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Our Fallen 9

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While on the road turning a horrible accident happens, leaving the band in a strange place of questions and answers.

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It was a late night on the bus as the band was getting ready for bed, it was in the middle of touring for the band, they've become restless and couldn't wait till they finally had a chance too sleep. Mick was the first one out. By not even telling the band that he was going to bed, he just got into bed, then falling asleep. The only two that was even still up was, Corey and Joey. Joey, having not been able to sleep in the last past days, had too many things on his mind. Every Time he tried falling asleep, he couldn't, he would toss and turn all night. Paul took notice of this strange behavior of Joey's in the last two days, he told Joey that he had some sleeping pills for him, if he needed them. Joey passed on the offer, but he knew if he needed anything, Paul was the right guy to come to about things like that.

Corey on the other hand, just didn't want to sleep at all. Ever since the bus got the laptop, wireless connection set up, he wouldn't leave it alone. Mick had told him it was a bad idea from the start, but Corey didn't seem to care. He loved the Internet, loved getting on Facebook, Myspace and twitter. He also loved going and reading a little fan-fiction stories that fans would right about the band. He didn't tell the others about 'em, figured they wouldn't like the stories very much. Corey looked up from his computer when he seen Joey sitting on the other bus couch on the wall.
"Shouldn't you be asleep?" Corey asked, not taking his eyes away from the computer.
"Every time I try, things just keep running through my mind."
"What kind of things?" Corey asked, knowing that something had been up with the drummer later.
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Now see, there's where you're problem is. If you don't talk about it, then it will stay on your mind forever, but if you do talk about it, then maybe it'll go away." Corey preached.
Joey looked at him suspiciously.
"Jeez Corey, you're starting to sound like a psychiatrist." Joey joked, making a face.
Corey laughed, he always loved having Joey as company.
"I was just trying too help."
"And I appreciate that, but I just don't want to talk about it."
Joey said, getting up, walking into the back of the bus.

Since there were nine people in the band, the bedrooms of the bus was split into two parts, room one and room two. Joey walked into room two, which placed. Chris Fehn, Craig Janes, Sid Wilson and Paul Gray. Joey seen that Paul was already asleep, he hated waking anyone of his friends when they were sleeping, especially after the last time Craig had woken Sid up the next morning, after a hard night out drinking. Sid got furious and started beating Craig. No one never again had woken up anyone in the band since that. Joey was attempting his own fate on this one, he thought he was pretty safe actually. Since Paul haven't been drinking and Paul would never hurt Joey on any circumstances. Joey walked over shaking Paul awake, but trying to be very quiet, so he wouldn't have too wake anyone else up.
"Paul, Paul, wake up, I need to ask something." Joey whispered.
Paul woke up very rudely to whom had disturbed him.
"Shit Joey, you almost got knocked the fuck out." Paul said, trying too keep quiet.
"I'm sorry."
"What's wrong?" Paul asked.
"Nothing, I was just wondering...Do you still have them sleeping pills?"
Paul sat up on his bunk, patting the place on the bed so Joey would sit down.
"Still can't sleep?" Paul asked.
"No." Joey said.
Paul reached into his side table, taking out a black bag.
"Maybe you should get this looked at." Paul suggested.
"Nah, it's nothing serious, just too many things on my mind."
"Maybe you should talk to someone."
"Now you sound like Corey, can you please just give me the sleeping pills?" Joey asked.
"Paul, just give him the damn pills so we can go back too sleep!" Chris voice ranged from the top bunk.
Paul narrowed his eyes up, as too be looking up at Chris, Joey smiled.
"Shut-up Chris, before I have Sid beat you, like he did Craig." Paul screamed, smiling back over at Joey.
"I'm not torturing anyone tonight, so forget it!" Sid screamed.
Paul laughed.
"Alright, here are two muscle relaxers, don't take them both, just take one at a time." Paul warned, handing over the medicine.
"Alright thanks, now I'll let the sleeping beauties get back to sleep!" Joey joked, walking over towards the door.
"Beauty sleep, hell they'll need a lot of that!" Paul joked back.
"Fuck you Paul!" Craig yelled.
"Good night Joey, hope them work."
"Thanks. I hope they do to, maybe I'll give the other one to Corey, maybe that would get him off the computer."
Paul laughed as Joey walked away.

Joey walked back into the front of the bus seeing Corey still on the computer.
"How can you stay on that all day?" Joey asked, going over too the sink, filling the glass with water.
"Nothing else to do on this boring bus." Corey said, looking up from the computer.
"Um..Hello, what about your band? So what, we've become invisible and boring to you now?" Joey asked, popping the pill in his mouth.
"That's not what I meant. And what did you just take?" Corey asked.
"Chill, it was just something I got from Paul to help me sleep." Joey said, walking over, sitting down beside Corey.
"You shouldn't take things from Paul, even if he does say it's good."
"Corey. Paul, wouldn't give me something that would hurt me."
Joey put the other muscle Relaxer Paul had given him, into Corey's hand.
"Here, maybe it'll help you sleep a little."
Corey put the pill down on the table.
"No thanks, I think I'm fine here."
Joey sighed, he got up walking away, going back into the second bedroom on the bus, which held James 'Jim' Root, Mich Thomas, Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan and Joey himself. He smiled too his band as he watched them sleep. The muscle relaxer he had taken was kicking in hard. He moved the blankets away lightly, and slipped into bed, pulling the blanket back up.

Back out in the front bus section, the bus driver had stopped at a rest area. He came back onto the bus, noticing that Corey Taylor had put the computer away finally, he walked over noticing something laying on the table, it was the muscle relaxer Paul had gave Joey, which Joey had gave to Corey. He picked it up to examine it, chuckeling too himself a little then popping the pill into his mouth, as he swallowed. The driver went back over too the bus starting then taking off.

"OH SHIT!" Corey heard, as he was beginning to wake up.
There was a loud screech of tired on pavement, as the bus driver slams on the breaks of the bus, trying to prevent it from crashing, but it wasn't enough. The bus skidded landing on it's side. Corey feel too the ground trying to protect himself, but it wasn't enough. Blackness surrounded Corey as he couldn't see anymore.

Corey Taylor opens his eyes reviewing a white room, he looks around trying to move his neck trying to see what had happen.
"What the fuck?" He asked. As this made no sense too him.
He tries to get out of bed, looking around he sees his other band mates sleeping on beds as well, he questions in his mind what had happen, how did they get here, how come him and his band our sleeping in a hotel room? How did they get here? And where was the tour bus? Corey tried to stand, but finding that when he took a step his leg would send shooting pain through it. He noticed all the other members starting waking up as well.
"Where are we?" Craig asked, looking around.
"What happen?" Sid asked.
"Last thing I knew we was on a bus." Corey said.
"And now we're in a hotel room! This is strange," Said Mick, walking over too the t.v.

Eight members of the band stood around in shock wondering what had happen or how they got here, but something else went wrong. Where was their drummer.

Twisting of the door handle brought the band out of their thoughts, their hearts sank as their drummer walked in, showing a pale, scared face.
"Joey, what's wrong? How did you get out there?" James asked, worried.
Joey said nothing, except shake his head.
"Joey look at me!" Corey screamed at him.
But Joey wouldn't make eye contact.
"Joey, you need to tell us what is wrong." Sid said.
Joey finally raises his eyes, looking at all eight of his band.
"I asked around to people, what happen, how did we get here, why wasn't anyone answering me. Then I asked about the band." Joey paused.
"And?" Corey asked.
"Slipknot doesn't exist ." Joey said, staring at his whole band.
Everyone's mouth dropped in shock.
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