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Second Awakening

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Notes: I do not own ANY of the Blood+ series, it is written by Asuka Katsura. I highly suggest checking out the actual manga/anime since it is definitely one of my favorites :D

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Notes: I do not own ANY of the Blood+ series, it is written by Asuka Katsura. I highly suggest checking out the actual manga/anime since it is definitely one of my favorites :D

Second Awakening

Ten years after Saya had started her thirty-year self-imprisonment two hikers have accidentally awoken her……



My eyes slowly open after being asleep for so long and the red pupils burn into the men in front of me. They are not who I was calling for.


My eyes close in on the intrusive smell that takes over my senses. Its been too long, I’m weak without it.
I narrow my gaze to the pulsing red and I have to fight my body not to attack; it’s not blood I want, it’s Hoji…but…

My body wins.

What feels like moments later I leave the temple and descend the stairs to the town below, covered in blood and wielding my sword I look as insane as I feel. Blood lust has caused me to lose most of my sanity and it’s not long before I reach the bottom and start attacking anything that comes in my path.

Hoji…. The thought is a cry now.


Saya…something’s wrong.

“Hoji? What’s wrong?” Kei asks. “Hoji?”

“Kei! Kei!” scream Diva’s children next to him, tugging on his shirt sleeve. “Kei, make her stop! Make her stop screaming Kei! Kei, it hurts!”

“What? Who? I don’t hear any screaming.”

I hear her. It’s Saya. Why is she screaming? No…crying? Has she awakened? But it’s not time yet…

With another mental scream, long and more painful than the last, Hoji grabs his cello case and runs to the door, unfolding his wings as he goes and immediately jumping into flight.

I have to reach her before it’s too late, before she has any more regrets.


Cars and other vehicles come in my way and I destroy them. People pass in front of me and scream. They try to run but I attack them too.

Stop! Hoji…please, stop me!

Like all those years ago in Vietnam I run as if possessed. Nothing will stop me now. Blindly I bring my sword down time after time again.


Running and running, nothing can stop me. I rip a man from his truck and throw him to the side.


Someones calling to me. Who? Who’s calling me now?

“Saya!! Stop!”

Too late. At hearing my name I run after this new obstacle and slash my sword downward, probably killing whoever the poor victim is.


My blade is stopped and it’s then that I truly open my eyes. The red glow disappears and I see who I had been about to kill. Kei. I see the path of destruction behind me next and then finally I look at the man standing in front of me who had stopped my sword.


Fresh tears fill my eyes and everything starts to dull. Soon I’m barely able to keep my eyes open and as things start darkening I hear Hoji speak.

“Kei. I’m sorry. I need to get her out of here. Now.”

Kei puts up a sad protest but I can already feel my body become weightless as strong arms pick me up. I’m close to sleeping now, my eyes are closed and I’m barely hearing and understanding the world around me. With my last conscious thoughts I hear the comforting beat of wings and feel the cold wind rush against the exposed skin of my face…

I fly for miles and miles carrying Saya. Taking her far from the city, from the people, from the chaos.


I look at her sleeping face and wish it could always look that peaceful. With the death of Diva I had thought that she would be free from all of her pain but I was wrong.

How do I protect her when I no longer know what hurts her? How do I take away the pain that she is constantly inflicted with? My queen…my love…how do I save you now?

After what feels like an eternity I land in a small meadow near a stream and lay Saya down on the grass. Taking off my coat I place it under her head and wait.

Is she going to wake up again? What will she be like when she wakes up?

The shadows grow long on the ground and I realize I’d been worrying over her for hours and I need a break. Slowly I peel my eyes off of her face and retrieve my cello from its case. I smile as I begin to play the song that Saya had taught me many lifetimes ago. I close my eyes as the familiar melody enchants me once again.



Music? Hoji must be playing again….

I keep my eyes closed but listen carefully.

It’s the song I taught him.

Tears begin to form behind my lids and I open my eyes to fight them. Hoji’s eyes are closed so he doesn’t notice that I’ve woken up yet. The look on his face is like that of an angel. The love that he puts into our song destroys my last reserves and the tears fall openly. He hears me then and stops, immediately coming to my side to soothe away whatever it is that’s making me cry.

I smile through the tears as Hoji helps pull me up.


He smiles as I say his name but then its replaced with a frown.

“Saya..why are you crying? Please, tell me.”

The concern in his voice is evident.

“Silly, this time it’s because I’m happy.”

I pull him close in my arms and lay the side of my face on his chest. He hesitates a moment but then wraps his arms around me comfortingly and I snuggle in even closer.

“Hoji, I missed you so much.”

“Saya…everything’s all right now. I’m here and I always will be.”

I look at him now and see the happiness in his eyes, but, there’s something else there as well.

Sadness? Why would Hoji be sad?


“Hoji? What’s wrong?”

I feel her in my arms and hear her voice but I’m afraid still.

What am I to Saya? Am I still just her chevalier? The person who she can always depend on for blood and strength in her direst situations?

I flinch at my thoughts. They’re too painful.

I’d hoped that after I finally told her I loved her that everything would change...still when she was woken up before her eyes were the same as they’d always been. Broken and thirsty.


Saya looks up at me with worry and confusion now etched into the features of her lovely face.

Even if she only ever needs me for blood I will always love this woman. I will stay by her side till she no longer needs me and then I will watch from the shadows and I will ALWAYS be there for her.

I touch her face lightly with my hand.

“Are you thirsty?”


Am I thristy? So what if I am? You’re here, how can blood compare?

Suddenly my mind clicks the pieces together; Hoji’s saddened expression and his words mingling in my mind together…

He thinks that I only want his blood. But why? Out of duty? Because he sees himself as my chevalier still? But…I love him. I love him for more than his blood. I love him because he’s him. He’s Hoji.

“Hoji, I don’t...”

I stop then and remember that countless times in the past I had refused his blood. Now would seem no different, as if I only didn’t partake because of the guilt I felt. But this time it wasn’t like that.

How do I show him that I want him for more than his blood?

Instinctively I reach my hand up and feel the softness of the hair on the back of his head. I raise my mouth up to his neck as if about to bite. I feel him tense slightly and know that he thinks I will. Then…I stop. I hear him release the breath he had been secretly holding and then gasp as I press my lips to his throat and place a gentle kiss there. I pull back and look up into his eyes.

“Hoji…you said you loved me during that battle but then I fell asleep before getting to speak to you again. Hoji…I love you. I love you for more than your blood and more than a chevalier.”

Please Hoji, please still love me…


The name barely comes out as more than a whisper before I meet my lips with hers. My arms tighten around her, narrowing the space between us to almost nothing. For centuries I have waited for this woman, centuries I have loved her.

And for centuries more I shall continue to…

“Saya, I will never leave you and I will never, ever stop loving you.”
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