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Smiling slightly, she set her eyes down farther, following the beams of light that were shining down on her friends until her gaze met Lloyd. /SheenaLloyd/

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Title: Quiescence

Universe: Tales of Symphonia

Theme/Topic/s: asleep; quiescent; inactive; forest

Rating: G

Character/Pairing/s: Sheena/Lloyd

Warnings: fluff, prose, first time writing Sheena/Lloyd, first step into this fandom, possible OOCness

Word Count: 571

Feedback: If you feel like it...


Sheena could not sleep. Sighing, she got up from the tree that she had been sitting under and quietly walked over to the now-dying-down campfire, careful not to wake anyone up, and sat down, stretching her legs out in front of her.

Not having much else to do, she looked up at the forest's canopy, noticing that the moon's vibrant beams had managed to push themselves through the crisscross of leaves that were blanketing the sky.

Smiling slightly, she set her eyes down farther, following the beams of light that were shining down on her friends until her gaze met Lloyd, who was right next to her: head tilted to the left, brown locks sticking out every which way, chest rising and falling in a calm, continuous manner as he slept peacefully.

Shifting her position to where she was on her knees, Sheena leaned over little, taking a closer look at his face: it looked positively angelic, the way it was being bathed in the moonlight just now—a truly beautiful sight.

With a delicate flick of her wrist, she allowed her fingers to delicately skim over his temple, revelling in the pleasurable sensation that ran through her body when her skin made contact with his.

And apparently, he wasn't the only one who felt that: beneath her, Lloyd stirred, unconsciously grabbing her hand and smiling. Sheena gasped, blushed, and beamed, her heart beating erratically. "Lloyd...I know I'll probably never get the chance to do this when you're awake, so I might as well do it now," she said quietly, before loosening her hand from his grip and leaning over a little more to gently place her lips on his.

Suddenly there was a rustle behind her.


The summoner immediately snapped out of her pleasure-induced daze and quickly lifted her lips off of Lloyd's and turned around, "Corrine? Did I wake you up?" she asked.

Corrine shook her head, "No, I've been awake for awhile," he assured her, "'d you like kissing Lloyd?"

Sheena blushed, "Corrine!" she hissed, trying desperately to keep her voice down so that she wouldn't wake anyone.

"What? I was just asking!" Corrine whispered defensively.

Sheena sighed, "Well, if you must was nice and-"

"What was nice, Sheena?"

Sheena's eyes widened; she knew that voice all to well, "Lloyd? S-Sorry for waking you..."

Lloyd shrugged, "Eh, it's alright," he said quietly, before flashing her a grin, "Um...what were you and Corrine talking about?"

Sheena looked at the ground, "Nothing important," she muttered.

Lloyd raised an eyebrow, clearly skeptical of what she was saying, "Really?"

"Y-Yes, of course. You don't really need to know-"

"Sheena and I were discussing how it felt when she-"

Sheena put her hand over Corrine's mouth, "Corrine's delusional; don't listen to him," she said, holding down the squirming summon spirit, making sure that he would not free himself.

Lloyd sweatdropped, "If you two keep this up, you'll wake everyone."

Sheena's face turned a little pink as she released Corrine from her grip, "Fine then," she said.

Lloyd yawned, "Well, I'd better get some sleep. Good night, Sheena," Lloyd whispered, laying back down.

"Good night Lloyd." And as soon as Lloyd closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, Sheena's gaze met his face once more.

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