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Scott has trouble coping with Jean's death.

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It was dark, and the cold air was blowing in from over the beach. The Xavier Institute stood on the hill, seeming to overlook the entire world. He stood there at the edge, his heart burdened with guilt. His will to live had died alongside her when the Phoenix had taken over Jean's soul in a burst of fire. All of that excess energy was too strong for the woman he loved.

It had consumed her, until in the end, she gave into it and sacrificed herself to protect him and their team mates. A surge self-hatred boiled within Scott and letting out a cry of anguish, the man tore off his ruby quartz glasses. He opened his eyes, his entire vision becoming red as they burned from the force of the red optic laser beams streaming out of his eyes. The flash of red light flew over the lake's surface, making it light up in little hues of red and purple.

'Jean, why?' His heart cried out. Jean was no longer here. It should have been him, not her, or in the very least, it should have been Wolverine. Wolverine was more of a threat to the world than anyone else.

"Why didn't you just take him instead?!" Scott yelled. Suddenly something, a figure, rose from the dark depths of the water. He let out a gasp at who it was. A woman, with long red hair and dark blue eyes, floated there.

She was dressed in a black jump suit with her red hair framing a sad face. Scott felt his heart jump to his throat at seeing his lost love.

"J-jean..." He whispered in surprise. A smile crept onto her face. But she didn't say anything. She stood there on the water's surface with her windblown hair strewn all over the place.
Was this a figment of his imagination?

Is Jean really here, or was he just dreaming?

He didn't know, he didn't want to know. He was just glad to see her again. All Scott wanted to do was to hold her in his arms again, and kiss her. He'd do anything just to hear her voice, to feel her soft skin, to be with her. His heartached at the sight of her.

Jean seemed within reach. But if he tried for her, he would slip off the cliff and fall into the ocean below. He had escaped death once, but at the price of losing his parents and his brother. Would it be worth dieing again just to be with Jean once more? Would it?

"Jean." Scott whispered, tears burning at his eyes.


Her voice...

It was just as he remembered. Kind, melodic, and full of intelligence. He reached out a hand to touch her, but the image of Jean Grey disappeared from both his mind and the world, and he fell to the ground, his heart tearing into more pieces. This was the sacrifice she had made. So that her loved ones could keep on living.

Her dark blue eyes watched the lone figure by the cliff. Her heart was fluttering with pain at seeing him like this. Fingering a single strand of her blonde hair, Emma Frost closed her eyes. Her own eyes were brimming with tears. She had felt Scott's pain, and even sympathized with him. Because of her own selfish desires to control the phoenix had back fired, she ended up causing Jean to die.

And that in turn caused Scott to sink into a bout of depression., ad not to mention that Wolverine had just about lost all faith in her as well. All the faith the team had placed in her had been shattered. It was only a surprise that Wolverine hadn't kicked her out yet.

Somewhere along the way of winning the trust of Scott and the other X-men, Emma had started to fall in love with him. That one kiss Scott has given her when he mistook her for the then missing Jean Grey had confirmed her feelings for him. But the one question lingering in her heart now was, would someone end her suffering after she ends his?

"If he truly wishes it to see Jean again, then I will help him." She whispered. The blond telepath walked off the porch and made her way through the garden. She followed the stone steps until she came across a gazebo. Before she could even approach the small shaded building, someone appeared before her in a pool of smoke.

A blue furred man with a devilish tail and golden eyes crouched on the top step, with two women standing beside him.

"I brought them as you requested, Emma," Nightcrawler said in a sullen tone. His golden gaze turned to the two women he had found. One of them was a red haired woman with the same skin and eye color as him and the other was a white streaked brunette. His sister, Mystique and his mother, Rogue. How were they going to help Emma with Scott?

His tail gave a nervous twitch as he thought about Emma's strange request. But seeing the blond smile, he turned away.

"Ah, so you did, Kurt. Thank you." Emma replied. Rogue and Mystique raised an eyebrow, confusion written on their faces. They glanced at each other before turning to the woman.

"Emma, why did you summon us here?" Rogue asked, giving her foster mother a venomous look with her arms cross. All Mystique could do was look away in silent shame. Nothing had been the same between the three of them since the ordeal with Apocalypse. She had used Rogue to unleash the self-proclaimed all powerful mutant, and Rogue had also been the one to lock him away again.

She knew Rogue wouldn’t forgive her for that, and Kurt had been forgiving about being abandoned, but he had chose Rogue’s side over hers.

Emma just raised an eyebrow at the younger girl’s question. She could sense a lot of tension coming from the trio, and she knew that it would be very hard to get them cooperate with her, let alone together.

“I’ve asked Kurt to bring you two here to help me with Scott.” The woman said.
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