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Wet Dreams

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Anna makes it back to the room and Tsuzuki seeks "comfort" from her. Surreal lemon for everyone.

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Wet Dreams:

“I’m back, just like I promised,” Anna said when made it back to the room, “It didn’t go as planned, though. I had a couple of hold-ups. Probably shouldn’t have left, right?” All that greeted her was the silent darkness in the room. Anna’s stomach turned as she looked around.

“Asato-kun?” she asked. “Are you still here? Hello?” She slowly walked inside as her eyes shifted around her. Her mind tried to force out the worst.

/Maybe he’s just asleep/, the woman tried to tell herself. She walked over to the bed and peeked downwards.

“Asato-kun,” she whispered. “Are you asleep?” Suddenly, the woman spotted something in the corner near the bed. A pair of violet eyes stared back at her in melancholy. Anna began to relax when she figured out who it was.

“Oh there you are,” she said, “You had me worried for a second.” Tsuzuki said nothing as his eyes stayed on her. Anna’s face dropped back into worry.

“Asato-kun?” she asked again, “Are you okay?” She didn’t get a verbal answer. Instead, Tsuzuki rushed forward and grabbed her by the waist. He forced a desperate kiss on her lips. Anna became rather bewildered.

/ What is he doing?/, she thought. Instinct told her not to stop him. /He needs this right now/, she told her herself in his arms. Tsuzuki didn’t stop kissing her as he lifted her by the waist and placed her onto the bed. It didn’t take long for Anna to figure out what was going on. She lied back on the bed as she let him take her. Tsuzuki grabbed at her sleeveless frilly green top when Anna gently arrested his wrists. Tsuzuki looked at her with heavy clouded eyes. The fear of rejection from her made his heart sink. She gave him a sympathetic smile as she shook her head.

“I just know what you want,” she whispered, “I will be here for you always. Take everything you want from me to feel better.” Tsuzuki stared like a needy little child. Anna softly let go of his wrists. Tsuzuki grabbed onto her shirt and inched it upwards and off. His beloved lifted her arms to aid him. Tsuzuki untied the hotel’s robe he wore and slid it off. Anna’s cheeks turned bright red when she saw that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The shinigami pressed another kiss on her lips. This time, Anna accepted his kiss and returned the favor. Her lover’s hands strayed down to her waist. He unzipped her black shorts and slid them off.

Anna held him tight her body as Tsuzuki slipped tongue into her waiting mouth. The woman reciprocated with care. His fingers found her lacy white bra and unclasped each of the tiny hooks. Anna whimpered in his mouth as he slowly slid the silky lace off. His hands moved along her curves to her hips and grabbed onto her cotton orange and yellow panties. Tsuzuki glanced up as if to get permission.

“It’s okay, I’m here for you,” Anna’s eyes seemed tell him without any judgments. The shinigami slid down her panties and pushed her pale thighs apart.

A sinner roamed the streets in a drunken haze in the stormy tonight. His years of pain and sorrow burned him out. He had done horrible things in his life and could never wash the blood off of his hands. Alcohol was the only way to cure his pain, but it just made it worse. Everyone hated him; they mocked and abused the man. They saw him as a monster because of his deep violet eyes and his ability to heal quickly. No one welcomed him with open arms. He believed that he would die alone in his misery.

On this night however, unfamiliar warmth drew him inside. The man spotted a light up in the distance. He ended up walking towards it as if in a trance. The singing sounded far off, as if in another world that only he could hear. The man walked as if he was going home.

He came to this gold and white temple in the middle of nowhere. The sinner stared at it through his drunken haze. The pristine temple invited him inside with all of its beauty and purity. At first, the man stood outside uncertain. He thought his own filth would ruin such beauty. If he were to step inside, such beauty would be contaminated with his own sins and misery. Yet, this temple seemed so warm, so loving, so forgiving…

Pretty soon, the man was inside the temple. He came to his senses and looked around him. The statues were gold and carved out of Amaterasu, Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, Izanami-no-Mikoto, and images of many other goddesses as they stood off to the left watching him. The sinner felt his heart pounding against his chest. He leaned in and kissed Konohanasakuya-hime on the lips. The gold felt cold that it sent a chill down his spine. However, he could feel a pulse within the statue’s lips when he touched them. The sinner gently pulled away and stroked the statue’s cheek. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes.

“My goddess,” he murmured in a raspy voice, “Make me pure. Make me pure!” The sinner knelt down to her the other statues in his tears. “I am a murderer! I have killed many people. I… I… I am a monster!” His tears flooded his cheeks. He could feel a gentle hand caressing his head. The sinner huddled up into a ball in his tears.

“Fix me! My goddess, hear me! Fix me! Make me pure!” he pleaded over and over again. His tears touched the rice white floor. A pair of hazel green eyes watched him moved by his pleas as he cried himself to sleep before them.

Anna let Tsuzuki sleep in her arms as she stroked his hair.
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