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Date night

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I looked at the clock, and saw I had 3 hours before mikey would pick me up. My parents had called earlier to say they were staying out tonight as well. I ran my self a long hot bath and relaxed. I was going to beautiful tonight if it killed me. After going out of the bath, I looked into my wardrobe, trying to figure out what to wear. I pulled out a strapless black dress that I'd bought years ago. It Was tight fitted at the top, and flowed near the bottom, ending just below my knees. I pulled out my black high heels, and they them on my bed. I quickly dried my hair, and turned on my straighteners. I got changed and straightened my hair, leaving it down. I then Did my makeup, black eyeliner to open up my eyes and make my face look even paler. I slipped my phone and some money into a bag and checked the clock. 7:59. Perfect timing. I made my way downstairs and slipped on my shoes, just as the doorbell rang. I realised this would be our first proper date. I opened the door and saw an exteamly cute looking mikey smiling at me.
"Wow... Emma you look beautiful" he said and I felt myself blushing
"Thanks. you look great" I said. He was wearing black converses, smart black skinny jeans and a black shirt, and leather jacket. 
"You ready to go?" he asked
I nodded and took his hand in mine.
We arrived at the resteraunt about 10 minutes later, and were shown to our table. It was über romantic, candles and everything.
As we sat down, he held my hand in his across the table, rubbing the back of it with his thumb. 
After ordering our food, mikey smiled at me.
"so, any reasons behind all this?" I asked him
"is a boy not aloud to take his gorgeous girlfriends out for a meal?" he said and I blushed again
"of course you can, I was just curious" I smiled and looked down at our hands. 
"I love you" he smiled and I looked up at him
The food came and we sat and ate. Mikey insisted on paying, to my great protest. 
We walked out of the resteraunt, and I started to shiver a bit. Mikey shrugged off his jacket and handed it to me. Another one of his jackets that I would be inheriting. 
"Thanks mikey. Tonighte been amazing. I love you" I smiled and he put his arm around my now warm shoulders. 
"I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself. Do you want to watch a movie when we get in?" he asked, looking down at me
"Sure" I smiled. Anything that involved curling up on the sofa with mikey was fine by me. He leant down to kiss me and his breath tickled my ear. His kiss was sweet and gentle. I felt so much love for him then that I was scared i would explode. I never wanted anything other than him, right there with me.
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