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A Springtime Picnic

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Ness and Paula have picnic lunch atop the hills of Onett. /NessPaula/ Pure fluff.

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Well, this is my second attempt at an Earthbound fic with Ness and Paula (the first one was poorly written and OOC). I hope I did well. Anyway, enjoy!


It was a beautiful day atop the hills of Onett: the sun was shining, and a pleasant breeze was blowing, carrying with it the scent of spring flowers. The only two people around at the time were Ness and Paula, sitting down cross-legged in the grass with a wicker basket between them.

"It's nice up here, isn't it?" Ness asked the pretty blonde girl.

"Yes, it is," Paula replied, looking in awe at the scenery in front of her, "There never were any hills in Twoson. It's nice to be able to experience being on top of one." Paula stood up, scanning the horizon, "Hey Ness, I can see your house from here."

"Really, you can?" Ness inquired, getting up to join her, "Where?"

"Look over there," Paula said, placing one hand on Ness's shoulder (he blushed slightly as she did this) and pointing straight ahead with the other, "You see that roof?"

Ness nodded, "Yeah…that's my roof. You know, I never noticed that it could be seen from here before."

Paula giggled, wrapping her arms around Ness's waist, "Then aren't you glad you have me around to show you things like this?"

Ness's cheeks turned a deep red, "Of course!"

"Glad to hear it," Paula said, smiling warmly.

Before Ness could say something back, he was interrupted by the growling of his own stomach.

Paula chuckled, "Hungry?"

"Looks like I am, Paula," Ness said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well, then let's eat," Paula suggested as she and Ness sat down.

Paula opened the wicker basket between and set out a fluffy blue blanket. Next, she pulled out three plates: one large one to place all of the food on and two for her and Ness to eat off of. Next, she pulled out an array of different fruits and sandwiches and tastefully arranged them on the large plate and the two small ones.

Ness's eyes widened, "Wow, that's a lot of food, but then again, my mom always does pack a huge lunch, whether it's for school or a picnic."

"Same with my mom," Paula said, smiling slightly.

"Want a grape?" Ness asked, picking one off its stem and holding it to her lips.

"I'd love one," Paula said, taking a bite of the piece of fruit, swallowing it, and then grabbing a sandwich and holding it out in front of him, "Want a sandwich?"

"Yep," Ness replied, grabbing the sandwich out of her hand and taking a bite of it.

They continued feeding each other bites of sandwiches and fruit, giggling like little kids. Later, they ended up laying on the blanket together, hands entwined and taking in the scent of spring flowers that seemed to hang in the air. Paula would occasionally glance at him, enjoying the faint smile that played across his lips. She wanted to take off his cap and run her fingers through his hair, but she was a little nervous about it. He was different from all the boys back in Twoson: so calm and so willing to do anything for his friends.

"Paula?" Ness murmured.


"Don't think so much. Just enjoy yourself," Ness said, turning on his side and taking her chin in his hand and kissing her gently on the lips.

Paula's lips curved into a smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck, deciding to take his advice.

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