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Everybody Tie Your Shoes *Clap Clap*

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Welcome to a world where you've gotta run. Welcome to a world controlled by conporations. Welcome to the Danger Days.

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"This is bullshit!" I threw my sunglasses to the floor, glaring at the red haired man in front of me "fuckin' bull."
"Anyone got a light?" They weren't taking me seriously! Not one of them!
"Yeah, I got hers," the red haired man smirked, holding up my lighter "catch."
Polished metal glinted under the hot desert sun as he threw the silver box, captured smoothly from the air by the other man's tattooed hand.
"So, how 'bout you tell us your name?"
Danger Boy. That's what I'd call him. Red symbolises danger and he looks like he's gonna be trouble... for me at least.
"How 'bout you fuck off and leave me alone before I cut your throat?" I hid the smirk that tugged at my dry lips as my mind filled with images of his pretty, pale neck drenched in violent red fluid. Alas, the midget took my razor when they found me.
"A little violent, aren't we?" I swear to God, if I see his smug little grin again I will rip his throat out. With. My. Teeth.
"No. I just don't like being harassed, alright?"
"C'mon Gee. Let's stop bugging her and go. Anyway, we gotta get back before sunset..."
"Thank you!" the tall one's making sense; finally! No one stays out in the open after sunset if they can help it. That's when they come out.
The tall guy with the weird blonde and brown hair rolled his hazel eyes, shifting his feet restlessly on the dusty floor.

"Mikey's got a point. Ray'll bitch like mad if we get any more hunters following us" the midget mumbled lazily around his cigarette, as if the exterminators weren't really worth fearing. "Gee?"
"Fine." Danger Boy sighed, running a hand through his choppy, blood-tinted hair before pushing them into the pockets of his tight grey jeans. "But she's going in the back with you, Frank."
"What!?" I screamed the word while The Midget just groaned.
"Why me?" he pouted, shoulders slumped, the look in his eyes showing he already knew he wasn't gonna get his way "I called shotgun on the way out, so why can't Mikey babysit her?"
"Because, you're good with hostile, possibly murderous women" he smiled sweetly at the shorter man "... and to be honest we can't trust him with a toaster so-"
"I won't kill you if you let me go!" I stood, springing from my position on the floor "why'd you have to take me with you anyway!?"
The tall slim man, for now I'll call him 'Blondie', sighed placing a soft hand on my shoulder. "It's for your own good, trust us."
"What?" I shrugged off his loose grip and stepped back "you're just-"
"Just get in the car" Danger Boy spoke slowly, clearly bored as he picked up the sunglasses I had thrown and perched them on the bridge of his stubby nose.
"Fuck off!" I screamed, turning and running while I still had the chance. Feet pounding on the dry floor, toes catching on clumps of dead, brown grass and rough, grey stones.
Stumbling over my own scuffed boots, feet catching one another clumsily.

"Jesus Christ" Danger Boy groaned in boredom, probably still stood in the same spot a few feet back.
"Hey, stop!" hurried footsteps fell like metronomes behind me, urging me to move faster. To push myself like I did in every other unwanted situation.
Picking up another rhythm, my boots thudded at the earth like a bass drum. The new speed causing the shouts of my previous company to grow quieter behind me, tugging my lips into a smirk unlike any I've ever worn.
I was still smirking when my boots caught a concealed rock, forcing my feet from their place on the floor and throwing me face first onto the dry, barren ground.
Pain seared through my skull and spots of darkness popped into my vision as voices grew closer, louder.
The black spots in my eyes grew and merged as the sources of the voices reached me, the veil of nothingness pulling me into adarkness I knew to be unconsciousness.
And just before I slipped away I heard the most comforting words I could ever have wished for.
"Does anyone know first aid?"

"- Just change the song is all I'm saying!"
Where the hell am I?
"It's my car so I get to choose what music's on, okay?"
Car? What car?
"Fine." Someone in front of me huffed. "But Idon't know how long I can go on listening to Frank screaming along back there."
"Frank?" the word sounded low and croaky escaping my cracked lips.
"Um, Gerard? She's waking up..."
"Where am I?" opening my eyes I was greeted by the back of a black leather seat, contours highlighted in the low light.
Shifting sleepily in my place I froze. My head and the arm I was resting on were placed on someone's warm lap.
I wasn't on the floor back in the middle of the Californian desert anymore. I was in a small confined space filled with the smells of cigarettes, coffee, gum, sweat and air freshener. As someone had said before we were in a car and we were on the move.
Normally at this point I'd be fairly calm and collected; I'd reach for my glinting blade and escape however I could. That's normally how I am, so it's strange to feel fear bubbling through my veins.
"Listen. You fell over and you must have hit your head 'cause you were out cold when we reached you. And whether you like it or not, we couldn't have left you back there."
The driver's voice was calm and powerful but somehow kind, he knew he had the upper hand here but still seemed to care enough to explain the situation to me.
Panic was finally managing to take over my body. My pupils grew wider as my eyes flitted nervously in their sockets, my lungs seemed to beg for more oxygen and my body gave it as much as it could in smaller, shallower breaths.
"Who the hell're you?" I tried to keep my voice as low and dangerous as I could, failing miserably to hide the sudden new emotion, making my voice about as fear-striking as a kitten's mewing.

"We're not gonna hurt you" the short guy from earlier made to move closer in the backseat but appeared to decide against it at the last second.
"He's right" Danger Boy had lost his smirk as he spoke over his shoulder, taking his eyes away from the road long enough to look at me for a moment "we aren't gonna hurt you, you haven't given us a reason."
His eyes drifted back to the battered stretch of tarmac in front of us, sighing as he continued. "You seem smart, kid. You'd be helpful to us; you help us we help you."
"What he means is we're all on the run and you'd be safer with us. Don't you Gee?" Blondie turned in his seat looking between three of us seated in the small, metal construction.
"Yeah, you'd be safer with us and we'd be safer with you. The bigger the group, and the smarter the members the better off we'll be."
There was a gap between speech in which I calmed my breathing to as near as normal as I could in the situation and the car continued down the darkening road, dipping and rising with the cracks and holes it sped over.

"Sorry 'bout tying you up and all but we gotta play it safe... you understand that right?" Blondie smiled awkwardly. Genuine guilt was engraved in every one of his sharp features as he looked down to the bright yellow bandana securing my wrists together.
"Yeah. Safety." I shifted further from the other in the back with me, pulling my knees into my chest and staring out the gaping holes where the windows should have been. Watching as nothing of importance passed us by under the darkening sky outside.
It must have been awhile since I tripped. It was just passed noon when they stopped me.
"I'm Mikey by the way" a genuine smile crept onto Blondie's lips as he rested his chin on the back of the chair watching with curious eyes. I let mine drift to meet his and my mouth to drop slightly.
I was in the back of a car, tied up and being driven god knows where against my will and he was introducing himself?Furthermore, he was smiling?
These people were mentally unstable! And I mean really messed up 'cause I've met some real nut jobs!
"And I'm Frank" the guy opposite me brushed his long black hair out of his eyes before awkwardly raising a hand and waving.
"And that's Gerard" Mikey pointed over to our fire-haired driver with a rare fondness. Gerard's golden eyes stared back through the rear view mirror, eyebrows quirked.

"She's quiet to say we technically kidnapped her, don't ya think?"
His eyes seemed to burn into my very flesh as he continued to stare, scorching every inch of skin his eyes met before he finally took them away.
"There's no point screaming. You wouldn't let me go, you'd just gag me."
"See what I mean? You're smart; you think ahead and keep control. That's hard."
More silence.
I couldn't help but feel slightly flattered by his words. When you live your life alone and in hiding you don't get to talk, let alone receive the /smallest/, even if slightly twisted, compliment. It was a rare treasure I couldn't let any of them know about.
"So. You got a name, kid?" Frank relaxed in his seat, his hazel eyes glistening with curiosity "I feel kinda weird not knowing."
I bit my lip turning to stare out the 'window'again to avoid his gaze, quietly searching my mind. Squeezing my eyes shut tight, I struggled; I couldn't remember what they called me before.
"Hey, it's cool if you don't wanna gimme it. I'll just think up a nickname."
I giggled to myself as he 'hmm'ed, chewing one of his nails as he thought.
"Got it!" a tsunami of energy passed through the car as the short man bounced in his seat, a wide toothy smile spreading across his youthful face. "How 'bout Twitch?"
"...Twitch?" Gerard's eyes darted between the road and the rear-view mirror, an amused smirk lifting his cheeks. "You just jumped in your seat over Twitch? She doesn't even look like a-"
"I like it." the words were quiet and honest. The name somehow clicked.
"You like it?" Frank's face lit up, his smile growing to the point you'd think he'd split his cheeks, Joker style.

He looked so... cute. Even if I wanted to be cruel and lie I wouldn't have been able to; you could never hurt anyone who looked like him in that moment. "Yeah. Yeah, I like it" I let his infectious smile contaminate me and force my lips to curve.
"Twitch it is then!" he pulled me over into asurprise hug. His warmth leaking through our layers of clothing.
It's nice. Feeling someone else after years of nothing; right now I didn't care that I wasn't here of my own will, or that Icouldn't hug back, it was just nice to be held.
He let go too soon for my liking and I struggled to hide the colour that had filled my cheeks.
"Where're we going?" my voice shook, the noise barely louder than a whisper.
"Home" Mikey yawned pulling a pair of shades from his pocket and placing them over his closed eyes. "Wake me up when we're back, Gee."
"Sure, but we've only got another five minutes 'til we're back."
The idea seemed foreign to me now. If you said it to me three years ago I would have thought of my house back in England. One year ago, the gutters filled with tainted rainwater and vacant alleyways of New York and now... now home is a blur of desert scenery and open skies, blistering heat and biting insects.
I'd welcome a night to pretend that everything's the way it was.
That I never made it to the US.
That I never left home.
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