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Rod and Nicky have always been there for each other. Mentions of sexual activity. m/m

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Author's note: Written for a friend as a trade. Set in AU, because if you have ever seen the play, this doesn't happen.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avenue Q, nor do I own the characters. I just enjoy making them kiss.


Ever since he was little, Nicky could remember having nightmares. Dark black shift-shapers would chase after him, scaring away all of his good dreams, leaving him shivering and curled up in a ball at a corner of his bed.

That had been when he was younger, the years when he could go to his parent's bed and curl up between the two of them, the heat from their bodies slowly lulling him to sleep. Ever since then, the only thing that could calm down his nightmares had been a warm body close to his.

Years later Nicky thought that he was past that stage in his life, like bed-wetting, or being embarrassed to change in the guys' locker room with others. A chapter in the story of his life, that one chapter that people end up forgetting as soon as you reach the climatic part of the book.

And then he met Rod.

Thin, tall, and dorky, the one always wearing glasses, always with his nose in a book, Rod. His best friend ever since they met at summer camp, the only one that willing put up with him for hours at a time. The only one who came back every single year, just because he knew Nicky would be at the same camp.

But time changes everything. As you grow older, so do your friends, until you can hardly recognize them, with their new voice, new hairstyles, new clothing. At the end of their last year in camp, the two said their good-byes, certain they would never see each other again.

Each passed the rest of their lives unaware of the other, until college. College, where it seems like you can go out into the world and take it by storm. Where everything seems like it will fall into place. Where you are able to become whomever you want. Where you are able to meet someone and possibly spend the rest of your life with. Where Nicky and Rod re-met, and became roommates.

More years passed. The two friends went out to dinner as friends, shared an apartment like friends, and shared the rent. They bickered like a married couple; they knew so much about the other person that there was no more mystery. Each knew the other inside and out; Nicky knew Rod's love of 1940's plays, and Rod knew of Nicky's nightmare problem that had never stopped plaguing him.

That's why it was no big deal when Nicky would crawl into Rod's bed during the night, seeking the comfort a warm body could bring. It was never mentioned in the morning, and both went about their everyday business as if nothing had happened. And when he curled up around him, arms encircling the others' waist, it was never mentioned either.

And of course, when a hungry mouth sought out another in the darkness, hands sliding down heated skin, as soft cries were hurriedly muffled in the still of the night...

That was never mentioned either.
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