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Andy Howard Hughes St. Valentine

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~since theres no Bayside section and full summary will be inside~ Andy Howard Hughes St. Valentine is where all of Baysides songs come from. His life is explained in Boy and Death explaned in Howar...

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Andy Howard Hughes St. Valentine is where all of Baysides songs come from. His life is explained in Boy and Death explaned in Howard. He is sad and hurt and broken. He was only 17 when he fell into his deep fate. This is his story.

Boy-What if for one minute. He’s given a chance. And he does something brilliant

He always gets good grades yet every one shuns his as a screw up.

His bedroom’s a prison

"Get into your room you bastard!" Is what he always comes home to. He goes without a fight.

Now is your chance boy. Just ignore the dreadful things they say “Go on, give up, you’ll never win.”

He is never abled to ignore those dreadful things. And he never gives up. He trys his best but it's never enough. Even if he wins.

No crying now, they’re watching him

He has never cryed outside his prison. The pillow is filled with his tears and hasn't been changed. This hasn't changed since he was 5.

His blood will boil. The kids will sing “Learn to drown before you learn to swim.”

For these words he is a swimmer and when the crule kids would sing that to mess with his performance his blood would boil over. He has been taken from the match many of times because he attacked the kids.

Alone is an addition. Such a comforting place

He has no friends. He feels alone in the wide school. Few have made an effort to talk to him. He walks and stands alone. And he is okay with all of it.

Just stands on the stage with a grip. But he drops on his knees. And he’s waiting for anything he can believe. And he’s lost.

He's never really had a religion. He was never given anything for chrismas or Channuka. So he guesses he is nothing.

And just wants to be ordinary

This is a dream that will not be. Never. Wth his mother gone and his father drinking, it isn't possible.

Carry On-Don't confuse neediness for love, Because obsession never lasts.

Her name was Emily. She was the only one he had ever loved. She knew he was broken. She knew of fragile he was. She loved im for a wile. That wasn't a lie. Then she left and he broke into tiny parts. He has never loved again.

Carry on

THere's no hope for that any more. It hasn't healed right if at all. His heart is a puzzle that doesn't fit.

A challenge fit for a man when I'm just a kid.

Love is a harsh battle that a child like him should have never been allowed to fight. Too young. Too light.

"If this is love than I don't want a part of it."

That is what he said after. So heart broken he doesn't want love. But who are we to blame him?

choice hops and bottled self esteem-Last call, lights on, pull your faces off the bar.

Addiction was a problem with him. He had a good fake ID and enough money to buy all the liquor he wanted and thought he needed.

The healing power of alcohol only works on scrapes and nicks, And not on girls in seedy bars who drown themselves in it.

Or on boys with broken hearts. As he felt the warm liquid flood his organs he calmed. The soothing sensationof everything numbing was his favorite. This was his weekends. Every weekend.

You can play all day and tell your friends that everything's alright. The truth is that your heart collapsed two years ago tonight

What little friends he had would ask what's wrong. Always. But he would also always say the same thing. He was fine. Nothing was wrong. They would always wounder, why didn't they go to his house? Why was it always theres?

Dear your holiness- Hey god, I'm out here on my own. So now will you save me now?

He laughed at every one who told him God will help me through this. He asked them "Why hasn't he helped me already?" and turned away from them.

I think its funny you've been quiet for so long. When you're quiet no one proves you wrong

He always questioned this. Why hasn't God shown his self latly? Wouldn't it be a good time to? All the hate and violence. Why hasn't he saved us all? Shouldn't he kill all the horible people in the world? So many people rely on him. Why can't he do anything?

I've gotta find peace with myself. Before I give you all. Before I give you anything at all

He thought about turning to the church when he was younger. He thought he would give his every will to the church. Then he started to think and wanted to find peace as the bible said before committing himself to it. Peace never came.

Been thinking that there's something more.And that you'd come down and you tell me yourself

He lost it one day and screamed from the top of a building. He broke down crying. He wasn't given help. His father didn't allow it. "No son of mine is fucken insane! Come on Boy!" He smacked him and took him home. No one called him out.

No One Understands- I had high hopes of silver and gold. I thought things could change for the best

He did have high hopes. He wanted to be the new Michael Phelps. He was an amazing swimmer. The team always screamed his name. Girls, team mates, and parents. All but his own father. Who he just wanted love from.

If the sun don't shine tomorrow, We'll survive

He found this offen. He found the annie song annoying. H ehated it. He doesn't like it when the sun shined.

Howard- What ever happened to Howard Hughes?

That's what he went by. That's what people asked.

I guess life wasn't good to you; you gave it all you got

17. 17 years old he never had a life but had one ahead. His childhood was nothing. He was depressed for a wile. He thought about it for a wile. It took him a few weeks to make the decision. Another 2 to figure out how. 3 days to find the right gun. 4 minutes to write the note. 5 seconds for the bullet to go through his head. 6 hours before his dad finally found him on the bathroom floor. 7 days for it to hit his father. 8 weeks for the school to find out. 9 months for everyone who knew him to grieve. 10 years forit to forever haunt the people of his town.
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