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Man of the World

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Joe Elliott visits to Venezuela to cool off, but things only start to heat up.

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“She was a-seaside sittin', just a-smokin' and a-drinkin' on ringside. On top of the world, oh yeah!”


The elevator chimed shrilly as it arrived to my level, pulling me from a hazed state of thought. Lifting my head to see the lift's sleek doors sliding open to reveal an empty compartment, I sighed and stepped in. My sandals flapped loudly against the tile floor as I did so, my feet dragging from partial exhaustion.

I pressed the embossed “G” button, directing the elevator to take me to the ground floor, and waited until it lit up and the doors shut once more. Settling against the metal hand bar at the back of the elevator, I heaved a sigh, thinking how much I needed this vacation.

Only two weeks before, I would've been dancing around a huge stage at this point, singing my heart and soul out to a crowd of thousands. I would've been sweating like mad, panting for breath between each line and chugging bottles of water after each song. I would've been prepared to drop dead as soon as the concert had ended. But, to the approval of both my bandmates and I, our “Adrenalize” Seven Day Weekend Tour had ended a little over a week ago. We'd toured relentlessly for eighteen months straight, working ourselves hard each night to please the crowd, only to drop dead as soon as the shows had ended. It was terrible.

Don't get me wrong, I loved performing and touring – it's just hard to bounce around all night like you're twenty-something again and then still be conscious by the end of it. I was getting older, after all. I just really needed a break.

Being so, I retreated for vacation as soon as the damned thing had ended. I found myself the next flight to Venezuela, packed my bags, and got away as fast as I could. And, now, it was going to be two straight weeks of nothing – just relaxing by myself on the beach, not doing a damned thing and being a total tart. It was something I'd needed to do for a while now.

The elevator dinged again, drawing my attention once more. As the doors glided open, I stepped out into the cool air of the main lobby. Strolling past cozy couches and arm chairs, my eyes were drawn straight to the large glass doors on the opposite side of the room. Through its clear panes, I could see the beaches of "Sucre":, throbbing with a golden glow. The water created a glare that glistened and drifted across the horizon like a thread of silk. The sand looked like a satiny blanket of white, devouring the entire peninsula whole like some sort of glorious monster. The entire thing looked so heavenly that I almost collapsed right in the middle of the lobby. This is what I had been waiting for. This is what I needed.

I quickly closed the distance between the doors and I, needing nothing more than to hit the beach. Grabbing the large brass handle, I swung it open. My knees almost buckled as the humid heat and salty smell of the shore slammed against me like a tidal wave.

Taking a large inhale of the strong scent with my eyes closed and releasing it serenely after holding it for a few seconds, I reopened my eyes and scanned the landscape again. It was just too perfect. It was like a photo from a magazine, except so tangible and so real. It was the best thing I'd seen in a long time.

Wasting no more time, I walked through the open door and set foot into the warm, white sand. My feet sank it to it, sheathed with soothing heat each time I took another step. It felt like heaven, and looked like it too.

I walked through the never-ending mass of white to the tide line, where the dry, warm sand cut off into a few yards of smashed shells and damp sand that led to the water. The water was blue and clear, stretching out across the horizon and down the beach so far that I couldn't tell where it ended. It was like an infinite strip of paradise, lined with palm trees and sea shells. I smiled faintly to myself and glanced back to the water.

Waves rippled across the expanse of the water, each riding the tide toward the mainland until it crashed against the shore and crawled up to the tide line, only to slide back down into the sea again once it'd climbed halfway up. The waves continued to follow this pattern, getting closer and closer to where I stood on the tide line each time it repeated the cycle. I watched excitedly as it would creep up to my feet, then quickly retreat again. The time it actually touched the tip of my toes was electrifying. It was crisp and cool, yet calming and lovely all in the same moment. It was like feeling the ocean for the first time all over again.

As the water slunk back down the slope of the shore, I quickly pulled off my sandals and picked them up, moving a few feet closer to the water. I waited for it to engulf my feet once again, then waded in. Taking baby steps down the increasing steepness of the slope, I sidled my way down until I hit the flat plateau of the coastal shelf. By then, the water had reached up to my waist. Holding my sandals up so they wouldn't get soaked, I stretched my toes out into the sand on the bottom of the ocean floor. The water was so clean and clear that I could look down and see my toes wiggling on the ground. It was incredible. I stared for a few moments, a bit awed.

Being in the water felt spectacular. The waves would shiver across the surface of the water and lap at my stomach, occasionally having a big enough tide going with it to splash up across my chest and face. I could lick my lips and taste the salt on them. The scent of it, a smell like no other, seemed to put me in an entranced state of bliss.

After sloshing around for a bit, I finally decided to get out. Trudging through the salty water toward where I came from, I shook the water droplets that dampened the ends of my hair and brushed a few stray drops from my toned chest. My feet were buried in heat as I stepped back into the dry stretch of sand. The white grains clung my feet and legs and got stuck in between my toes.

Strolling a few yards or so down the beach, walking parallel with the horizon, I found myself a nice spot to sit that was beneath the dappled shade of the outstretched leaves of a palm tree. Sitting down in the sand, I rested my arms on my knees and squinted against the setting sun, watching the ocean throb and sway beneath it. Seagulls circled and cried softly above, mingling with the sound of the rolling waves and the breeze in the trees.

Exhaling deeply, I let my eyes wander and scan the beach. A few people were scattered here and there, but for the most part, the shore was deserted. There was a "certain vacationer":, though, especially caught my eye.

She was sitting several feet away, lounged out on a bright yellow beach towel with her face to the sun. From her profile, I could see a set of plump lips, a full rack and a slender waist. Her legs, which were posed casually (one bent at the knee while the other one lay flat out in front of her), were long and slender. She had luminous olive-toned skin and long, dark hair that was splayed out across the towel around her head and shoulders like a glimmering halo. I watched her for a moment, a bit taken by her appearance. She was gorgeous. I found myself staring before too long.

She must've sensed my awe, for it wasn't long before she turned her head and glanced my way. Her gaze fell upon mine for a moment, and our eyes locked. I felt myself catch my breath. Her face was even more beautiful from a dead-center view. I blinked repeatedly, keeping eye contact. Then, an amused smile flitting on her lips, she turned away again and closed her eyes. I finally released my breath. I just then realized that I had balled my hands up and my palms had gotten clammy at looking at her.

I was so attracted to her. She was like a breathtakingly beautiful planet with her own gravitational pull, and I was just another star in the galaxy that was being sucked into her orbit. I needed to talk to her. I had to know who she was.

Getting up on impulse, my feet led the way towards her to their own accord. All I could do was helplessly let them take me, so many jumbled thoughts addling my mind.

Her eyelids slid open again as I approached her and came to a stop at her feet, revealing deep, brown irises. I gazed into their marvelous depths, feeling lost. She squinted against the sunlight and examined me for a moment. She propped herself up on her elbows to get a better look at my face.

“Hey there,” she greeted me coolly, her voice smoother than silk. It was accented with a soft Hispanic tinge.

“Hi,” I muttered lamely. She fixed me with a semi-curious expression.

“Did you need something?”

“I – I, uh, was wondering if you wanted to, uh...” I trailed off, now suddenly getting sheepish and wondering why I even came over here in the first place. It wasn't like you could just walk up to a beautiful girl and try to pick her up out of the blue. Of course, I did it all the time usually, and most of the time, it worked. But this time, words seemed to fail me.

“Talk?” she finished for me, seeming to read my mind. I nodded and swallowed. She gave me a smile, flashing a set of perfect teeth. I returned it with a less confident one of my own.

Patting her towel, she moved over a bit and said, “Sit down.” I obeyed, walking forward and sitting beside her. She sat up then, crossing her flawless legs Indian style. I tried not to gawk at how smooth and touchable they looked. I had to ball my hands into fists just to resist the urge to feel them.

“What's your name?” she asked, peering at me with curiosity. I switched my gaze up to hers again.

“Joe,” I said, pulling my knees up and hooking my arms around my shins loosely. “Yours?”

“Adreina,” she replied, the name rolling off her tongue so smooth and fluently. Her words just seemed to drift effortlessly from her lips like magic. But, unlike me, she was focused more on my name than she was her own. “Joe...I like that name. Joe...”

I marveled at how gorgeous and sexy my name sounded when she said it. It was amazing. I never thought the sound of my own name could ever be so alluring.

“Thanks,” I blurted, getting a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach. I bit my tongue and pulled my legs closer to my chest. I wouldn't have ever guessed that my name would ever make me even slightly horny, but the twitch in my swimming trunks told me otherwise.

“Sure. So why're you here, Joe?” That sultry voice of hers sent another jolt through me. I took a breath to steady myself.

“Just needed a break.”

“From what?” I shrugged, scratching my chest.

“Work.” She didn't even need to say anything for me to know the next question, which was lingering in her analyzing eyes, so I answered it before she had to ask: “I'm in a band.” She pursed her lips, seeming perplexed by this.

“Don't you like being in a band?” she asked, which kind of took me off guard. Most girls I'd talked to had immediately asked which band I was in (if they didn't already know, of course) as soon as I had mentioned it. But she didn't even seem interested in that.

Shrugging again, I sighed and said, “It's really great sometimes, but it's just getting exhausting lately...I mean, I'm not twenty anymore; it takes a lot out of me to do an entire show at this age. I'm getting old.” An odd expression that almost looked like a smile crossed her face.

“You don't look old,” she said warmly, making something funny spark in my midsection. “And you definitely don't act old.” It was my turn to be confused.

“What do you mean?” A smirk flitted across her full lips.

“I saw you splashing around down there,” she said slyly, her eyes glittering. “You seemed to be having fun.” I felt my cheeks grow hot. She must've caught me playing in the water.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, lowering my eyes bashfully. I could still see her smiling from the corner of my view.

“Don't be embarrassed!” she laughed, grabbing my hand. “It was cute! You looked like you were enjoying the water, and that's all that matters.” I couldn't resist but smile at her words.

“You think I'm cute?” I inquired curiously, watching her face. She shrugged, though still smiling slightly.

“British boys are always cute.”

My ego seemed to be coming back now, for I countered, “I'm not like most British boys you've met.” Her eyes narrowed a bit.

“Really now?”

“Really.” She folded her arms across her chest.

“Prove it then,” she pushed in a playful tone, fixing me with expectant eyes. She seemed doubtful that I could do anything too impressing. “Prove to me that you're not just some English 'bloke' here to try and get my number.” I cocked a brow, emboldened by her lack of confidence in my abilities. I wondered if she knew how far I would be willing to go to prove this to her.

“What?” she asked, seeming even more skeptical by my silence. “Nothing up your sleeve there, Mr. Joe?” I shot her a simmering look, apprehension and thrill bubbling within my stomach. She still seemed nonplussed by this. So many things were swirling and boiling within me, just remembering how she'd said my name making me even more anxious than I was before. It wasn't long until impulse took over my body and I truly proved to her just how different I was.

My head dipped forward towards hers, my hands coming up to cup both of her porcelain cheeks. Her skin felt like satin beneath my fingertips. Bringing her face to mine, I pressed our lips together in a tentative kiss. Even though I was being the bold one here, I almost melted into puddle at her feet by the feel of her hot lips against me.

For the longest time, she just sat there, her body rigid with shock. My heart was raging in my chest, adrenaline rushing through my veins. I was scared that she'd reject my kiss, being that we'd only met not even five minutes ago. I wondered if she was even ever going to move. But after a moment, I could feel her body relax and lean closer to mine as she parted her lips slightly, allowing me further entry. I gently moved my tongue into her mouth, pressing it against hers softly. She started kissing back, just as slow and tenderly as I was. For some reason, I didn't want to rush this. Her tongue felt like heaven as it moved in unison with mine, and tasted just like it too. I wanted to soak up as much of her as I could.

Moving for better access to her mouth, I swung a leg over her body and straddled her waist. I could already feeling my cock stiffening in my shorts from the little that we'd done so far. My hands slipping from her face to her neck and traveling downward, I started lowering her down onto the towel. Laying her onto her back, I instinctively covered her small frame with my own and pressed my hips against hers. Just the feeling of my hard member pushing against her pelvis was enough to make me let out a low hum of pleasure into her mouth. She sighed into the kiss as my hands slid beneath her back and down to grope her ass. Her own hands were between us, gliding across my water-slicked chest.

My touches were getting more and more frantic, my tongue probing hers hungrily. I was getting extremely horny extremely fast, just the taste, smell and feel of her enough to bring my erection to a mind-splitting hardness. I almost started to get desperate, grinding against her like I'd never needed something so badly than a fuck at that very moment. And, to be quite honest, it felt that way. But I knew I shouldn't take it too far. I was trying to prove a point here, after all.

With much reluctance, I withdrew my hands, removing my mouth from hers and sitting up so I was still straddling her waist. My cocked throbbed with immense ache between my legs, especially now that I'd drawn away, but I did my best to ignore it. I smirked at the sight of her, panting softly with widened eyes as she stared up at me.

“I bet no British 'bloke' has ever done that before, have they?” She blinked a few times, still seeming a bit surprised by my quick actions.

“Not...not that soon, no,” she replied, her hands still at rest on my abdomen. They were dangerously close to my crotch, making every slight movement of her fingertips electrifying. “And definitely not that good.” An egotistical grin made its way across my lips.

“Good, huh? You want some more?” I tauntingly let my fingers slide down her chest and brush over her breasts. She drew in a sharp breath at the feathery touches.

“Do I even need to answer that question?” she laughed through a trembling, lust-filled voice. Her hands moved from my waist and tangled in the hair at the back of my head, pulling me down for another kiss. I gasped against her lips as she gyrated her pelvis against mine, sending sparks of ecstasy through my body.

“Unh, God, no,” I moaned, a shiver running down my spine. “That's all the convincing I need.”
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