me before going into her own room as beth started crying.
i walked up the hall to will's bedroom and saw he was already in bed,watching some late night crime show....csi miami reruns by the looks of it.
"oh..hey hun," he said,smiling up at me.
"hey back," i said before settling down beside him.
he ran a hand over my stomach.
"didn't think quinn moved in yet," i said.
"it's not exactly school talk," he replied.
i sighed,turning onto my back.
"just would've been nice to know," i said.
his arms wound around me and he drew me close,breath hot on my ear now.
"i know but you don't have to worry," he said," soon you'll be here with me."
i smiled smally,"and then us and our little one. quinn is just like family though..and the rest of the team."
will nodded,"exactly."
i was soon on him,straddling his hips,leaning down and kissing him heatedly.
i moved my hips,causing him to groan in pleasure and i grinned cheekily.
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