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Confusion Girl

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It’s hard to describe those times when all you want to do is sit and listen to the rain.

If you ever get the chance, open your curtains, open your window as wide as you can without letting the rain inside, and sit at your window. Listen to the rain, watch it, listen to the thunder and watch the lightning. It’s beautiful. You may love the sun, love the snow, and take the time to appreciate it. You might not however, have appreciated the rain. That unexplainable rain, the rain that buckets from the heavens uncontrollably, the rain that never seems to stop. The rain which, if you ever stood outside in it, it would take less than five seconds for you to be just as wet as if you had jumped into a swimming pool.

That rain is something many people never appreciate. Listen to it. Enjoy it.

Sometimes the darkness falls in the middle of the day. That rain is what creates it. The black clouds cover the midday sun and create a sense of midnight.

You would think, because of this, vampires would love the rain.


They hate it. Every second of it. The rain is just another reminder that they do not feel. Feeling nothing, means no feeling of rain hitting their skin as they run along the road. Their bodies don’t let them wake up in the middle of the day. Their bodies only allow them to stay awake when the Equinox is evident. So, even if because of the rain, and the cloud cover, and the midnight at midday – they could go outside, they could survive in that weather. But their bodies won’t let them. Their bodies fight against everything that they are. Everything they know.

And they hate every second of it.

Sit and listen to the rain. Dance in the rain. Because some people just can’t.


“Did you ask for the third book?” Andy yelled over to Joe, waving a book in the air. Joe shook his head and smiled lightly.

“No, that’s the second one-” Andy rolled his eyes.

“I am aware it’s the second one Joe, that’s why I’m asking,” Joe sighed.

“Well I don’t know then Andy, I don’t-” Tiffany threw her head from behind the wall into the kitchen, smiling slightly.

“I thought there were only two editions on Werewolves,” Andy coughed slightly, looking down.

“Oh,” He mumbled, skewing his mouth to the side. “We need Patrick,” Joe sighed, wrapping his arm around Tiffany’s waist as she sat next to him.

“He went through a lot, he’s grieving.” Andy nodded.

“I know. I just wish he would come and do some work. It might actually take his mind off of things."


Patrick sat on his bed. He sighed, playing with the chain around his neck, where Two silver bands and a small diamond ring hung from it, resting on his chest. He looked up to the ceiling, sighing again. The rest of the group were intent on getting rid of all the vampires that escaped the wreckage of William’s castle, intent on killing most of their enemies. Patrick on the other hand felt like his destiny was fulfilled. He didn’t feel the need to carry on killing vampires, not when his career took the most important thing from him. Twice.

He sighed once more and stood, deciding to venture from his room. He walked out into the hallway and leant over the banister, looking into the hall below. He heard voices coming from the kitchen, and sighed again before walking down the stairs. The voices floated into the hall and he stopped to listen to their conversation.

"...I don't think he'll ever accept it though, you heard him mumbling on the way back from the battle, talking about how she's not gone, that she's still here. He has her engagement ring and both of their wedding rings around his neck. I can hear him every time I go upstairs, mumbling through the door that 'she'll be back, she'll be back' and its not doing him any good." Patrick sighed at the sound of Andy's voice, but jumped slightly when he heard a rustle behind him, and rolled his eyes at the sight of Pete standing there. Pete smirked a little.

"Eavesdropping?" He asked, and Patrick shook his head.

"No, I just happened to catch the end of the conversation." Pete took a breath.

"Andy has a point Patrick, you're supposed to be greiving, but it's not greiving, it's denial, you're thinking that she's going to come back, and she's not." Patrick glared a little and shrugged, his eyes blinking heavily.

"Leave me alone. I know what I'm thinking, I'm not crazy, I can feel her, I can feel her alive, I know she's still here," Pete grabbed his shoulder and shook him lightly, making Patrick glare a little more.

"Patrick she is not coming back," He took another breath and looked down. "She's dead." Patrick gulped, tears forming at the back of his eyes.

"I want some breakfast," He stuttered, and stumbled into the kitchen, ignoring Pete's grumbles. Pete knew he needed time, but if Patrick didn't hurry himself up, without the protection of Izzy and Gabe, it was only a matter of time before the remaining vampires descended on them.


She knocked over the wood on the wall, scaring herself and coughing at the dust that rose from the disturbance. The wreckage was behind her, and she was still trying to figure out what had happened. She knew the blast should have killed her, mind and body, but for some reason her mind was intact. She knew Gabe was gone, his body was evident to that. Her body however, was no-where to be seen. She couldn't figure out how it had happened, she was sure this was some new event that should be put into the history books.

She tripped over some more rubble, moaning at the pain aching at her sides. She was still confused, and added to the smoke and dust in her lungs she didn't think she would even make it back to the house. She also knew the welcome she would get. Angry, confused, and upset.

After stumbling further, she realized she would have more trouble getting home than she first thought. She wasn't used to this, and the added fact that one of her legs was ripped to shreds didn't really help. She got closer and closer to the house, wanting to cry at the pain in her leg and the confusion that ate at her. She fell up the steps to the house and blinked, looking up at where she used to stay. After climbing up she looked at the door, knocking a few times before collapsing in a heap outside of it. People rustled around inside, and after a few minutes the door swung open to show Joe, Pete, Patrick, Andy and Tiffany standing and wondering why their alarms didn't work. They all looked down at the blonde haired body in front of them, and Patrick choked up as she lifted her head. Pete widened his eyes, not believeing what he was seeing.

"Izzy?" He asked, thanking anything and everything that for some reason she survived. 'Izzy' shook her head, knowing that her answer would trigger their anger.

"No," She whispered, creating confused faces around the group, she sighed, gulping. "I'm Amber..."
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