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The flashback from chapter 6 continues...



She could not leave Heath and search for Serra, but Serra wanted to know immediately if Heath developed a fever.
The sniper looked back and forth between the medic tent and the ruins in which Kenneth hid.

Rebecca turned on her heel and sprinted towards the door. She had to reach Serra no matter what. When the sniper reached the doors she found them tightly locked and bolted. Her heart sank as she realized she would not gain entry through the door.
Soft flapping alerted the sniper to the danger behind her. Quickly she leapt to one side as the lance ploughed through the door, breaking it open. She spun around with her bow at the ready only to find that her attacker was already dead. A dark-haired swordmaster stood over the body of the wyvern rider. His eyes were cold and Rebecca shuddered as the snow started to fall again.

"Who are you?" she asked against her better judgement.


"A-are you...going to kill me too?"

The swordmaster grunted. "So much like my are weak. My blade do not hunger for you. Only the one in there," Karel said with his cold voice as he gazed through the broken door.

"..." Rebecca did not quite understand what the swordmaster was talking about, but if he was not going to kill her...

"Please help me, Sir Karel. I need to get to our medic quickly..."

"Is the head of your army strong?"

"What? Yes. Lady Lyn is very good with a sword and so is Lord Eliwood. Lord Hector is the strongest of all of us."

"Fine. I'll join your group."

Rebecca smiled, but Karel was already inside the fortress cutting down the enemy with lightning speed.

Together they made their way through the fortress. Karel felled the enemies that were unfortunate enough to be within reach of his blade. Rebecca dutifully sniped anyone that within her bow's range. Together they worked quickly and reached the throne room just in time to see Kenneth go all out on Lady Lyn and Eliwood.

"Areola!" the crazed bishop yelled as bright light filled the sky and seared Lady Lyn's skin.

Karel's hands itched for a fight with the bishop, but Rebecca no longer paid any attention to the blood thirsty swordmaster. She found Serra, sitting idly one side and playing with her pigtails!


"Oooh, Becky! What are you doing here? Did Heath give you a hard time? Or did Lord Hector order you to fight? If he did I'll give him a piece of my mind right now, sometimes he can be soooo uncaring and..."

"Serra, it is Heath. I think he's got a fever. Please hurry and help him," Rebecca chocked out on the verge of tears. The noisy pink-haired girl fell silent and quickly departed the battle ground along with Rebecca.

Back at the medic tent...

Serra gave one glance at Heath and immediately asked how long he had the fever.

"I left only for a short while...and when I came back he was unconscious. I left to find you immediately. I didn't know what to do! Will he be okay, Serra?" the green-haired Sniper pleaded.
Serra smiled. "Of course! How can he not be okay in MY divine care? You will find no better than ME. Now step aside, Becky. I have to check his wound for infection and poison. I'll tell you what I find out."
Rebecca nodded and stepped outside the medic tent.

Minutes felt like hours as the light snowflakes drifted down from the skies, coating the world in a soft white veil. Rebecca was worried about Heath, about what Serra would find. She did not know much about wound care, but she did know that a fever in any situation was a bad sign.
A lump formed in her throat. She could not lose him now! Not after all she'd been through!

Rustling tent flaps disturbed the girl from her thoughts and she turned quickly to see Serra. A worried expression clouded her usual self-absorbed demeanour.

"There's poison in his wound. I can't cure it. He'll have to cling on until the poison has run its course. The best you or anyone can do for him now is to wipe his brow with a damp cloth and keep him comfortable. I am sorry, Rebecca, that I cannot do more for him."

The serious look in Serra's eyes told Rebecca that this was no lie. Heath was poisoned and there was nothing anyone could do to help him. Her heart shattered into tiny bits.

"" she whispered and rushed into the tent. It was as if madness took hold of her as she sat by his side, cradling his hand against her heart. She did not want to loose him, but she felt powerless to do anything but watch.

Silently she vowed not to leave his side until he recovered.

Or died.


Two days passed since then. Rebecca sat nervously by Heath's side as she dabbed the sweat away that constantly formed on his brow. The tent stank of fever and puss, but Rebecca never left his side. She would bear anything to see him smile at her again.

Lord Pent was now attending his infected wound. Whether it was by request of Eliwood or Lady Lyn, Rebecca did not know. But the Sage proved himself much more useful than Serra.

Using a rough cloth he washed the wound clean and scraped it raw, until blood ran freely from the wound. Rebecca gazed at Pent's hands transfixed. When Heath's wound was bloody and puss-free Pent took up his healing stave and concentrated his magic energy until the staff began to glow and shimmer.
The sniper continued to gaze dumbly at Pent's hands as Heath's wound slowly began to close. Sweat beaded on Pent's brow, but he did not waver.
Finally after minutes of dense silence Rebecca saw Heath's wound was completely healed. It was feat that would silence even the great Serra, for poisoned wounds were notoriously impossible to heal.

Sighing heavily Pent gazed into Rebecca's green eyes. A small smile graced his lips.
"He will be fine, Rebecca, though it is not through my magic that he recovers."

Rebecca blinked, confused. "But I saw you heal him..."

"I only healed his flesh. It is your devotion that cures him of the poison in his blood." With another small smile Pent left the medic tent, leaving Rebecca thoroughly confused.

"I...cured...him?" she gasped deep in thought. "I don't understand how!"

"T-that's easy. I love you too much to die now," a voice answered which Rebecca immediately recognised as Heath's.

"Heath!" she squealed and wrapped her arms tightly around the green and white haired man. Tears welled in her eyes and spilled over. How many times did she cry since she met Heath?

Probably a million times, but he's worth it, Rebecca decided as she fiercely kissed him.

His fevered skin scorched her lips, but Rebecca did not care. Her beloved Heath was awake. He would be all right. She would take care of him until he could ride Hyperion again.

Heath wrapped his strong arms around her and felt her heart beat wildly against his chest. He knew she could feel his frantic heartbeats as well. He squeezed her tighter against his chest as her warm tears rolled down his shoulder.

"Rebecca, what will you do after the war is over?"

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it." Rebecca pulled away slightly and looked into Heath's grey eyes. "Why do you ask?"

Heath's heart now pounded like a hunted doe's. His whole future now depended on her answer. Everything he held dear was in his arms at this very moment. He took a deep breath as a serious case of nerves rendered him momentarily speechless.

Was it too soon to ask her?

He had to know.

"Rebecca, I've been thinking..."

Rebecca gulped. A sentence like that never leads to good news. Inside she dreaded his next few words.

"...after this war is over...and if we both still live..."

She gulped and closed her eyes. Bracing herself for the all too clich
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