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Dressed To Kill

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Stacey just wanted things to get back to normal. When she catches Billie cheating on her again, she does the unthinkable. Just a oneshot.

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A/N: This is a one shot that I wrote a while back ago. I hope you enjoy :)

"I can't stand it anymore, Billie!" I yelled into the phone.

"Stace, listen..." Billie started, I cut him off.

"No, Billie, you listen!" I screamed. "I can't stand it anymore! You promised you'd never make me go through this again, and you lied, Billie, you lied!"

Tears were forming in my eyes. I'd caught him in bed with someone else. Again.

"Babe, I'm on my way home, let's wait until I get there and we'll talk this out." He said.

"I can't believe you, Billie Joe Armstrong." I slammed the phone down onto the receiver.

He'd done this two other times. 'I won't do it again, I promise. Please forgive me.'

Every time, I forgave him. Now, my heart was in shreds, thanks to him. I wasn't going to forgive him. No, not this time. Most of all, I was not forgiving myself for forgiving him all those times.

I walked through the house, blinking tears of anger and hatred out of my eyes. I walked through the door and over to the drawer where Billie kept a gun loaded, just incase someone ever tried to break in. The drawer wouldn't open, it was locked, he had the key.

"Damn you!" I cursed out loud. I couldn't remember where he kept the extra key.

I went into the bathroom and got out a Bobbie pin. Carefully, I started to pick the lock.

He told me he was the only one he'd ever love. If he really does love me, he doesn't show it. Now he was going to feel the pain that I felt. If he knows how to feel, that is.

The locked clicked, I smiled and opened the drawer.

There was the gun, loaded, all that it needed was to be cocked and then the trigger pulled. I pulled it out of the drawer and held it in my hands. There was so much power, so much destruction in this one little object.

"Oh Armstrong, you are in for the ride of your life." I said to myself as I stood up.

Then, I stopped and stared at the gun. Did I really want to do this? Hurt Billie this way? Hurt myself this way? Yes. It had to be done, I'm not forgiving him, not now, not ever.

As I walked back through to the living room, I noticed mine and Billie's wedding picture. I fell so hard, so fast for those wide green eyes. They're to die for. I knocked the picture onto the floor and watched the glass shatter all over the place. That picture was taken back when I happy, back when I was in love.

I longed for those feelings to return, but they wouldn't. Those feelings were now replaced with anger, hatred and depression. Those feelings, that I longed for, that I needed would never return. Never.

"Fuck you, Billie." I mumbled.

"Stacey, I'm home!" Billie called as he walked thought the front door. "Stace! What are you doing?" He exclaimed as his eyes fell to the gun.

"You ripped my heart out, Billie." I said, tears of anger filling my eyes. "And it hurt so bad, Billie. It hurt."

"Stace, can't we talk about it." He asked, looking me in the eyes. His eyes were so beautiful. So wonderful. No, I can't let them distract me from what I set out to do.

"You've had your chance. In fact, you had more than enough. It's over now Billie. " I said.

"Please Stacey, p-put the gun down." He begged me, I ignored him.

"You said I was the only one you'd ever love." I choked on my words as I remembered those loving feelings.

"You are, Stacey! You are!"

"You don't show it." I glared at him. "You were gonna be a father, Billie." I lifted my shirt to reveal my three month bump. "But that's never going to happen now, Billie."

"Stacey, please!" He begged me.

"You broke my heart." I told him, a tear trickling down my cheek. I raised the gun to my temple, hand shaking, and cocked it. "Now you're going to suffer pain. Pain that will last you a life time. Good-bye Billie Joe Armstrong." I pulled the trigger. The last image in my mind was my only love. The one who’d broken my heart.

Those green eyes really were to die for.
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