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Why We Won't Give In

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Gerard needs to remember why he puts so much into being an older brother for Mikey. Mikey reminds him.

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He knew it was there. He knew that there was an impending disconnect. He also knew that he had to fix it. They weren't fighting; he and Mikey barely fought. They just kept getting lost in translation, and they couldn't even try to fix it- There were fans and cameras following them from place to place, and their schedule didn't leave time except for sleeping, eating, and performing. He tried to make sure that Mikey knew how he felt, but lately, the most they exchanged were silent acts of affection, unless they were in interviews, and there, they couldn't exactly share their feelings.

Gerard smiled softly at Mikey as he slept on the other bed in the hotel room. It had been a long day for the band, but jet-lag had hit Mikey the worst, so Gerard was just glad that Mikey was getting some sleep. Gerard gave a small chuckle as Mikey kicked his blanket off and groaned. Gerard walked over and picked the blanket up, placing it over Mikey. He leaned down and kissed his little brother's head softly.

"I love you, Mikey. Sweet dreams." Gerard whispered. Mikey smiled in his sleep and grabbed Gerard's hand. Gerard climbed into the bed next to Mikey, and slowly felt his eyelids drop.

The next morning, Mikey opened his eyes and looked around. He found Gerard sleeping beside him. Mikey curled into Gerard's side and sighed contently. He felt safer overseas like this. Mikey glanced at the clock and frowned, knowing that he'd have to wake Gerard up. He got up and went through Gerard's suitcase, taking some of his clothes. Then, after changing into them, he gently shook Gerard's shoulders. Gerard's eyes fluttered open, and he offered Mikey a sweet smile. After quickly changing his clothes, Gerard sat down next to Mikey. He took a deep breath, getting ready to confront the impending disconnect, when Frank entered the room.

"BBC interview." He said, sensing that he had walked into something.

"We should-"

"-I know." Gerard cut Mikey off with a sigh.

During the BBC interview, Gerard angled himself toward Mikey and tried to make him aware of his love. Mikey seemed to catch on, but Gerard had a strange feeling that it wasn't enough.

After the interview, Gerard and Mikey had headed back to their hotel room to get anything they'd need for the show. Gerard stepped out onto the balcony. He looked down at the ground and saw two young boys who appeared to be brothers playing together and sharing multiple hugs. Gerard felt his eyes well up with ho tears. He missed when he and Mikey could have done that without cameras following them around. He felt his tears begin to spill over and roll down his cheeks as he heard the young boys scream that they loved each other. Gerard turned around when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He was looking into Mikey's concerned eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Gerard responded, pushing past Mikey. He wanted nothing more than to hug Mikey and tell him that he loved him, but he couldn't bring himself to do that. He didn't know why he bothered to put so much into his relationship with Mikey- It only made it hurt more at times like this. Gerard continued to cry, his body wracking with sobs. Mikey had sat down next to Gerard and wrapped his arms around him.

"Don't cry." Mikey whispered. Gerard buried his face into the crook of Mikey's neck and closed his eyes.

That night, Gerard ran onto the stage, nerves and excitement flooding through him. He began to sing, his voice coming out perfectly. The band flew through the setlist, and they reached The Only Hope For Me Is You. Gerard's heart dropped. He began to sing, feeling himself begin to get shoked up, but he refused to let it stop him. Near the end of the song, Gerard walked over to Mikey and put an arm around him. Gerard turned Mikey's head toward him.

"If there's a place that I could be
Then I'd be another memory
Can I be the only hope for you?
Because you're the only hope for me"

Gerard sang, pressing his forehead against Mikey's. Mikey smiled back at Gerard as he sang to him. At the end of the song, Gerard pulled Mikey close and whispered,

"I love you so much. Don't ever forget that."

"I won't, Gee. I love you too." Mikey whispered back.

Those words were all Gerard needed to be reminded why he put so much into their relationship. They completed each other, and no matter how much pain they would feel sometimes, the love they felt would overcome all.

They truly are the only hopes for each other.
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