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Neko Shonen-Ai Chronicles

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Sora Kyrin was always looking for a place to call home, but what happens when he winds up on the doorstep of Hikaru Reisa?

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Neko Shonenai Tales
By: NinjaGirl X
Sora Kyrin was always looking for a place to call home, but what happens when he winds up on the doorstep of Hikaru Reisa?

Chapter One:
His golden ears twitched at the many sounds of the city. Dogs barking, cats meowing, babies crying, children laughing as they played in the park, couples making out, adults walking to their next destination, cars running down the streets, and airplanes roarung overhead in the sky. All these noises wer putting a strain on Sora's sound sensitive ears. He can even hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance despite it being in the next city. Sora frowned as he walked down the sidewalk.

His hands were clamped to his ears, attempting to block out the noise of city life.

"Why is it so noisy in the city?" He muttered aloud. His tail hung limply, only moving with the slow steps he took. The fifteen year old Neko did not want to be here in a noisy place. But having no place to call home, he had searching until he finds that one sanctuary, a place he can call his home. A place where he can live in peaceand happiness.

'And eat as much seafood as I want.' He thought happily, not caring that a sliver of saliva drooled at the corner of his mouth. Sora quickly wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his hoody before coming to an intersection full of traffic. The traffic light on a nearby post flashed red, causing a long line of cars heading right to stop. He gave a quick glance at to the left and right before stepping off the curb.

Sora was half way across the pedestrian crossing when he heard the growl of a car engine, and tires screeching. He looked up in time to see a delivery truck speeding towards him, and the driver wasn't willing to stop. He thought his heart would burst out of his chest as he stood there, paralyzed with fear as the speeding mechanical demon grew steadily bigger, blaring its horn at him from the inside.


He let out a loud yawn, stretching his arms to the sky as he walked past the shopping district. School had just let out and like usual, Hikaru was going to procrastinate and do any work he had at the last minute. Placing his hands in his pocket, Hikaru continued walking, only stopping long enough to greet a few people along the way. How he longed to get home and just sleep. Though no one would be waiting there for him.

That was the only aspect of his life that bothered him. Ever since his mom had passed away and his alcholic of a father had kicked him out, Hikaru had started living at the Student Apartments that were paid for and provided by the school. He lived there rent-free at least until he either graduated or just simply dropped out of school altogether. But that was one thing he dreaded doing. Dropping out of school would truly mean being alone and homeless.

And he certainly didn't want to drop out.

Hikaru finally came upon an intersection, right in the heart of the city where the city life was at its busiest. He saw the strangest sight across the street. A young brown haired boy covering a pair of golden brown cat ears on top of his head. From what he could see, the boy was only sixteen, and he didn't have any human ears on him.

'So, those ears aren't fake?' He thought, leaning against a metal lamppost. Wierd,why was he standing here watching some random anime fan boy trying to cross the street? An amused smile graced Hikaru's lips as the neko boy casted a nervous glance up and down the street.

'I should be getting home.' Hikaru added, but there was something curious about the Neko...

Hikaru's body jerked upright as there was a loud rumbling. When he looked over, he saw a delivery truck speeding down the streeet, and the Neko Boy was already in the middle of the walk way. The truck driver was obviously not going to slow down. The neko seemed to hear it coming for the brunette looked up. The boy seemed to be frozen in fear as the truck got closer and closer, and no one was willing to help him.

Clenching his hands into fists at his sides, Hikaru quickly ran off the sidewalk and into the street.


"Hey, get your ass moving!" Yelled a voice. But Sora was too scared to listen. The Neko felt his body lock up and as much as he wanted to, he couldn't willl himself to move. The truck was almost on top of him.

He closed his eyes waiting for the worst when he felt someone tackling him, literally shoving himout of harm's way. Sora, trembling with fright, grasped the body holding him. He felt someone's hand touching his head. When he looked up, he found hismself staring into a pool of green eyes. A boy around the age of eighteen was looking down at in complete puzzlement.

A faint blush rose on his cheeks as the black haired boy gingerly touched his ears with much curiosity.

"So, they are real." He heard him say softly. Sora's ears twitched and flicked this way and that as the older male played with his ears. Realizing that Sora was staring at him, the older male quickly released him and rose to his feet. He coughed with a faint blush. "Well, you're safe now, so go on home--wherever that is."

The boy started to walk away but Sora's heart was fluttering in chest and he quickly called out to him, "B-but I don't have a home!" He blurted.

Sora didn't know who this boy was, or why he had saved him, but there was something about him that made his stomach do flip flops. Could this boy be the one to give him a palce he could call his home?
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