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.:: Chapter 3 ::.

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Rooming with boys and aware of the fact that they were vampires made Gracelene doubt she can survive this hectic nightmate.

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...:: Chapter 3 ::...

"Don't walk as if you have to rule the world but walk in a way as though you don't care who is ruling the world."

I regained consciousness but kept my eyes closed. I felt the warmth of the sun touch my skin so I decided to open them. My sight was blurry at first but I regained my vision. All I can actually remember is the sounds of the gulping of blood and that lingering sharp pain. I sat up as I held my neck, expecting to feel the wound. But there was none.
"Gracie, I'm glad you're awake. How are you feeling?" Jay leaned on the wall as he spoke. I noticed Jamie was back on his bed as Alex wasn't around. I was still feeling tired as if my body wanted more sleep. I've never felt the need to sleep so body but I willed myself to stay awake.
"I'm fine. . ." I lied as I put on a smile. I don't think it's necessary for one to worry about me when I appear to be fine. Though I don't quite understand why my neck is unwounded. I swear I remember Alex sinking his teeth into me but could it have really healed over two days? Is it even possible? But why would he do that to me even after all I did for him. I cleaned him up and looked after him while he slept, then I am repaid with this. . .
"You know, after I told Alex what you did for him, he felt really bad. He wanted to apologize but he didn't want to make it any worse and stayed in his room" Jay said as Jamie started playing with his lighter, clicking it on and off.

Oh, he feels guilty for doing what he did. I guess it was a misunderstanding after all so I should go and make sure everything cool with him.
"I need to make things right with him or else he won't forgive himself" I attempted to stand but almost stumbled to the ground without Jay catching me.
"Hold up, you've been in bed for two days, so don't get up so quickly" he sat me down on the bed as the dizziness faded. Whoa, that was not the brightest idea after all "Go visit him later, he won't be going any where in his depressed state anyways" Oh, he's depressed? Then I must get this sorted so I could tell him it's okay and he doesn't need to worry about anything anymore.

After Jayden left, Jamie stayed on his bed, doing his thing and staring at the ceiling. "So tell me, how did it feel"
"Did what feel?" I asked, not understanding what he meant.
"When he sucked your blood. Did you feel it? The overwhelming pleasure entering your system" he spoke darkly as I blushed from embarrassment. Of course he must know from his biting experience, figures. Though, I bet he wants me to admit it but I won't.
"I know you did feel it but anyways, last time I saw your neck, it was bitten deeply and yet now it's completely healed" I looked to him when he said that and looked away. So I guess he too noticed but who wouldn't, "You make me. . . Curious, Gracelene" I glimpsed a dark smirk on his face. This guys has totally engulfed the room with his dark aura. I don't think that's normal, but for a vampire, it's exceptional.

After a while of getting used to walking around, I decided I should go and visit Alex now. At the sound of voices, I stopped myself from walking out from my room as I heard Vincent and Jamie talking.
"So you say those hunters happened to be looking for someone?" Vincent spoke as I listened closely on the door.
"Yes, Alex just got in their way which is why he looks like crap" Jamie said as I slid down to the floor.

So this is my fault. Those hunters could be the very same people who were chasing after me from the start. I guess they followed me to this academy in search of me. I cuddled myself against the door with my arms wrapped around my legs. I looked up at the ceiling to how I was going to deal with the fact these unfortunate events some how all connect to me. If it weren't for me coming here, Alex wouldn't have gotten hurt nor would I get bitten. I held my neck as I tried to search the reason why I healed so fast. It's not possible for a normal human being to recover so fast during two days. It's just not.

I got up and walked out of my room as I passed the two in the lounge. I glimpsed at them as they watched me walk out the door. As I turned to close the door, I saw the grin on Vincent's face as I slammed it shut. He must know what's going on with that look on his face. He also knows that it's my fault this is all happening. I shrugged the thought from my mind as I stood in front of Alex's dorm and knocked on it. Good thing Jay told me which on it was after I got used to walking about. The door opened slightly as I looked to see who it was.
"Whose there?" said a voice
"It's Gracelene, is Alex there?" I spoke, unsure of who I was talking to. The door suddenly slammed shut as I stood in surprise. That was probably him, still feeling the guilt burn up inside of him.
"I'm really sorry, I know you must be scared of me so. . . Please go” he said in the saddest tone. His voice was sincere and gentle so I couldn't give up on him.
"It was a misunderstanding and I know that. You don't have to hate yourself for that and look, no wound" I pulled my hair away from my neck. His door opened to a crack as he saw it, he swung it widely.
"Impossible!" His eyes froze in shock. I took his hand and held it against my neck to prove to him I was alright. He jerked away and looked down, still feeling bad for what he did. "As if you let these tainted hands touch you. . ." he opened his palm out as he said. Jeez, when Jay said he was depressed, I didn't think he'd be as bad as this. I guess I'll need to dig deeper to touch his heart to make everything okay. So I'll make this a goal, "To make Alex happy again" starting now.
"I deserve to be alone, excuse me for a moment" he walked back in and shut the door. I stood there and sighed. I don't think he'll open the door again so I can't really do anything at the moment. Maybe I should catch up with him if I find him walking around out of his room.

I turned back to my dorm as I walked the lonely hall. Of course everyone is probably asleep which makes things easier for me. At least I won't bump into some one who could possibly attack me right now. Unfortunately that means the classes start at night which means I've got to try and stay up for a few more hours. I was told they teach the same subjects as a normal school would just later in the night. Maybe I should start sleeping during the day too, heh.

As I opened the door, I found the lounge empty. I was only gone for a few minutes and they're gone already. I looked over to the bathroom door as it opened. I quickly looked away as I saw it was only Vincent in a towel. I ignored him as I walked towards my room but he stopped me in my path with his arm across and his hand on the wall. I stood in annoyance as he didn't drop his hand, still preventing me to get to my room
"As much as I hate to admit, but I was surprised to see you still breathing from that night" I don't just want to leave to get to my room, but the fact he's only in a towel.
"We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view, but I'd like to get to my room thanks" I tired to push past.
He suddenly grabbed my wrist and swung me back to him and pushed me to the wall, "L-let go!" I yelled angrily as he just ignored me. He just turned my head to see closely at my neck and ran his finger down where the wound should be.
"You know if it was me, I wouldn't leave a single drop of blood in your veins. . ." he dropped my wrist and walked off into his room, shutting the door. I stood for a moment to take in what he said. Even he can notice something is going on about me, it makes me wonder who I am anymore. I walked into my room finding Jamie's bed empty. He left his lighter down on his bed, he wouldn't go anywhere without it, would he? I held it in my palm as I inspected its fine designs. I used my finger to click it to aflame and watched it move like it was alive. I was startled at how large the flame grew as I clicked it off. I finally noticed Jamie at the door and looked back at his lighter. Did he make that happen to the flame?
"You shouldn't play with fire. . . It could be dangerous" he walked towards me as I slowly placed the lighter down. I hope he isn't mad at me for touching it. "Especially when some can manipulate it. . ." okay, at this point, I felt that something bad was going to happen.

He took it from my hand and walked out of the door. Well, at least he didn't light anyone on fire which is a relief. Though, could he really control fire? But all evidence points to that so he could. I don't think testing him is such a bright idea, so I might as well ask Jayden, if I can find him. I made my way to the elevator which was thankfully empty. I pressed the ground level button and watched the doors close. I patiently waited for my stop as I leaned on the wall. I looked up as the doors unexpectedly opened. This wasn't my floor which means it's someone else. I started to panic on the spot, hoping it wasn't one of the students.

Only Jayden, Jamie, Vincent and Alex know of me because I missed three days of attending the night classes.
"Headmaster?" I spoke surprised to see him.
"Oh Gracelene, where are you off to?" he smiled and walked in.
"I was just looking for some one. . . That's all" I wonder if Jayden made it back to our dorm.
"I'm glad I bumped into you, I was just going to come and see how things are going"
"Yeah. . Everything's going fine" I smiled slightly. I don't think he needs to know the full details, right? Well, if he does, then he'll probably be notified by one of the guys already.
"Also, I was going to tell you about your . . . Parents" he pressed the stop button on the elevator as it shook gently. I guess this seems somewhat important to stop in between the floor levels. "Well, they weren't your real parents, from what these documents say," Seriously, how many false parents do I have? He papers to me which showed the information.
"You were given away to them first at birth and they raised you for only a few years until they had to leave you with my daughter. There are reasons to believe that the hunters who were after your parents killed them because they were raising you" So this is why, but it still doesn't answer why I am the person today. This strange healing ability isn't normal.
". . Does it have something to do with my. . Fast healing. ." I spoke, unsure of what he might say.
"Ah, yes that. Because your mother wanted to turn you by feeding you her blood, it didn't quite change you. You evolved into a. . . How you say, a superhuman and don't have the appearance of a vampire but inside you are." I stood in shock as I couldn't soak up all this information new to me. "It is possible for you to attain the characteristics of a vampire, but only temporarily. But it seems that can only be activated by receiving the blood of a vampire. This will awaken your blood and change your body"

I was happy to know that I can't change when someone bites you, like Alex did. The Headmaster pressed the same button to let the elevator continue down. I walked out with the knowledge of myself being an actual vampire inside spin in my mind. To think that I actually belong in this school like the others. But must I change? I like the person I am at the moment so I think I'll keep it that way. Hah, superhuman, nice one.

I spotted Alex walking past and decided to catch up with him.
"Alex! Wait up" I shouted, getting his attention. He turned to me as ran up to him, "You feeling any better today?" I smiled.
"Gracelene. . . Why do you even bother with me?" he spoke in his depressed tone. He still looks the same as before but not to worry! I'm here now!
"I don't want you to be so unhappy about this" I smiled as he looked down.
"I'm always like this. . . No one else seems to mind" I can't believe he's saying this, doesn't anyone one actually cares to help him?
"Not even Jayden?" I wondered. I'm sure he's nice enough to help him out, I hope.
"He's done all he could. . . I'm going back to my dorm now, later." He walked past me and into the elevator. I watched the doors close as his eyes were on mine last.

I really want to help him because I feel bad for him getting involved in this all. If it wasn't for me coming here, then he wouldn't have gotten silver bullets stuck in his chest, or would I have to go through the blood draining experience. So yes, this is all basically my fault so I'm going to do what I can to help him.
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