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Dance, Dance

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'He didn’t even care when the boy remained motionless on the floor. Why should he?' Ryden is mentioned. One shot.

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another one shot

Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. Well, other than Brendon. His date hadn’t turned up so he was sat in a corner watching his friends’ band play. Pete was chasing around the stage, laughing silently as Patrick sang sweet words into his microphone, Andy and Joe where playing perfectly as always. Suddenly, they stopped playing.
“Run!” Patrick yelled as the band cleared off of the stage and fled from the building. Gunshots were fired and the room was swept with panic. Everyone was screaming, except Brendon. He could tell who the gunman was – Ryan Ross, his date and best friend.
“We’re panicking at a disco!” one girl yelled.
“You are indeed” Ryan sniggered; firing another bullet which flew through the hair and hit a boy sitting at the back. Ryan knew who this boy was though, not that he really cared. He didn’t even care when the boy remained motionless on the floor. Why should he?

Brendon was dead.
And Ryan knew it.

No one else in the room had recognized the gunman, so Ryan couldn’t be blamed. Ryan was gutted though. He didn’t mean to KILL Brendon. He hadn’t even meant for it to hit him. No, of course he hadn’t. He loved Brendon. He was just scared and confused. And even after the event, he didn’t know what to do.
“Spencer, Jon, we need a band…” Ryan told his friends.
“Why?” Spencer asked.
“Brendon” Jon whispered to Spencer.
“So, I have a few name suggestions…” Ryan smiled.
“What are they?” Jon and Spencer asked in unison.
“’Brendon’ or ‘Panic! At the Disco’” Ryan told them.
“’Panic! at the Disco’? I love it!” Spencer smiled.

Unfortunately, this band cut three young boys’ lives short. Ryan killed himself six months later, unable to forget Brendon and the inflicted bullet that killed him. Spencer, being confused by the suicide, followed Ryan’s actions and took his own life. And Jon? He started doing drugs because he was finding it hard to grieve for his three best friends. He became suicidal and overdosed a few weeks ago.

So much for ‘Panic! at the Disco’
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