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Where am I?

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bad words...nothing new....

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"Now make sure she doesn't look out today. I'm going to try something and I don't want her to see the out come." I say to Brad. Making sure he dosen't let Lily watch from the window like always.

"Will do!" He salutes me like a soldier would his comanding officer. "She wont be let by any window! Scouts honor!"

"Even though you haven't been a scout since you were in the 6th grade." I laugh at him as he shrugs off the comment.

"Just go. He should be coming. It's almost 10." He sighed, pushing me out the door and waving with a huge smile on his face.

I stick out my tounge at him then turn to my spot. I think of the first day we met. I wasn't scared when he just showed up out of the snow. I just said "Hi" to a stranger, which, is the poller opposite of what my mother told me to do. I guess I was a defient child too.

I drifted in my dream. Every sweet moment of it. This all feels like a dream. Ya know? All of it. I'm going to be pissed if I wake up one day and find out I was just in a coma all these years.

"Dreaming I see?" I know that voice. It always gives me a smile when I hear it. Winter.

"How'd ya know?" I ask my old friend as I stand to give him a hug. I get warmer as he hugs me back. He smells good again. I never know what he smells of. I just know it's good.

"You always have your head to the side when your day dreaming." He laughs as I do it again to rember if I really do it.

"Do I? I never noticed." I drift.

"There it is again! Haha. Well we have to get talking about something useful. Tonights my last night and it's always shorter." That's right... crap.

"Right. So what's bethina like?" I pull him down as I ask the hard question.

"Ugh. I told you already. Hateful and bloodly." He harshly stated.

"No, I mean what is the land like? The sky? The weather?" These are the things I want to know. Maybe it's pretty there.

"Where I live it snows 24/7 and it always flat. The sskys clear I guess. I don't pay attention. I stay inside most of the time so I don't get killed."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Not your fault. It's the greedy bastards fault." He mutterd.

"Why? Or how is it their fault?"

"They each want the others land. All of it. They wont stop until they have all of it. So many people have died for only that reason. I hate it."

"Can anyone stop them?"

"Only one peron. But They've been gone for hell knows how long."

"Why haven't you found them?"

"It says they'll bring peace when they have a good enough reason. I don't know the whole stor but thats what I know." He looks up. "It's time for me to go."

He stands and goes to the star. Just as the snow starts to tighten around him, I run and clutch onto him. He gasps as the snow presses us together and the light flashes.

Colors I never knew existed swirled around us. Blues, reds, pinks, greens, and purples misted through my hair and his. I looked in amazement. I couldn't believe my eyes. So bright so livly. Then it just stops and faded. The sight after was just as amazing.

Snow was on the ground and was still falling even though the sky was completely clear. I see planetes 100 times closer then they would be on earth. The sky is a light blue color and had many dim stars. It's beautiful.

A scream of sound broke me. Winter grabes my had as we start to run. I saw bombs fall right beside me. I stumble a bit but I work my way back up. We reach a palace. It looked like it was made compeletly out of ice.

We went from a back door. Every ting inside was too made of ice. Drops of frozen water hug from the ceiling like a chandelier. Tables were made from clear blue ice. Flowers somehow stay alive in the cold vase it was placed in. We pass even more ice doors. How do I not see every thing inside, vise versa?

A back hall way takes up to short stairs and a door. Winter unlocks it with something I can not see. He opens it and quickly shuts it as I come inside. The room is beautiful. A huge bed with silk hanging in mid air wraping around the piece, small stair case to lead to the platform where the bed is, windows that look out to the feild, crystel hanging from the ceiling in it's own fashion, and a small night table by the bed.

"I hope you like my room, your staying here till I have a place to hid you." Winter says by the door still pressed up agenst it.

"This is your room?! You live here?! How?! This is a palace!" I say in disbelief.

"I am a prince."

"YOUR WHAT?!" What the hell? 11 years. You might want to tell some one you've know for 11 years that your a prince.

"You heard me." He smuggly said.

"And you didn't care to tell me because?!" I bark as I put my hands on my hips.

"I didn't want to give you even more reason to come here. You saw how it was out there. We almost got killed just for standing outside." He replys.

"Fine! If your going to lie to me, take me home!" I demand.


"Why not?!"

"The was my last night remeber?" Shit. I stay quiet now. How will I get home? How will I tell my family i'm gone? What will I tell then when or if I get back?"Do you have that necklace I gave you?" I nod and scrable to fine it on my neck. I take it off, noticing its dimmer than it was before, and give it to him. "Fucken shit!" He yells.

"What?!" I ask jumping back at him anger.

"It's broken. It was made so you could come here and leave when ever you please. It's the only way I would let you come and now it's broken. Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!" At that one I felt the ground move and saw the table topple over. A corner of it broke. He whisperd shit one more time under his breath, then took ahold of me again and threw me into a near by closet. "What the hell-" A shhhing noise came from him as he closed it close. In a few seconds, I knew why.

"Winter! Whats wrong?!" A beautiful women with the same hair color as winter came in the door. She had almost perfect skin, with the accpetion of a few wrickle you could barly notice as is, her white hair was down to her knees,and had a beautiful gown on. And she had the deepest green eyes I had ever seen.

"Nothing Mother. I'm fine." He reasures her.

"Then why did you yell? I heard you in the court yard." She breathes as she puts her hand on her collar bone.

"Um, Er-"

"And the table is knocked over! Ugh!" The women wined. She waved her hand and the tabled shot up right and the corner that was shatterd was put back together. I gave a gasp. "What was that?" Winters mother looked around.

"I didn't hear anything." Winter says quickly.

She held her hand up for quiet. "Don't insult my ears, boy. You know I hear very well." She looks around again. She gets closer and I gulp and shirver. I hold my breath when she is right outside the door. I have a mini heart attack when she opens the door.

"Who are you?! Winter! WHo is this?! And why is she in the closet?!" She screamed.

"This is Jordan. This is where I go every night..." He says.

She lifts an eye brow and pursed her lips. "Ah, I see. Get up child." I scrable to my feet. "So why have you brought her to this war land? I know where she come from, the soil doesn't thrive on blood." His mother asks him looking him in the eye.

"I didn't bring her here. She hitched a ride when I was coming home. Now, she can't go home. I'm not strong enoughto take her now." He glares at me for a second then stops.

"Why did you do that, Jordan?" She turned to me now. I'm on the spot and I never do welll when I am.

"I-um-just- um-wanted to-just-see it here. That's all." I shrug.

"Well now that you've seen, we have to hide you. Winters father and enamies wont like that your here. Well thats mainly my husband. Enamies will be thrilled. They'll hold you for randsome and kill you if word gets out." She very neatly stated. "I will forget I met you."

"Alright, but where will she go?" Winter asks for me.

"Don't worry. I have the perfect place."
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