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I Think We Have An Emergency

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“I’ll tell you if you forgive me.”

Forgive him for what? For being a dick the last few days? For having aged issues? For what?!? So many ideas rushed through my mind but I didn't voice the anger within, he was too injured for me to have a go at, and the amount of times he'd helped me out when I was broken stood up for me. 

"Forgive you for what?" more bitterness seeped out that I'd have liked, he notice, his face dropped again. Suddenly he coughed, blood dripping out of his mouth. "OK, we'll talk later, let's get you to hospital first. I think you might have broken a rib." I stood up and started to move across the room to grab my coat. 

"No!" Gerard grabbed my wrist, dragging me back to stand in front of him. "Rhianne, you need to know what I did you need to forgive me!" his eyes were begging me to agree so I knelt down on the floor in front of him and nodded. "I didn't mean to shout, or get angry at you, or act like a total dick! Rhianne I got angry at myself! I find it hard to cope with the fact that some bastard touched you! Not because I feel dirty, god no. The fact that I can't understand what you must feel is the worst part! The fact that I could have prevented it; if I hadn't of taken you to that party, if I hadn't left you alone outside! Don't you see?! It's all my fault!" he sobbed and put his head in his hands, painfully rocking back a forward. 

"Oh Gee," I sighed, gently rubbing my hand up and down his arm. "It's okay, please don't cry. Gee, look at me." he shook his head and continued sobbing. "Gerard, please." he shook his head again. I exhaled deeply and stood up, walking to the bedroom and found another shirt for Gee to wear. 

"RHI?!? OH GOD RHI HELP ME!" the was a thump from where the sofa was, I ran out of the bedroom to find Gee slumped on the floor. 

"Gerard?!? GERARD!" I screamed and ran over to him, checking his pulse and pulling him up into my arms, rocking him back and forth. "Gerard, wake up! Please wake up!" I sobbed. 

The door was kicked down, Bob was standing behind it in just his Captain Underpants boxers with ray behind him, who was also only in his boxers, this time they were pink, and glittery.

"Oh SHIT!" Bob ran forward, Ray running out of the threshold to the room across the hall, Mikey's. Bob was checking Gerard's pulse when Mikey ran in, wide-eyed, Ray followed, on a mobile to what sounded like the emergency services. 

Bob tried to make me release Gerard from my grip. In the end it took Mikey, Ray and Bob to release him, Ray took me into the bedroom and sat on the bed with me while I cried, I heard the paramedics arrive, so I quickly undid my robe and slipped on some jeans and one of Gerard's t-shirts, not caring about Ray being in the room. I walked out the bedroom and saw the medics loading Gee onto a stretcher. 

"Who found him?" the female medic asked. 
"I did." I whispered "I woke up and he was all bloody and panting so I cleaned him up and just left to get a clean top so I could drive him to Emergency and then he screamed for me... And then... And then..." I cut off, burying my head in a bewildered rays chest. The Paramedic nodded and helped the other one strap Gee to the stretcher and apply breathing equipment to his face. 

"What's wrong with him?" Mikey asked the question we all wanted to know. 

"We think he has internal bleeding, he's received a hard blow to the stomach. A  scan at hospital can confirm this." she explained as her and the other medic lifted up the stretcher and began to move out the door. 

"Can Rhi come in the ambulance with you?" Mikey asked the medic nodded and carried on out the door. 
"No Mikey, you go, he's you brother. We'll follow in the car." I  whispered as Mikey took my arm and lead me down the hall in tow with the medics. He shook his head and pushed me in the lift. 
"Gerard loves you, he'd want you to be there. Don't tell Evie and Frank just yet, let them have their honeymoon. See you at the hospital."
Before I could reply the elevator doors closed and we made our way down to the reception. 


As we got to the hospital Gerard was transferred onto a bed, he was wheeled down the corridor, I was having to run to keep up, we were taken into a room where they began stripping Gerard to his boxers, I winced as I saw the ever bigger and now black bruise that had spread across the whole of his chest and part of his torso. I blushed as they pulled off his suit trousers, revealing a small hickey on his hip from last night, the doctor looked up at me and smirked at me but said nothing. They started doing tests, sticking an IV in his hand and checking his heart beat and a load of other tests that were far to complicated to understand. I just stood there like a spare part, silently sobbing as the doctors worked. I was ushered out of the room by a surgeon. 

"Right, Miss Aarons, Mr Way has internal bleeding.  We need to get him into surgery right away. I need the contact details of his parents. And I need to know what happened." my heart sank, internal bleeding was bad, so was telling his parents. 
"Do they have to know?"
"Yes Miss Aarons, by law we have to tell his next of kin."
"What about his brother? He's on his way, will he do?" 
"No, it needs to be his parent. That is final. I need to know what happened Miss Aarons."
"I don't know, I woke up when he came in, and he was already hurt, he wouldn't tell me what happened. I cleaned him up then I went to get him a clean shirt so I could drive him to Emergency and them he screamed out for me, so I ran out of the room and he was on the floor." I sobbed and placed my hand over my face. 
"Miss Aarons, you need to say goodbye now Mr Way needs urgent surgery." I looked up and nodded. I walked over to the bed where Gee's wired up body lay and placed my hand on his. 

"See you soon sugar, I love you so much. See you when you wake up." with that I stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead. As they were about to wheel him out the others burst in, I left them to say their goodbyes while I called Gerard's mum. 

"Hello, Way residents."
"Mrs Way?" my voice broke as I spoke, giving away that something was wrong. 
"Rhianne, is everything alright? What's the matter dear?"
"It's Gerard" she sharply breathed in down the receiver. "He's been attacked, he went out for a while, after... It doesn't matter. But he's in theatre, he has internal bleeding."  there was a sob and Donna called Donald. I heard her explain the story throughout broken sobs and began to cry myself. 
"Thank you for telling us, we'll get in touch through Mikey's cell later." with that she hung up, and I joined the others in the waiting room. 

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