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Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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My Chemical Romance starts off there World Contaminaion tour with a bang.Little do they know what is in store for their frontman, Gerard Way.

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“Gerard Arthur Way!” I growled, getting the laundry-towels, out of the clothes bin to put into the washer, trying to catch up on the household cleaning.

“You called?” he poked his lovely fire engine red head into the laundry room, wearing an innocent look on his pale face.

“What is this?” I said, tiredly holding up a once white towel that was now pink from the hair dye residue that washed out a little each time when he took a shower.

“A towel.” he said simply, I sighed and threw the rest of the towels in the washer, added the detergent and hit the start button. His arms slowly moved around my waist, pressing my back to his chest. “Linds?”


“You really need to calm down, take a break, you know?” he told me.

“Gerard, I don’t need a break I need-” I felt his arms go under my legs, suddenly I was thrown over his shoulder. “Gerard put me down!” I demanded, but he didn’t listen, he just carried me up the stairs. “Gerard, If you hurt your back-”

“I won’t!” he laughed, tossing me on our large bed. “Don’t worry so much about me.” he sighed and lay down on the bed next to me. We had the entire night to ourselves, Mikey and Alicia had asked for Bandit to stay the night, they loved spending time with her and Mikey wanted to squeeze in one last night before they set off for touring.

“It’s in my nature to worry about you.” I smiled. “You such a big klutz.” I poked his rib.

“Hey now.” he gave me a cheeky grin, stretching his arms up and around me.

“Your seriously not going to shave those before the tour?” I glanced at his pitts.

“Nope.” he smiled. “I’m done with make-up for a while, all natural babe……….until it becomes a bother- and don’t worry, I packed plenty of deodorant!”

“That’s good.” I said, turning on my side to face him, looking into those beautiful hazel eyes that never stopped winning me over, love was such a powerful thing……..I was really going to miss him.

“I love you.” he murmured, as if reading my mind, he cupped my cheek and kissed my lips, I closed my eyes and kissed back harder, letting him open my mouth for his tongue, I tangled my fingers in his hair, which I knew he loved, and I gave it a little pull. “Mmmm, Linds.” he breathed against my lips. We kissed for a little longer, pulling away before it became any more intense.

“A month away from you and Bandit is gonna be hell.” he whispered.

I shook my head. “No, you love touring, once you’re their playing shows, I know you will be just fine, you always are.” I kissed his nose and sat up. “Just pack enough underwear this time?”

“Hey! That only happened once.” he muttered, tugging me back to the bed to fall into his arms. “C’mon Linds, just take a minute to relax, right here, with me.”

“I’m really going to miss this.” I said, laying my head onto his chest.

“We both are.” he said in my ear.


“My baby!” Gerard said, dramatically fussing over her as Mikey delivered our daughter the next afternoon, Gerard cradled her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

“How was she?” I asked Mikey.

“Good for the most part.” he said. “She slept well, but does she have something against applesauce?”

Gerard laughed. “She hates the stuff Mikes, did you try to give her some?”

“Yeah.” he nodded. “And got it all over my shirt.”

“That’s my girl.” Gerard smiled. “Get Uncle Mikey back for that time he puked on my sketch book.”

“I was like, ten!” Mikey threw his arms up. “And I had the flu!”

“So?” Gerard mumbled.

“I just hope just isn’t as revenge seeking to her younger siblings.” Mikey joked.

“Younger siblings Mikes?” Gerard raised a dark eyebrow.

“Oh, your not planning….?”

Gerard shrugged. “Well, the blue prints for that aren’t exactly made yet.”

“Wait. What you have blueprint’s telling your sperm where to go?”

“Mikey!” Gerard hissed, I laughed. “I don’t need her repeating words like sperm!”

“Mama!” Bandit reached out to me, Gerard smiled and handed her over, she giggled happily and grabbed a fistful of my hair, it wasn’t to be hurtful, she liked winding her tiny little finger’s in Gerard’s and my hair.

“Well, love to stay and chat bro, but I have to run a few errands, pick up some dry cleaning, because I totally didn’t spill coffee on my show jacket.” he smirked. “See ya later guys, can Uncle Mikey get a hug?” he asked, picking Bandit up and gently hugging her to his chest. “Alright, love you guys, peace!”


I woke up to the sound of the shower being turned on and sighed, it was ten minutes after eight. Gerard would be leaving for the airport in only a few hours, the European World Contamination tour would start tomorrow. I lazily got out of bed, smiling to myself as I put clothes on, thinking of the wonderful night Gerard had given me last night, dinner, candles, chocolate, one hell of a time in bed………….

Walking across the hall to Bandit’s room, I found that she was still curled up in her crib, peacefully sleeping. I went down stairs and made coffee, then bringing up two mugs to the bedroom, for Gerard and myself.

He was pulling on a pair of tight fitted black jeans, red hair messy and damp on his head, he looked……

“Don’t move.” I told him as I grabbed my digital camera off the dresser, he looked right up at me as I snapped the picture, it looked perfect, a moment in time I was glad to capture.

“Really?” he laughed. “It’s too early In the morning for that babe.”

“No it isn’t.” I said, putting my arms around his waist. “You looked really good.”

“Thank you.” he leaned down and captured my lips. “You look great, especially this.” he ran his fingers over my neck, of which I was sure was a darkly bruised love bite.

“I’m sure you do.” I said. “I’m going to get a shower, keep your ear open for when B wakes up, please?”

“Sure thing.” he kissed my cheek before letting me get my shower.

The morning progressed quickly, Gerard had finished packing the day before, he just put in a few last minute things and was set. The drive to the airport was a bit unnerving on both of us, we haven’t spent more then five days apart since Bandit was born. Reaching the airport, Gerard pulled on his shades and pulled his hood up, Bandit and I were fine, we didn’t get noticed too often.

“Dude!” Frank practically ran over and tackled Gerard, living in New Jersey still, he hasn’t seen any of us since September when all the promo videos were shot, and here it was, October 22.

“Ahh!” Gerard said dramatically as if he was being attacked and hugged his friend back. “Everyone here?”

“Yeah.” Frank nodded. “ Ray and Mikey went to get coffee, they should be back soon, and omg! Lady B!” Frank practically ran into me. “And the gorgeous Mrs. Way.” he smiled, I gave Bandit to her Uncle.

“Unca Frank!” she cheered, grabbing his now longer black hair.

“I missed you too.” he laughed. “You cousin’s Lily and Cherry can’t wait to meet you, but they have to grow a little first.”

“How are they?” I asked him.

“Good, a handful, but Jamia is going to have help from her sister and parents while I’m gone…I just hated leaving them.”

“I know.” I patted his arm, looking to where Gerard was walking to meet up with Ray and Mikey. “Gerard doesn’t want to leave either, but I’m sure you will all be fine once the stage lights come on.”

Frank grinned. “Always.”

“FLIGHT 23 WILL BE LEAVING IN TEN MINUTES!” came over the loud speaker.

“Shit, that’s our flight.” Gerard said hastily jogging back over to us. “Baby I have to go.” he said, taking me in his arms and kissing me. I kissed back, savoring the kiss and his arms around me. He pulled away and took Bandit from Frankie, he told her to be good and that he loved her. The rest of the guys said quick goodbyes, Gerard lingered behind.

“I’m gonna miss you two so fucking much.” a tear ran down his cheek. “I love you both with all my heart.”

“Don’t cry Gee.” I said softly. “I love you too, now go catch your flight.” I leant up to kiss him one last time and he disappeared.

This is very new for me. I know it doesn't seem like much is happening, but trust me, the next chapter will hit you like a ray gun by the name of Party Poison. Please tell me what you think!

xoxox vampyGee
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