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Bullets Fly and Blood Tears Us Apart

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One highschool is torn apart by a gunman. One shot. Ryden is mentioned.

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Basically, this is a one shot where you can decide what happens. Also, althugh the character names are the same as in It's Nt That Complicated, this has NOTHING to do with it. so... enjoy

Brendon’s POV

The bullets flew around me as I held my sister, Shadow, closer to me in fear. I glanced over my shoulder, still hidden under the teacher’s desk. I could see bodies sprawled across the floor as I wondered who had made it out alive. I choked on my breath as the gunman left the classroom, the piercing sound of bullets still ringing in my ears. Shadow crawled out, her sapphire and raven hair messed up, her hands shaking.
“They’ve all been shot, Bren” she whispered. I crawled out behind her and gasped when I saw the bodies.
“Sh-Sh-Shade” I heard a weak voice cry out. I looked around the room for the source of the voice, as did Shadow. I could see Cat crying in pain, her left leg covered in a bright red liquid.
“Cat! Don’t worry. I’ll find something. Uhmm… Brendon, your shirt!” She said, her hands held out, asking for my shirt, which I took off and handed to her. She held the fabric against Cat’s wound and told her to hold it there.
“Where’s Toni?” Cat whispered, nervously. Shadow looked around the room, trying to find her other best friend. Since Alex had moved it had been the three of them and they were very close. I could see Toni. She’d been shot in the chest and I knew there was no way she could have survived.
“Guys, I think she’s dead” I whispered, still not removing my eyes from the sight in front of me. I pointed to Toni and Shadow and Cat followed my finger to where Toni lay. Shadow, although unsteady on her feet, stood up and walked over to her friend. She burst into tears, staring at her friend’s body. She knelt down and hugged Toni before creeping back to Cat and I. I wrapped my arms around her tightly, trying not to show the fear I was feeling. My boyfriend, Ryan was with our four best friends in math while Shadow, Cat, Toni and I were in music. Since I couldn’t leave the room, I had no idea where or not they had escaped alive.
“Patrick, c’mon!” I heard a familiar voice yell as three people raced into the room. Pete, Gabe and William. A few seconds later, Patrick strolled in. I looked up at them. My friends were there, but where was Ryan?
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