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Manchester concert last night!

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i was there! who else was!

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It was the best night of my life! i'm from brimingham but i travelled all that way to see them!

it was a long wait to get in but who cares right? MCR was in england and i was going to be in a packed room with them, only a few steps away....

I got the mcr t-shirt, i was going to get the poster but knowing me, i would rip it to dead and bend it so i didn't.

The support group were okay, scottish, swearing loads and... mad!

I was waiting like half a hour for them to come on stage, when they came on it went fucking nuts! I was screaming and waving... i was just like "holy shit i'm actually in a room with them!"
They played: (not in right order)
Na na na (this was played first)
thanks for the venom (i think this was second)
cemetery drive
you know what they do to guys like us in prison
I'm not okay
the ghost of you
honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us
our lady of sorrows
welcome to the black parade
I don't love you
famous last words
the only hope for me is you
planetary (GO!)
and a few of their new songs!

i was screaming and headbanding and singing! I didn't know i knew as many of the words until that night... Gerard was amazing.. he made the guys take their shirts off for you know what they do to guys like us in prison, he hadn't finished saying it was a tradition before one guy took his off and was waving it around in the air, gerard was like "yeah like this guy, i fucking love him". Then there was someone called sophie (who was that?) that gerard was like " there is a girl called sarah who is standing/sitting right over there somewhere, everyone say hi to sarah" and ray did this cute little wave with the smile! it was so sweet. Gerard was saying he felt like a crimial in the guy like us in prison song. and he made kissing noises in the microphone! also gerard said " you guys can fuck me anytime" everyone when MAD! i was like hell yeah. Then when it came to plantary (GO!) gerard said "either you guy dance or i'll break your fucking noses" i was like, oh shit i don't dance but i did cuz i love him ( i love them all) and i didn't want to go home with a broken nose. Then for Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us, he made someone come up from the crowd only someone who knows the words and i was like i know them! i fringing learn them off by heart! but i was too scared to go. he was picked up from the crowd and then brought on stage, he was like hugging gerard and dancing around Ray, i was like i would be kissing them all right on stage! But the kid kept on starting the song too early, gerard had to go "wait" like twice... they all looked so amazing! Frank, the now father of two ( probably beautiful) twins was thrasting about on stage with his guitar, Ray was amazing, Mikey with the now blonde hair was wicked, when he play welcome to the black parade and the ghost of you i was like... i can play those on bass too! i am so learning more of their songs now!

I didn't get hit, well i nearly did, i accidently hit someone cuz i was waving my hands in the air and her head was in the way but she didn't seem to care. And i was standing next to some cute boy but my eyes were only for the boys on stage!

God im sorry but i want to be a bigamist and marry them all! i don't care what people say i want them all!

my voice is killing from screaming and singing, my neck and arms are killing but who cares right? I got to see them!

and im going to see them again when their next album is out im going to get tickets and me and my friends will go nuts! maybe one day i shall meet them? but hopefully i get tickets in brimingham instead of a hour drive away cuz it was really tiering and i needed food, all i got was fries and that was it, but foods food right?

people who went to manchester one? Review or e-mail or add me on facebook:

i just want to say it was my very first proper concert, and it was the best night of my life!
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