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Two's Company Three's A Crowd

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When Raw's newest Diva Brooke starts out, she makes friends fast, and enemies faster. What happens when two Superstars want her, but only one can have her?

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Ding, ding, ding.

It was my debut on 'Monday Night Raw', and it had ended in failure.

"Here is your winner, Beth Phoenix," the ring announcer said, as the referee held my opponents hand up high, while I lay on the mat clutching my knee.

I rolled out of the ring and limped up the ramp, hi-fiving fans as I went, trying to not get down on myself.

"It was your first match. I'm sure you can do better in your next one. Don't worry about it. It was against Beth Phoenix, the most dominant Diva and former women's champion," I thought to myself as I started towards the Diva's locker-room.


I turned around to see a man leaning against the wall. Actually he was more like a Greek god! His brown hair just reached his shoulders and his chiselled abs were half covered by a bedazzled fur coat.

"I saw your match earlier; you held out well considering it was your first match, and you were against Beth of all people. I'm sure if it was someone easier you would've won."

"Oh. Thanks," I replied, surprised to even be noticed, especially by someone like him. "I'm Brooke, by the way."

"Well I'm John. Anyway I have to go, my match is up next. I'll see you around."

I opened the door to the Diva's locker room with my heart going 100 miles per hour. I sat down on the nearest bench and started to strap my knee, Beth had really done some damage. The door to the locker-room burst open and all the other Raw Divas walked in, chatting and laughing with each other about their day. I just sat on the bench feeling sore and alone. At least John had made me feel better about losing, but that didn't change the fact that I had no friends here.

A/N: Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed this chapter, I've written heaps out; so hopefully if I get enough reviews I can update.

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