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Oh, Helena

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So many things were running through Donna Way's mind at that very moment as she dangled the phone loosely by her side. She hadn't even bothered to hang up she was in such shock. Still speechless and trying to process the news, she somehow managed to put on a coat, grab some keys and get into her car.

They say in times of shock our body goes into autopilot mode in order to let our minds wander and this was certainly the case as Donna's car sailed safely through the bitter Jersey streets that day. She pulled up outside of a neat, white town house and scurried up the path. The door was unlocked as usual and she rushed in and slammed the door behind her.

"Who's there?!"

A slim figure skidded breathlessly into the hallway holding a little girl covered in paint and glue.

"Oh hey Donna" she sighed with relief, "I just let Bandit loose on some of my art stuff - as you can see she's a natural" chuckled Lindsey as she held up a macaroni and glitter covered piece of paper. Donna smiled weakly and wandered into the living room, leaving her coat on and clutching her bag to her chest. Lindsey followed her in and set Bandit down who went straight back to her crafts.

"Are you ok?" she asked, sitting opposite Donna, "You don't look too good..."

"I-I..well, I got uh, a phonecall today a-and, uh I.."

Lindsey crossed over and sat by Donna, putting her arm around her, "Listen, you take off your coat and I'll go make us some green tea, how does that sound?"

Donna raised off her seat and shook her head, "No, I uh, I have things to do sorry" and she rushed towards the door frantically searching in her bag.

Lindsey got up and followed her "Well aren't you even gunna.." the door slammed in her face "..tell me what was wrong?"

Sonna sat in the car, gripping the wheel so hard her knuckles were white. She was breathing heavy and fast, grinding her teeth as she went and a few stray tears slipped down her cheeks. A car sped past and seemed to break the trance she was in and she headed off once again.

Lindsey sat down on her porch and perched a cigarette between her lips.

"Hey B, come say hi to daddy!" she yelled into the house. Little Bandit came running out with a few yellow feathers stuck to her hair and sat down next to Lindsey who flipped open her cell.


Gerard has just finished a second interview with K-Rock magazine about their new album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" when his cell started to ring. He smiled as he read the caller ID.

"Hey baby, B wants to say hi real quick" Lindsey said as Gerard greeted her on the other line.

"Okay shoot" he said running a hand through his bleach blonde hair and taking a seat on a sofa.

"Daddy! I made pictures"

"Hey princess, I hope your being good for mommy"

"Mommy was naughty, she had smokies"

"Oh did she? Well you tell her that when I get home me and you are gunna put her in time out!"

Bandit giggled and passed the phone to Lindsey as she ran down the yard to chase a butterfly.

"She misses you" Lindsey said pausing slightly, "We both do"

"I know babe, I'll be home in 2 days then I have 2 weeks off before we go on the road together. Anyway what's up?" he said, switching the phone to his other ear.

Lindsey was smiling at the though of being with her husband again so soon, "I just had your mom round and she was acting real weird, I think you should give her a call, see if she's okay"

"She'll be fine babe, probably ran out of lipstick, or whatever it is you women stress over" he laughed

"Gerard you know she hasn't been right since her mom got sick, please just call her?"

"Alright fine! I gotta go, tell B I love her!" and he hung up. It was slightly harsh but Lindsey knew he didn't like talking about his grandma being sick, especially when he was away from home. He was just about to call his mom when she popped up on his cell.

"Hey ma, I was just about to call, honest" he said sheepishly

"Son where are you? Is Mikey there? Are you about to go on stage?" Donna was babbling so fast Gerard could barely understand her.

"Mom slow down! Are you okay?"

"Im fine!" she nodded, even though Gerard couldn't see her, "Is Mikey there?"

"No he went to get some food, Ma what's wrong?!"

"I need you to be together, where is he?" Donna was choking up now, her voice about to break and Gerard could sense it, "JUST TELL ME MA!" he stood up as he felt his heart beat rapidly increase, it was pounding so hard it started to hurt and feel heavy in his chest. And then she cracked, her voice wavered as she broke down and said the two words Gerard couldn't bare to hear.

"She's gone."

He shook his head slowly while screaming at himself to breathe.

"Your grandma, she's gone"

Gerard's legs gave way and he collapsed backwards onto the sofa behind him, biting his lip furiously he was determined not to cry. Not here, not where everyone could see. He heard his mothers distraught voice down the phone and she sounded so helpless.

"Gee? Son, a-are you there?"

He hung up, closed his eyes and cursed himself as he felt the hot tears roll down his cheeks and into his mouth.


I swear it isn't going to be all this depressing, there's some humour in it too. Would like feedback first on if people like it as I haven't written on here for a long time (I hope it hasn't been totally taken over by frerard lovers lol!) Would love to know if I should carry on.


D :)
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