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Love Behind Closed Doors

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For these two, the most beautiful feeling they shared had to be kept secret from society (Apple Of My Eye re-written)

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Hey guys! This Is Apple Of My Eye re-written. Hope you guys like it. Btw, on a side note, people who auditioned, you won't be in the story until chapter three. Thanks!
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Chapter One.
My eyes cracked open to the way-too-bright sunlight coming through my window. I slowly moved my head to see what time it was… six-fifteen. I sighed lazily pulled the blankets off of me. I stood and walked over to my bathroom. I turned the shower on and looked around.

Since I had barely moved here during the weekend, my belongings hadn’t been set up yet. Just the basics. I showered for my first day in a new town, in a new state.

You see, I’m from Portland, Oregon. The reason I’m in this new town called Belleville, New Jersey, is because my sorry excuse of a father cheated on my mom. My mother, being impulsive, decided we should move as far away from him as possible. I hated the fact that I was moving in here. I mean, I wasn’t really leaving anything behind, because truth be told, I was kind of a loner, but Oregon is my home and it will always be where I belong. I hate it here. I miss the greenness of Portland, and the rain. Belleville provides neither of those. Well, okay. Maybe the rain, but it isn’t constant like in Portland.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked up to the mirror and wiped it. I sighed and looked at myself. I wished the shower I had just took was like a beautifying shower. My appearance bored me. I was thin, kind of. I mean, I had curves, but I was still thin. I stood at about five feet and five inches. I was tall-ish. I also had naturally black, long, wavy hair. It came down to my lower back. My eyes are green. Hazel and green. It changes depending on the season. Age? Sixteen and a junior in high school.

I brushed my teeth and hair. I went back to my bedroom and got my clothes out. I chose a light blue dress, black stockings, black flats with bows, and a black cardigan. Seeing as it was the second week of November, it was slightly chilly, but bearable enough for me to wear a dress with tights.

I walked back to the bathroom to do my hair and make up. I made my hair in loose curls, so it would look wavy, then finished it off with a headband.. My make up was simple. Mascara, foundation, a little bit of blush, and a little bit of eyeliner to make small, thick wings. Once I was happy with my appearance, I grabbed my book bag, ring, and walked out of my room.

I’m not going to lie and say that I was totally feeling okay about going to school, because I wasn’t. I was nervous as hell. My stomach was going on butterfly overload, so I skipped out on breakfast, which didn’t look too appetizing anyways (my mom has a tendency to burn everything she tries to cook). I got money from my mom for lunch and kissed her goodbye.

I walked outside to the driveway. I took the keys out of my bag and opened my car. I liked my car, though people usually made fun of it because it’s so tiny. It’s an old Volkswagen Beetle. The really old kind. I had it redone inside and out. It was really vintage looking and I loved it.

I got inside and turned on the heater and the music. I pulled out of the drive way and set off for school. Had learned the way there a couple of days ago. Once I arrived, I took a deep breath. The school was big and old looking, but nice, nonetheless. I parked in the student parking and gathered my things. I checked my make up in the rear-view mirror one last time before I got out. Perfect, just as it was five minutes ago. I took a few more deep breaths before I got out a set for the office. It was easy to find. It was the front building.

There was hardly anyone around. I got here extra early so I would have time to learn my schedule and routes for my classes. I walked into the office and was greeted by warm air and the strong scent of women’s perfume. Of course, the office was run by women.

“Hello, dear. How may I help you?” The lady at the front office asked. She looked about 63 years old. Her hair was poofy and she had had on red lipstick. She was wearing a green dress and a fake pearl necklace. She looked like those poster grandmothers. The type that would bake you cookies and pinch your cheeks. She even had the voice for it, too.

“Hi, I’m new here. My name is Charlotte Marie Gellar. I need my schedule and stuff…” I said nervously.

“Oh okay. Hold on,” She said before typing furiously at her computer. “Okay, I got your schedule and information here. I just sent it to the copy machine. You can pick it up in that room right over there.” She pointed to a room behind me and smiled.

“Thank you.” I said and smiled politely. I walked to the room and looked around. It looked like a regular copy room to me. There were shelves of paper, ink cartridges, and staples. There was only one other person in the room with me. It was a man. He was printing something out so I just stood there quietly and waited until her was done so my paper would print out. I had come to the school on Friday to make my schedule and register so I knew what most of my classes were going to be. I was looking at the room’s carpet. It was a weird shade. I couldn’t describe it. Like puke-ish green, but yellow? My thoughts were interrupted when the man talked to me.

“Excuse me?” I looked up at him and stared. He was gorgeous. He had beautiful pale skin, black hair, and amazing green eyes. I was star struck. And I couldn’t speak.

“is your name Charlotte?” he asked me.
“Uh, I, yes. That’s my name. Why?” I asked confused as to why he knew my name.

“Your schedule is printed.” he said and handed me my paper.

“Oh!” I quickly gathered my thoughts and understood. “Thank you.” I said as I took hold of my sheet of paper.

“No problem,” he smiled and started walking out. “See you after lunch.”

I remained confused once again and looked at my schedule. I had B lunch so the class right after it would be Advanced Art with… Mr. Way. His name is something Way. It was so mysterious, I couldn’t wait until art. It was my favorite subject at my old school. I hope it is the same here.

I walked out of the copy room and back to the front desk and asked for a map. The grandma lady gave me one. I walked to my car to wait for school to begin while I looked at the map and studied my schedule.

First period: English with Mr. Paul- Room 16A, in the English Building.
Second Period: Anatomy with Dr. Marks- Room 23B, in the Science Building.
Third Period: AP Statistics with Mrs. George- Room 29B, in the Math Building.
Fourth Period: Economics with Mr. Ben- Room 10C, in the History Building.
Fifth Period: French III with Mr. Lauaway-Room 16B, in the Arts Building.
Sixth Period: Advanced Art with Mr. Way- Room 34C, in the Arts Building.
Seventh Period: Physical Education with Mr. Garcia- Gym.

So my schedule was dominantly male teachers. Oh boy. I looked up all my classes on the map. I tried to memorize all of the routes so I wouldn’t have to carry around my map like a loser. I heard the beginning bell ring so I got out of my car and walked to my first class.

I was nervous for what the day would bring me.

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