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Enter Shane

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Mikey's now angry that Frank would do such a thing to both he and Gerard

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Frank: A slight tension between Mikey and I floated around in the air. The 3 of us were having breakfast at 11am.
Mikey either came close to leering or smiling at me. It reminded me of (what I could remember of) last night. It made me doubt how I felt about Mikey... He's good looking and whole different guy to Gee. He's also very very confused, that much is clear. Easly led astray.
He likes me back as well.... Whenever we're alone, everything is different!

I dismissed the thought quickly. Then I remembered something, it was Sunday. Shane phoned me a couple days back to ask to meet me and maybe the other 2. How did I forget that?! It was awesome he was coming over! I could hardly believe he wanted to see me again! I love meeting up with people, especially new friends. I have agood feeling about this guy.

"Shi - You two, you want to meet Shane today?!" I asked happily.
"What?!" Gerard shook his head.
"Shane, you know! At 12, in that 'Marni's' cafe!" I couldn't hide my excitation from them.
"Okay." Mikey looked puzzled at me, and Gerard nodded and, under the table stroked up and down my leg. I shuddered happily form all the new attention Gerard gave me. Ever since we'd had sex, Gerard was touching me so much more, like he wasn't afraid anymore.

I wore the same as I had the previous night: black and white striped Tee and fading jeans.
We huddled around a booth-table by the window and I jumped up to greet Shane.

His russet hair was thin and reasonably short and was a sharp contrast to his dark almost navy eyes. He looked just like he had the day I met him. Shane's quite a bit older than me, about 3 years I think and it was clear from both his height and his overall sense of maturity, cleverly masked by his personality. Hopefully, he'd have the same humour as well, though hopefully he'd wait a little longer until he told such crude jokes. I don't want him and Gerard to get off on the wrong foot. That would suck on so many levels.

"Hey! This is Gerard and Mikey." I pointed at them respectively. Shane slid in next to Mikey, smiling warmly.
"Hey guys. So, which one of you boys is Frank's boyfriend again?"
Gerard waved and smiled, being mentioned so fast.
"Oh, cool. Frank said he was waiting until you..." Shane whispered, trailing off, remembering his 'manners' no doubt. Gerard turned to stare at me, unsure of how to react that I'd told this guy what seemed to be so much. I cringed as I remember spillingout to Shane just about everything and anything.
From there, I regretted not warning Gee or Mikey of his weird, predatory kinda nature. I just played along though.
"Oh. Well...We did..." Gerard fidgeted and I knew he was embarassed. I was as well!
"It hurt?" Shane was biting his lip, catching the ring-piercing, huis tongue flicking it from side to side curiously.
I nodded, only very slightly in answer, wary of Gerard noticing me.
"Haah, gentle's key..." Shane muttered. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to...!"
I shook my head. "It's fine." I was anxious for the sbject to change, knowing that Gerard was getting redder by the minute.
I noticed something strange as we talked, about more normal, less personal things...

Shane tended to speak directly to me, ask Mikey questions and opinions but generally avoid Gerard. It bugged me a bit. I wanted tehm to be friends, not avoiding each other so subtly.

Shane and Mikey were getting along just great though! They had thier phones out in a minute to exchange numbers. Mikey gasped in realisation, and laughed.
"I already have your number!" I wondered how that happened...

Mikey seemed more bubbly, and out-of-his-shell too. It wasn't like the usual him at all! He looked different to me somehow. There was suspicion in his eyes every time they met mine and I wondered what I had done wrong.
Shane flicked his thick, rusty red hair away from his face to grin at the waitress.
"Thanks, honey!" he put on a great accent that cracked me up. Shane is unpredictable! He talked to her happily, like he knew her. He talks to anybody like that! In a way it's good, it throws you in to his normal attitude but I could sense people getting offended.

GERARD: It was boring, also infuriating. Watching Mikey getting the hots for 'Shane' and Frank patronising him. Mikey kept blushing over this stupid guy! It was driving me nuts! Mikey shouldn't be so fucking easy! Shane'll be 21 this December, and seems so pervy to me! And Frank... Why the hell Frank, why choose this guy?
At last, Shane left us: apparantly he had 'other business' to get on with and said we should meet up more often. I was glad he was gone so I didn't feel like shit any longer.

"Mikey, wanna get an ice-cream?" I offered.
"Yeah!" We went to the back of the cafe and I got Mikey his favourite: strawberry and pistachio.
I bade Frank farewell with a kiss, too pissed off to go back to his house and make it ovious how hard-gay we were for eah other in front of his Dad, so the two of us went home, side by side. Mikey didn't suspect a thing as to why I treated him to an ice-cream, in the cold weather. An early appology almost.
"So." I watched Mikey lick the pink glob before him. "What do you think of Shane? Ahh! I got a message from him!" I remained silent but scowled onwards.

"I like him Gerard! He's cool."
"He's an asshole." I tried to sound calm. Where was my Mikey, the one who only answered to me? The one who was completely loyal to me? My baby brother.
No, just meeting Shane made him different. I can't let Mikey think this is okay. It's worse in the long-run.
"What?!" He stopped at our front door and stared at me in shock.
"You heard me."
"Gerard, don't be so stupid! You're jealous Frank and I like him, right?" Mikey's eyes shone with confidence as he smiled at his little joke.

"Mikey, let's chat." Igrinned, sucking that out of place, smug smile off his face. I walked upstairs after him, to my room. He knew what was going to happen. It always used to run like clockwork, starting with "Let's chat." and that little magic grin, He knew better than to defy me at times like that.

Utter, pointless rage was building up inside me. I only knew now that punishing Mikey could help the both of us. Help me feel that Mikey loved me and help Mikey realise liking Shane was bad. I had no other solution. I hadn't felt so angry, insane even, in months. All over one guy that made Mikey act up.
Mikey looked scared as I patted the bed I lay on. He cautiously sat beside me, wondering what was going to happen this time.

"Now Mikey." I held his chin lightly with my indx finger and thumb.
"What's so great about Shane, hmm? Am I not good enough?" I smiled. "Do tell me."
Mikey knew there was no way out. I drew in close and stared at him, not daring to blink.
"Um, he's funny and... And I never really get to meet new people..."
"And why is that?"

"Because you don't... I shouldn't go out of my way to meet others?" Mikey tried his answer. That was reasonable. If he finished his forst sentence though I'd of had nothing of it and remind him of his wrong answer.

"Well, what is Shane like? I notice you seem rather fond of him." I tried to sound toxically pleasant in my speech. I got closer, holding him tighter and breathing in all his scent.
"I think he's nice." Mikey whined. It was satisfying that he was whining because of our proximity.

"Why is he nice?" I probed, my lips ever so close to his that it ached deep inside me.
"He's funny and witty and sweet..."
"Sweet?!" I raised my other hand, not daring to show the anger just yet.
"Uh huh." Mikey nodded, eyes shut.
"Stupid, IDIOT!" I slapped his left cheek hard. A samiliar sound of my hand connecting with his cheek echoing through us. I tightened my grip on his face again, then let go. Mikey even had his hands behind his back as if he were ready for me to tie his little hands together.

"He is!" Mikey persisted.
I slapped him, far harder. "You're not even Mikey becasue of him! Not my baby brother!" I spat, though I was miserable. I got in closer to him and whispered in his ear, "You see why it's so risky letting you out my sight?!"

I pushed him down on his back to straddle him. I was red faced. I just want Mikey to be mine!
"Why do you like him?" I composed myself and spoke into his neck. It was a little different straddling him as opposed to Frank.
Mikey squirmed under me.
"I just do -" I slugged his chest with a clenched fist, beating down on him.

"Why?!" I lost it, and began crying. I either ended up crying in hysterics until Mikey was comforting me orreversed the situation, making him feel better instead of beign just yelled at.

I hit him with both fists. "Why?! Will you not put up with me?! YOu want to escape me?!" I looked into Mikey's eyes while hitting him. We both wanted this to end. I was milimeters from his face at points.
"Why Mikey, why the fuck can't you love me back....?!" He wheezed when I rested my fists on his slowly rising and falling chest. I bowed my head, our noses touching. I wanted to listen to his breathing but I couldn't, not until I was sure he was mine....
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