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Black and White

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Dizzy feels lonely until someone makes her happy.

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Make that no6.

This time it will be a Guilty Gear fic. Featuring Testament (just because I can;p) and Dizzy.


That's all I'm saying.

Oh, and I don't own Guilty Gear or any of the characters, companies or games assosiated with it. Or ANYTHING assosiated with Guilty Gear.
I'm just a fan.


Black & White

All she ever wanted was a peaceful life.

All it ever turned out to be was a fantasy.

A fantasy which Dizzy so desparately clung to. She fled from the people that created her. The people that gave her the Angel and Demon Wings. The crazy people that gave her the serpent tail. Of all the Guilty Gears Dizzy was the biggest freak of them all.
It bothered her that she was so different, so unloved. Her only company was solitude, as well as her Angel and Demon Wings, but those two tended to bicker often, leaving Dizzy feelig excluded and lonely.
She fled from those evil people who created her to the sanctuary. She fled to live a life of peace and maybe a happy one too. Happyness and peace always seemed such far away concepts for Dizzy since she never experienced them. Only pain, battle and lonelyness were familiar emotions.

At first her life in the sanctuary, with its huge trees and bubbling stream, was peaceful. Idyllic. Perfect. She made friends with the many animals in the sanctuary, feeling that they accepted her for who or what she was. Dizzy was not quite sure what she was yet. Was she human? Or was she something esle? Surely humans did not have wings or a tail?

Unfortunately her peace in the sanctuary was destroyed by those who sought to test their strength against her. Dizzy had no love for violence. No will to fight, but she could not let her new animal friends die. She would protect them.

She battled many fighters; Anji Muto, Chip, Jam and some blonde girl with a lot of anger. She fought them and defeated them all, allowing them to escape with their lives before the Demon Wing got the best of her. Demon Wing loved violence and slaughter, but was also very protective of Dizzy.
Angel Wing acted more like her conscience.

It came as no surprize when Dizzy saw yet another challenger appear in front of her. The bunny she was playing with quickly hid the nearby bushes.

Oh! Goody! Fighting Time! Demon Wing said as he rubbed his feathers together in glee.
Angel Wing shook her head in dissaproval.

'So you are the one they say is the strongest fighter alive?' the challenger stated as he eyed Dizzy.

Slowly she got up from the grass and stretched her wings. Her tail peeked at the challenger before hiding behind her again. Her tail was a bit of a coward.
Her red eyes gazed at the challenger sadly and she sighed. She knew she would remember him forever along with all the other challengers that came here. Ruby red eyes took in his long black hair, pale skin and black skirt-thing. She realized that both of them were wearing black. A sad smile played across her lips as she looked at the raven that faithfully accompanied the challenger. His schyte gleamed deadly in the early morning light.

'I don't want to fight. I'm tired of fighting.' Dizzy said more to herself than the stranger.

'Do you surrender?'

How could Dizzy explain to this man that she did not want to hurt him? How could she explain that if she fought against him now her Demon Wing would take complete control over her and would not stop until the challenger was dead? She was tired of bloodshed. She was tired of causing pain and being hunted.

Aww! That goody-two-shoes Angel Wing got to you! Didn't she? Demon Wing barked.

Don't blame me! Dizzy has to make her own choices in life. You are nothing but an oppertunistic vulture! Angel Wing snapped.

Rather a vulture than a chicken!

'Stop it you two,' Dizzy said softly and flicked her tail. Her wings quieted down as she regarded the challenged once more. She realized that she did not know his name. She wanted to know his name. Maybe they could be friends?

'Can you tell me you name? I'm Dizzy.'

'Then fighting you would not be fair if you're feeling dizzy. Perhaps I should return later.'

Something unexpected happened. Dizzy giggled. Both Angel and Demon Wings looked at her in shock. Dizzy NEVER giggled.

'No, my name is Dizzy.'

'Oh,' the challenger said embarrassed. 'Testament.'

'We don't have to fight, Testament. Just promise me you'll not hurt my friends. You can stay if you want to, I won't mind.'

'You are too nice for your own good, Dizzy.' Testament grumbled as his will to fight the girl slowly faded. She was so harmless and cute. Her blue hair shone in the early morning light and her ruby red eyes held him captive. Her wings facinated him. They were like opposing elements. One black and one white.

'What do you mean?' Dizzy asked in her honey-sweet voice.

Testament felt his resolve crumble even further.

'Someone can easily take advantage of your kindness, especially humans.' Testament grumbled.

'Oh...' Dizzy looked crestfallen. Suddenly her face lit up again as she spotted the raven. 'It that your pet? Can I touch it?'

'I am no pet!' the raven hissed and revealed her true form. It was a demon-girl.

Oh la la! Come over here, tuts! Why don't you straighten my feathers? I can promise you a good time. Demon Wing howled and whistled and rustled his feathers. The demon-girl and Dizzy blushed before Angel Wing scolded the Demon Wing.

Testament grinned. It was not every day that the demon raven got worked up or hit on! Maybe it would not be such a bad idea to stay for a while. Just to get to know her better.

'Al right. I'll stay for a while. Why don't you show me the sights?'

Humph! He just wants to attack when your guard is down! Demon Wing hissed.

'Stop it,' Dizzy said sternly.

At that moment Testament detected some of Dizzy's hidden power. He was shocked that such a little creature could house so much power and still appear so meek and gentle. He also sensed something...darker. An evil existed deep inside Dizzy. Testament knew that if she was pushed too far this evil would unleash itself and devour anything in its path. His hands trembled slightly as their eyes locked on each other.

He knows what is hidden inside you, Dizzy Angel Wing said in her soft voice. He saw the dark power.

Pah! He wants to claim it for himself! Look how he trembles with greed! Demon Wing barked.

We cannot allow you to get hurt both wings said in unison.

'Stop it you two,' Dizzy whispered. She grew ashamed of herself. Ashamed of being such a freak. Freak of all freaks.


'You can go if you want to,' Dizzy said. 'I won't fight you. You know now what I have inside me. The prize That Person is after...' teardrops slid down her pretty face. Testament felt incredibly sorry for her. She was hunted, nothing more than a trophy for the Gear that kills her.

'Allow me to stay,' Testament could not believe what he was about to do. Only a few moments earlier had he been set on killling her. He realize now that he would have been nothing better than the other Gears that sought to destroy her. He could not allow that. He will take up a new mission. One that will last a life-time.

Her face lit up at those words. How lonely she was!

'Do you really want to stay? For how long?'

'For as long as you like,' Testament replied simply.

--Three years later---

Dizzy had never been happier than in the three years since she met Testament. He protected her from the people that invaded her sanctuary, the Grove. She felt happy and safe when he was around and loneliness was a thing of the past now.
Over time less and less people wished to challenge her and Testament and peace finally settled in the Grove. Testament was happy as well.

'Dizzy...why don't we stay here? Until everyone forgets about the Crusades and the Gears? I'll keep you safe.'

Dizzy smiled. Her Demon Wing make a puke-face.

'I'd like that. Both of us will be safe here...'

'What's wrong?' Testament asked upon seeing her sad face. They were sitting beneath a huge tree in the Grove. Testament leaned in closer.

'I-it's just...won't you get bored? Why did you decide to protect me in the first place?'

'I'll never get bored of you, Dizzy.' he said as he gently stroked her face. A light blush spread across her cheeks. 'The first time I saw you...ah, you took my breath away. I couldn't bring myself to harm you. It feels right to protect you.'

'Because we're Gears?' Dizzy asked in her honey-sweet voice.

'No,' Testament said simply and leaned even closer. His face was centimetres away from Dizzy's, but she did not back away. Their eyes closed as both leaned forward to close the gap between their faces. Their lips brushed against each other in a sweet lingering kiss.

Dizzy did not need to hear Testament confess his feelings. She knew exactly how he felt by the way he kissed her. He gazed deeply into her red orbs, not sure of what to say or what to do.
Dizzy did.
Her arms snaked around his neck as she kissed him passionately. His arms tightened around her, sending jolts of joy coarsing through her veins.

At last Dizzy knew how it felt like to be loved.


Tell me what you think.
I know this is not the way Dizzy and Testament met.
And I know there's a lot of things wrong in this fic. ( like calling her wings Angel and Demon and Testament's raven, but I don't know their real names.) always: RRR


Saicha out.
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