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Don't Cry

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A little story about Slashs and Perlas separation

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Don't Cry

Perla opened the door and went straight into the bedroom to place her shopping bags there. As she walked in, she found Slash fumbling with his leather pants. The shopping bags fell to the ground, just as Perla's chin.
„Slash!“, she yelled and looked between him and the bed, which was a complete mess.
She knew exactly what had happened just before she had returned back home.
Slash looked at her innocently, as he finished closing his pants.
„What did you do?!“, Perla asked a little louder than she actually wanted to.
„Mind your own business.“ he mumbled and went to leave the room, but Perla hold his arm, so that he couldn't.
„Slash, tell me what you did!“, she repeated.
He faced her and said: „We're separated. I do, what I want to do, even without your agreement!“

Perlas mouth fell open, before she responded: „But you fucked her! In OUR bed!“ she was no longer angry with Slash. Instead she was desperated, because she hadn't expected such a reaction...she hadn't expected Slash being so detached.
„This is no longer our bed!“, he said in his calm voice, as he held Perlas face in his hands. She looked at him sad and near tears.
„I just want you to do the right thing at one point...“, she mumbled and looked down.
„I can't think of doing anything wrong the last years. I know, our time as a couple ends, but that means nothing. You know as good as I know that it was a great time for both me and you. And I hope we don't lose each other as friends. For the kids...“, he ended quietly and pushed Perlas face up to look into her eyes. As she looked at Slash, she couldn't hold off the tears and started to sob silently. Slash catched a tear, which was rolling down her cheek.
„Don't cry...there's no reason for you to cry. Worse things happen at sea, mh? I hurt don't need that, do you?“
Perla washed the tears away and answered: „But I still love you!“
„I love you, too. We've got two children. I'll always love you...from the bottom of my heart. I swear it.“, he said and stroked her cheek gently.
„O-okay.“, she responded, while Slash took a bag and left the house.
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