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And This Time, It's The Truth

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Brendon loves Ryan. Spencer loves Jon. It reallt is that simple. Ryden, Joncer.

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I was supposed to be writing a Loveless (Loveless is an anime, by the way) one shot and got... distracted by... this idea. I like this idea. This one shot is... quite long... compared to the other one shots I have written. I am very please with how this turned out. REVIEW PLEASE!! xD

Brendon sighed as he left his house again. He didn’t want to release the album. He couldn’t. They’d set a date and sort it all but, but as soon as he burst into tears, they’d call it off. He wasn’t ne to admit he was scared, but in this situation, he didn’t have much of a choice. He missed his ex-boyfriend, Ryan Ross. Ryan with the amber eyes and friendly smile would unintentionally light up a room. It was always “Brendon and Ryan” and Brendon couldn’t stand it no longer being like that. A year wasn’t enough to get over it. He’d watched his loving boyfriend turn into a “wanna-be Beatle” as he described it, right before his eyes and it hurt. He wanted the Ryan he met at first. The real Ryan that had cool hair and wore wacky make up and slutty perfume. The one that was practically dead now, only kept alive by photographs. The new Ryan was too different for Brendon’s liking. He hated how all of Ryan’s opinions had changed. He also hated how Ryan would call his old self “stupid” when Brendon much preferred “beautiful”. Brendon didn’t like the change and there was no way he was going to accept it any time soon. Brendon was in love with the hot mess that was Ryan Ross but the new Ryan wouldn’t even talk to him.
Brendon climbed into his car, staring at his surroundings, the car cold from Brendon’s absent-mindedness. He’d left the windows open overnight. He was surprised that no one had broken in. Yes, he’d already checked. He began driving to Spencer’s house. He was going to confess to Spencer. Spencer deserved to know, didn’t he? He pulled up outside the house and side. He couldn’t do it. Spencer would laugh and Brendon knew it.
“Hey, Bren!” Spencer called, from his front door. Brendon, realizing he’d been spotted, turned off his car and climbed out of his car.
“Hey, Spencer” Brendon sighed, staring at the floor. He was scared. Could he really tell Spencer the truth?
“What’s up with you? You look all… sad” Spencer asked. Brendon looked up and sighed at the sight of Spencer’s concerned face.
“Thanks for noticing. I’ll explain when we go inside” Brendon told him, walking into Spencer’s house. Spencer followed, closing the door behind them, the look of concern never leaving his face. The pair walked it the living room and sat on the couch in silence. Brendon felt as though his voice had been stolen from him. He couldn’t speak. He didn’t want to be laughed at.
“So?” Spencer asked, placing his hand on Brendon’s thigh in a friendly way. Spencer didn’t like Brendon in that way, he just cared.
“I like… no, make that love Ryan. I always have, and it’s killing me. It’s the reason behind… well… everything” Brendon whispered, his usual hyper self completely disappearing. He went from flamingo to a mouse and that hurt Spencer.
“Wow… You should talk to him…” Spencer told him.
“Fuck no! He hates me.” Brendon exclaimed, bursting into tears.
“Brendon, it’s going to be okay, I promise you” Spencer told Brendon. He wasn’t sure though. He was scared that he’d lose Brendon. Brendon was a mess…
“I’m sorry about the album too…” Brendon whispered.
“Why are you sorry? You’ve done nothing wrong” Spencer told him.
“I have. I keep preventing us from releasing the album. Stupid, stupid Brendon” Brendon said, crying even louder. The floods of tears streaming down his cheeks made Spencer wince. He knew and understood exactly how Brendon felt. He was obsessed with Jon, and it hurt.
“You can’t help it. Is it because it doesn’t feel… right?” Spencer asked.
“Yeah. I can’t do it. I’m scared that Ryan will hate me for it” Brendon explained.
“I know how you feel…” Spencer whispered, not wanting to be heard.
“How?” Brendon questioned. Brendon wasn’t deaf or stupid. He exactly what Spencer had said and was now quite concerned.
“Jon” was all Spencer said before bursting into tears. The two friends hugged and stayed like that for the next hour, tears dripping gracefully down their cheeks. It was comforting to know they felt the same about their ex-band mates, but neither could accept that nothing could happen.
“Spence, when are they playing next?” Brendon asked.
“Three weeks. Why?” Spencer asked. Brendon knew Spencer memorized tour dates; especially The Young Veins’ tour dates. The reason why made so much more sense to Brendon now.
“Great. We need tickets” Brendon said, taking Spencer’s laptop off of the coffee table. He was relieved to find out that the most local date wasn’t sold out and he instantly bought two tickets. “Guess what?” Brendon giggled. He was a lot happier now.
“What?” Spencer smiled, obviously know ‘what’.
“We’re going to see Jon and Ryan” Brendon laughed.
Two weeks later and the pair were at Brendon’s house planning what they were going to do. They were squealing with excitement. Well, it was a sleepover. They were supposed to be happy.
“Okay, so what should we do? Sneak backstage? Or wait after the show?” Brendon asked.
“Well, both are risky. We need to get near the front. If we get near the font, they will recognise us” Spencer smiled.
“Okay” Brendon smiled.

For the next week the pair did nothing but talk about Ryan and Jon. They knew they were desperate. Well, it was a bit fucking obvious. On the day of the concert, nerves struck the pair. Could they really do that? They knew it was a small show but they were still scared. When they got there and were finally allowed in they raced to the front, barging past people. They smiled and sang along to the songs. They’d learnt all of them, thanks to their obsessions. Ryan noticed them in the crowd and almost passed out. He looked at the pair and smiled, waiting for the end of the song. As soon as the song had ended, Ryan spoke into his microphone.
“Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith, come backstage after the show” He smiled. The pair in the audience beamed. Their plan had worked and they couldn’t believe it. But they knew they had to. Getting recognized was the easy part. Talking to Ryan and Jon, however, was going to be a lot harder. At the end of the last song, Ryan called Brendon and Spencer up onto the stage so that they could walk off together. Ryan didn’t want them getting hurt, no, of course he didn’t. He had gotten over what Brendon did. He didn’t care anymore. These were his friends and he knew that they both still cared. Backstage, Ryan asked if he, Jon, Spencer and Brendon could have some privacy, which they were granted. The four of them walked into the dressing room and sat in a circle on the floor, out of habit.
“Is it weird that it feels like old times?” Ryan asked, smiling. The other three men sitting near him shook their heads, smiling.
“Of course not, Ryan. But, Spence and I are here for a reason…” Brendon explained.
“Oh…” Ryan sighed.
“I’m sorry I cheated on you, Ryan. It was stupid. I mean, we were together… what? Two months? And I had to fuck it up” Brendon said, not holding back. He let the teardrops drip down his face. Ryan gaped and pulled out his phone to break up with his girlfriend before wiping Brendon’s tears away and moving closer.
“I know. I realized that not long after the break up.” Ryan whispered, gently kissing Brendon’s cheek.
“Aww” Jon giggled.
“Okay then, time for confession number two. I love you, Jon. Always have done, probably always will” Spencer blurted out, trying to force himself not to cry. Jon protectively wrapped his arms around Spencer, whispering “I love you, too” into his ear. Ryan and Brendon smiled as Jon and Spencer kissed.
“We’ll make ours official, too, Brendon. I still love you, babe” Ryan smiled, kissing Brendon forcefully, their tongues battling for dominance.
Four men walked away happy that night. They spent a night at a hotel, and probably kept the other guests awake with their moaning and screaming. Brendon had begged Ryan to let him fuck him, and Jon and Spencer had agreed that they wanted to fuck. Ryan and Brendon laughed at them when Spencer first brought it up when they were waiting for a taxi back to the hotel and when Jon agreed Brendon mentioned a ‘competition’ of who could be the loudest. None of them were sure who won; they were too busy having a good time, so to speak.
Ryan couldn’t believe that after so long Brendon still liked him. Well, loved him. It made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Ryan and Brendon both loved each other and made it no secret that they were together. Twenty interviews confirming the same thing: their undying love for each other.
Jon and Spencer Practically worshipped each other. They too told everyone that they were together.
“Ryan… Jon… would you help us rerecord and few parts of our album?” Brendon asked.
“Why? What?” Jon asked, completely confused.
“Are you asking us to get Panic! At the Disco back together?” Ryan asked.
“Of course I am, you idiots. But we have to keep the exclamation point” Brendon giggled. The four men agreed and a few months later the new album was released. Ryan and Jon quit The Young Veins after realizing that they belonged with Brendon and Spencer. Touring just hadn’t been the same without them. They four agreed that albums would be a mix of all of their interests, despite most of The Young Veins being a lie…
“You know what, Brendon. You’re a great actor, but I’m AMAZING! I mean, I did have to pretend to be a hippie and change too much…”
“Yeah, but most of that shit you said about us… that was just out of order!” Brendon told Ryan.
“I agree!” Spencer smiled. The room stayed silent and three men turned to stare and the man who had not yet spoken.
“Uh… whatever” Jon smiled.
“And that, Mr Walker, is why I love you” Spencer smiled, kissing Jon. Brendon and Ryan giggled as their lips met. They wouldn’t want to be left out, now, would they?
“I still can’t believe you got the Ryhawk back!” Brendon giggled, running his fingers though Ryan’s hair.
“Yeah, well at least I didn’t steal my boyfriend’s perfume, slut” Ryan chuckled.
“It smells nice! And I love your ‘immature’ make up” Brendon smirked, kissing his boyfriend.
“I still can’t believe I said that” Ryan giggled. Jon, Spencer and Brendon laughed too.

And so the story ends a happy one, with one band, four men, two couples and a ton of sex. And these four men had never been happier.
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