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Over. Just. Like. That.

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Based on my thoughts and emotions. Pete breaks up with Patrick so he writes him a letter.

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Over. Just. Like. That.

I took my time to love you, next thing I knew, it was over. Just like that. And now my heart is broken. I wish we never were but I know that that’s a lie. I love the way you laughed and the way you’d smile at me. Ha. I’m talking like you’re dead, when I’m the one who’s dead inside. A life without you life a life not worth living. I know I’m being selfish but so were you. You said you loved me but you didn’t want to be with me anymore. You said it was the right choice. You took my heart and crushed with just a few words. I will not shed a tear for no matter how much I want to. I want you to have a great life. I will get over you eventually, though it may take a while. I feel like I never meant anything to you. I’ve made some bad choices but I know the worst: Ever Loving You. Then I found out you cheated on me. With my best friend! And I found out from him. I will never forget that.

I’m never gonna trust anyone with my heart again now I know how bad it hurts and I blame you.

Have a great life Pete.

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