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Concert Review - 24/8/10

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My little review of My Chemical Romance in Manchester :D

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[A/N] - Not a fiction story, just my basic review of last night...

We set off at three o' clock. It was going to take us about two hours to get to Manchester anyway. So we picked up Jasmine and we were off.
It took FOREVER and my Mom was very mean and only let me listen to my MCR CD for four songs until we reached a Service Station.
To be fair, it was a pretty nice Service Station, it had a Barber Shop, a shower... Me and Jasmine joked that maybe we'd stay there all night instead of going to see My Chemical Romance.
Finally we reached Manchester and saw the que for the show. It wasn't too long, but it wasn't too short. But because we were sitting, we decided not to get straight into the que. so I sent a text to my friend Emma who I had been speaking to over asking where she was. She told me she was in McDonalds with a bunch of other MCR fans.
After my Mom got us lost for about twenty minutes, we finally reached McDonalds which was just down the road from the O2 Apollo. Met up with Emma which was awkward at first. But luckily for me I had Jasmine, my total motor-mouth best friend there who made things less awkward.
Me and Jazz sat at a table and I asked her to hi-5 me and she didn't think it was perfect so she carried on. Then I noticed this guy who was about twenty giving us weird looks so we stopped. Then he went "You better not be doing that at the concert!"
At half six we walked down to join the que which had suddenly became about thirty times longer. We walked in huge circle to get to the back of the que. Once there we started singing til this guy came over and started yelling "ANY SPARE TICKETS!? ANY SPARE TICKETS!?"
"No!" Jasmine replied, a little too loudly.
Then while we were singing again, some people came over and gave us converse USB sticks that were also bracelets. We reckon it was to shut us up, but it didn't work.
Only two more people would sing along with us. But we didn't stop.
Finally it was seven and the que started moving and we all went "Yaaaaay!" Then we blabbered on about touching moving vehicles and stuff, til we reached the door.
We were told to show our bags, I didn't have one, but Jasmine did. They took her bottle of coke away and said "You can either drink it now, or we can take it away." And Jazz knew if she drank a whole bottle of coke she'd need to pee half the night. So she told them to take it. She got off easier than Ellie who had four cans of coke taken off her.
We went and joined the merch line. I brought a tee-shirt and limited edition poster, Ellie brought a limited edition poster, Emma brought a hoodie and a limited edition poster I think and Jasmine brought a tee-shirt and limited edition poster.
Then we needed to que for the toilet again, we wanted to change our tee-shirts and we just generally needed to pee. While queing the McDonalds guy came over and went "God, it's you two!" Then we got into a long conversation and he showed us a video of how he had met My Chemical Romance on Saturday and I went "You lucky bitch!"
We finally got into the bathroom. Changed our shirts, and there were pieces of paper everywhere saying MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE LIMITED EDITION POSTERS BEING SOLD AT THE MERCH STAND. There were two in the bathroom so Jasmine took one and so did Ellie.
We left, got half-way up the stairs when Jasmine went "Crap! I left my poster in the bathroom!" And made me go back with her to get it.
When we had finally got her poster, we managed to go find our seats. Ellie and Emma took us into the wrong row at first, and we were excited 'cos it was a good row. Turns out we were way at the back, but it didn't matter, we were there!
Twin Atlantic came on and everyone remained seated. Infact the only time they really got the crowd screaming was when they asked "Are you guys looking forward to My Chemical Romance!?"
Twin Atlantic went off and me and Jazz went to get a drink. We got waters but they refused to give us lids. So we put them on the floor, and Jazz put her bag on top of mine and it spilt onto my Jacket and poster. Luckily they weren't that bad.
We had to wait half an hour for MCR. I was freaking out 'cos every so often I felt the sensation that the lights were about to go back down. And it happened so many times I was starting to get annoyed.
Then suddenly the lights really did go down. I pulled out my mobile ready to record the most epic moment of my life. The crowd started screaming, me included. Then all the you heard was...
Look Alive, Sunshine...
Then they started playing Na Na Na and I was freaking out so much! We decided to run right down to the front of the balconies and the view was amazing! We were only allowed there for one minute though, because the Security Guard came down and told us to get back to our seats.
I don't know how to sum this concert up into words... It was just everything I imagined and better.
They sang The Only Hope For Me Is You and they dedicated to a girl in the crowd called Sophie. If anyone was there, can you tell me who Sophie was please? :)
Afterwards my head was thumping and I could barely talk... But I wanted to wait for the band to come out. But it wasn't fair on my Mom who had got kicked out of McDonalds and had already been sitting in the car for ages.
That was the only down-side to the night.
But by the time MCR would've come out, I was in bed because we had only just got home.
If they next come to the UK, I'm seeing them again and we're going to take Jasmine's Dad, who'll most likely let us wait around to meet him!

~ Hozzie

[A/N] - Just realised that that was mostly what happened before and after the concert instead of during =/ Sorry
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